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"The only place I belong is by your side, Oshi-san."

"Don’t forget, you spacey old man. The way you used to speak is exactly how I talk all the time! I copied you ‘cause I admired you so much! Ridiculous — don’t make me spell it out for ya! All this time — that’s how much I love you!"

"Because of your swollen eyes from the tears you've shed, they're ruining your fine features... I can eliminate whatever caused that, if you'd like?"


"As long as it makes you feel better and be able to smile.. because your smile is the world's greatest treasure."



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Candies received: 96

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June 22 2016
Joined: bell18, firstaid08, lancecorp09, lostvayne10, onward20, sextuplet06, sextuplet13, tama-ya11
Release 073 - May:
1. wotagei05
2. incapable10
3. overexcited14
4. bling19
5. sextuplet05
6. totty08
7. fishidol10
8. tellme19
9. rosenburg10
10. sunflowers10
Special. summer01
Release 074 - June:
1. everyday02
2. attachment14
3. misnamed05
4. inspired02
5. learning03
6. mechapaniq18
7. ryusoken18
8. kakyoin18
9. idiom18
10. emonzaemon08
Special. timetravels14
Colors Anniversary Day 20 - back in my day anime was real: sixsational20, buster02 and buster10
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 17: sextuplet01, prediction03, doublesharp19, zeref06
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 14: sextuplet14
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 13: sextuplet02, amaranthine16, key20, obsolete09, one red crayon
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 12: sixsational12, sextuplet19, wotagei19, springfairy19, horse-like05, one brown crayon
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 06: sextuplet08, unseen06, meatbuns10, upbringing19, yosakoi20, lowborn03, beehive13
Joined: redchild15, master06
Day 11 prizes: sixsational11, forcefield02, icearrows09
day 1 prizes: levitation17, bofu19, netop19
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 05: alone04, halos20, ipc16, vanguard17, aimless12
[01, 02] Gifted buster02 and buster10 to [personal profile] vethica

June 23rd 2016
Received chiwawa10 as a gift from [personal profile] bobanaicha
[03] Traded everyday02 for incapable01 with [personal profile] needles
[04, 05, 06] Traded misnamed05, inspired02, learning03 for sextuplet12, fishidol01, fishidol09 with [personal profile] vethica
Received reading05, 4thdistrict04, 4thdistrict16, chiwawa08, committee06, gentleghost04, gentleghost09, girlfriend08, homeroom10, nonaginta01, overelement16, overelement20, yamakami10, fabricated03, fabricated14, flamenpink14, route14, route17, sakanoshita01, sakanoshita12, selfpublish01, selfpublish13, tooth04 as gifts from [personal profile] vethica
[07, 08, 09] Traded mechapaniq18, ryusoken18, timetravels14 for confection04, chiwawa02, junkfood01 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Received holding12, robber20 as gifts from [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[10] Traded summer01 for bling12 with [personal profile] zeittari
[11, 12, 13, 14] Traded rosenburg10, sunflowers10, kakyoin18, idiom18 for homeroom11, homeroom19, guile18, closedclock12 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
Received closedclock13, junkfood10, committee06 as gifts from [personal profile] eonflamewing
[15, 16, 17] Traded horse-like05, springfairy19, tellme19 for committee14, fabricated13, spiritual18 with [personal profile] anaraine
Received hitwoman08 and professional17 as gifts from [personal profile] kureto
[18] Traded emonzaemon08 for totty16 with [personal profile] neverbepractical

June 24th 2016
Crazy Colors 123: ally11, mumei11, angelic03, hungary12, stonefree18, advice04
Rei's Friend Report 143 with Shinji and Kaworu: sophorific07, mysticeyes20, search01, claymore03, swordofodin06, blackberry06
Host Club Giveaway 136: balthasar06, rift11, real06

June 25th 2016
Received junkfood07 as a gift from [personal profile] skybuns
Colorseum 18-3: disinfect03, orbs19, immovable08, bedofroses09, reliable14, premier19, dwn-01214, cafe10, sociable02, colonel01
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 2: neonlight01, concealing18, fireflies14
Switch It Up 120: attachment05
Received confection07, professional06, chiwawa16, homeroom08, overelement06 as gifts from [personal profile] admiral

June 26th 2016
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 08: sixsational08, shaolin01, secondroom01
[19] Gifted sixsational08 to [personal profile] kippi
Crazy Colors 124: hotblooded20, housenka07, ikaruga03, cursed11, flamenco06, retro20
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 07: sextuplet11, aki-lucky15, ship07, somnians20, nelde02
Day 18: hebirote04, simulation16, nurse06, magnet19, reality03, crows13
[20] Gifted reliable14 to [personal profile] bobanaicha

June 28th 2016
art shop: dousing13, helicopter20, one gray crayon (turned in one completed sketchpad)
Seiyuu Guess 244: courage17, doodle18, sekigahara01, dwn-02219, arthur20, cerberus01
Day 19 prizes: fos09, two-faced14, capricorn09, fisttype08, razorfan13, tent09, one brown crayon
Levels: sextuplet04, poltergust05, emptiness18, one red crayon
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 08 : One Green Crayon, One Yellow Crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 114: anaru02, protector14, brassband12, kaiser18, obstinate11, salute20, blackstar06, lorelei09, speedstar03, costume13, escaped17, origins11

June 29th 2016
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 14: One Purple Crayon
Shadow Watching 204: ambidex06, book02, yesiam19, number209, shoutoku03, netherworld12, nijigasumi18, greekgod10
Reading Between the Lines 203!: pipe04, crossdress15, howling18, aug2317, armored13, crest09, shades04, purplehaze16
Swap Station 35: committee15
Recycled Art: chiefmaid01, chiefmaid03, chiefmaid12, chiefmaid16, chiefmaid20, chiwawa04, flamenpink03, holding10, iaidou01, kill06, kill12, robber15, route20

July 1st 2016
Received chiwawa05, committee12, committee13, confection05, girlfriend06, professional16, selfpublish02 as gifts from [personal profile] canute
Rei's Friend Report 144 with Shinji and Kaworu: letter09, krik01, zzgundam12, waspsting11, benishidare18, cigarettes19
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 15: pomegranate18, mu18, kuuhaku09, useless20, ae8602

July 2nd 2016
Colorseum 18-4: trinity09, littlerookie08, aquaforce02, aging14, zoanthrope14, steelclaws13, massages10, scarlet02, furball15, ikebukuro19
Colors Anniversary Day 09 - Bingo Time!: arcana19, runes12
Colors TCG 6th Anniversary - Day 16: flamengreen12, gemini16, candid08, island19, badcop18, cyborg02
Pick a Color 115: shadowless19, ability05, rice15, napping18, cloudshrine18, power10, one red crayon
Received two green crayons as gifts from [personal profile] bobanaicha

July 3rd 2016
[21] Gifted sixsational12 to [personal profile] respectableflourish

July 4th 2016
Hi-5 Radio 92: saint05, guarding13, dragunou10, princess03, purple19, mechanical06, avaricious08, caster15, monta17, cursedseal01, mtek-zero13, archadia17, strip12, whaleshark17, suwabe15, one yellow crayon
Deck Lover 36: white15, flowers08, spring20, christmas01, 5stars16, accessories05, kinkan12, odyssey16, gensokyo03, 8-bit15, brushgods14, crimea10
Scramble! 40: meribia07, pug04, logical03, sunfist04, orbit05, sheriff18, tellme20, paranormal15, mornings20, admiration20, angelichowl08, thaumaturge04, apothecary14, taunts17, drain04, nekomimi19, pillar06, jiji02, sensei11, inquisitor17, one gray crayon

July 5th 2016
[22] Gifted sixsational11 to [personal profile] madoka
[23] Gifted sixsational20 to [personal profile] dustbunny

July 6th 2016
Crazy Colors 125: heavenguide09, medic15, toys01, illegal18, bluegrad15, feast20
Crazy Colors 125: cruxis01, toon20, speaking16, archadia05, cubes10, youngboys15
Graffiti 119: food14, humbug04, lempicka20, spirited16, troubadour01, flying15, observant04, outsider16, engineer10, dancer09
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 115: charm08, julia12, shizugatake20, galileo20, injured01, spectator02, never15, sensei19, dln-00810, experiments05, nike13, legionnaire05, dwn-03712
Kiss the Cook 39: class14, pointer08, 15119, code09

July 7th 2016
[24, 25, 26, 27, 28] Traded forcefield02, mechanical06, accessories05, brushgods14, retro20 for closedclock15, eats16, girlfriend04, guile08, junkfood13 with [personal profile] zeittari
★ Beauty Pageant 102: puku06, chat11, police01, weather01, squats10, theend10, constable03, holybell19, one blue crayon
Hi-5 Radio 93: pal11, nyan10, volcano14, phazon04, ivrogne03, france04, carmilla15, danafor10, observer07, shuffle09
Rolling Down the UMN 60: tertium06, cindy04, feathers13, rep08, cantus14, concealing07, galearc02, nerd11

July 9th 2016
Crazy Colors 126: dempsey18, bikinis08, curesunny07, voodoo08, monapizza02, chu-hi07
Levels: sextuplet07, negate15, nowhere04, one brown crayon, sextuplet16, aristocratic16, cgi08, one orange crayon
Rei's Friend Report 145 with Shinji and Kaworu: screentone03, food07, gecko19, astronaut14, devil02, bluebomber18, two yellow crayons
Host Club Giveaway 137: senpai15, greekgod18, morning16
Colorseum 18-5 - the final showdown!: worldchain17, hammer04, leanbox14, shuei-gumi13, g-1211, summons11, unstable17, 20th12, sequencer13, denied12

July 12th 2016
★ Beauty Pageant 103: corseit01, magicguild02, dtr01, risappe08, axes13, morals09, samuraicat10, basement02
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 116 (ROUND RESET): foul13, photon15
Deck Lover 37: nohr19, darkside03, labyrinthia06, aprbirthday06, rollout06, sepbirthday08
Scramble! 41: aries05, owl20, sign01, compass19, aria03, control10, swimclub07, stamina02, exchanger13, medic01, one red crayon
Hi-5 Radio 94: leopard06, veil09, hotheaded06, twin09, tosei15, grownup08, kiseki-ou20, party07, tekigousha01, apothecary19
Deck Lover 38: moogles05, zearth17, microbes10, slimes14, chuunibyou13, gransys20
Colors Anniversary Day 09 - Bingo Time!: baseball03, blastia10, weather04
Seiyuu Guess 245: bohemian09, gouf19, leftover10, neozeon12, swimming05, apathetic07, redshoes18, gaiseric12, outburst04, signora19, parfait10, bluebeard11, one gray crayon
Seiyuu Guess 246: idolfan12, serena10, viola12, moneylover05, amphilyon06, usu09
Rolling Down the UMN 61: vanargand16, devious20, hizoku10, glasses08, aldan15, one yellow crayon
[29] Traded denied12 for yamakami02 with [personal profile] zeittari

July 16th 2016
[30, 31] Gifted samuraicat10, swimming05 to [personal profile] bobanaicha
Reading Between the Lines 204!: chibalotte17, gangleader05, shesmay02, nanatsusaya11, poison10, notlost15, silk10, birthright09, kapow02, haiku07, integrity07, josei13, onlypurpose06, rare13, inherit11, modela12, chaldeas06, moron20, ichijyokan15, ribbon12, one orange crayon, one gray crayon
Shadow Watching 205: meramera07, lostvayne14, scan02, satan20, telekinesis01, puberty13, petal05, bearhound03
Rei's Friend Report 146: elevator19, hadome16, socute11, apologetic15, gentletype16, sezan05
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 1: eleven12, astraphobia11, alive16, love19, candles11, wordplay17, rekku19, references01

July 19th 2016
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 117: anti-skill01, tempus05
Coloring Book 128: vikinghorn06, quicksilvers04, filmaker06, escort11, blade15, mechapaniq06
Hi-5 Radio 95: dattebayo01, yakumo02, xinye18, magma04, suishouhime11, class04, borealis08, interview16, taser05, curemarch09
Deck Lover 39: passiontype04, megadrive08, gnosis06, ossan17, earthquake09, timegear01
Colors Anniversary Day 09 - Bingo Time!: blankspace20, one yellow crayon, bard17, shackle13, pikoman05, silverrose13, disappear18, scrambled15, gigolo13
[32, 33, 34, 35] Traded jiji02, kisekiou20, onlypurpose06, two-faced14 for hitwoman05, committee08, hellgirl12, route12 with [personal profile] kureto
Received overexcited02 as a gift from [personal profile] kureto

July 21st 2016
[36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41] Traded apathetic07, cursed11, emptiness18, feast20, gigolo13, screentone03 for 4thdistrict17, chiwawa15, committee17, hellgirl09, holding15, sakanoshita11 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[42, 43, 44] Traded ichijyokan15, aprbirthday06, nonaginta01 for hellgirl05, hellgirl10, holding09 with [personal profile] zeittari
[45, 46, 47, 48] Traded oden19, sheeh07, rep08, ability05 for closedclock08, confection12, route11, route13 with [personal profile] dustybunny
[49, 50] Traded class04, filmmaker06 for kill04, kill11 with [personal profile] vethica
[51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66] Traded aldan15, arthur20, avaricious08, blackstar06, bluebomber18, concealing07, concealing18, courage17, curemarch09, curesunny07, cyborg02, danafor10, dancer09, dwn-02219, food07, food14 for chiwawa12, committee01, confection16, flamenpink19, girlfriend12, guile16, hellgirl05, hitwoman19, kapow03, peakspider07, professional13, sakanoshita16, shuei-gumi02, shuei-gumi03, shuei-gumi18, wotagei09 with [personal profile] beezebeora
[67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89] Gifted grownup08, helicopter20, interview16, lostvayne10, lostvayne14, morals09, netop19, number209, power10, puku06, purplehaze16, rekku19, squats10, stonefree18, summons11, taunts17, toon20, vanargand16, megadrive08, moogles05, odyssey16, purple19, white15 to [personal profile] beezebeora
Coloring Book 128: chimchar06, formalities02, gerudo18, project06, muru18, ranger03
Kiss the Cook 40: suits01, blackfang13, casuality01, doubledash19, fairytales06, ouroboros14, nora20, investigate03, ghost12, nil08, frigid09, salamander18
Seiyuu Guess 247: holictrick16, straydog15, archery03, reserved05, tradename02, roseneedle20
Crazy Colors 127: appear01, judgment19, embarrassed02, creator13, machiavelli16, ginnungagap10
Host Club Giveaway 138: abilities05, metafalicia01, ddd16
Shadow Watching 206: deer02, genome08, boss05, teacup08, dln-00805, feisty07, koukaku04, observant06
Reading Between the Lines 205!: astronomer14, eblan13, greatwitch16, innuendos14, violinist10, kaitou17, harmonixer04, angelichowl20

July 23rd 2016
[90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96] Traded g-1211, innuendos14, steelclaws13, tellme20, tradename02, weather01, weather04 for wotagei16, reading03, overelement17, peakspider09, strategist15, strategist18, hellgirl02 with [personal profile] admiral
Received three purple crayons as gifts from [personal profile] dustybunny
Rei's Friend Report 147: do-it-all11, dwarf17, ladykiller04, brag06, hishinunit11, assistant07
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 2: information08, octo-punch18, oilpaint05, milkyrose19, novoselic03, childarmy11, godspeed10, part-time16
Coloring Book 128: privilege18, space12, invention14, accomplice17, memorybug05, lancer15
Continue the Story 50: cake06, childlike04
★ Beauty Pageant 105: twig18, firespin12, hm-43211, glass05, underwear07, desu12, ninjas20, extinction09, one red crayon
Levels: incapable14, silpheed04, venoshock08, one brown crayon, incapable15, hurricane06, bluering14, one yellow crayon
[97, 98] Gifted incapable14, incapable15 to [personal profile] dustybunny

July 24th 2016
Coloring Book 128: player10, pajamas12, la-lakoosha04, stickfigures04, steals11, kem15
Continue the Story 50: pai-pai09, pixie14
Colors Anniversary Day 09 - Bingo Time!: valkyrie13, condiments10, moon04, ovenfires20, jinen10, zanber01, thepaper18, eclipse05, phazon02

July 25th 2016
Swap Station 37: hellgirl07
Seiyuu Guess 248: mikan04, griefseed05, sensei05, privilege05, monapizza12, vasavi05
Pick a Color 116: replacement02, lust04, yami-nabe09, one red crayon, one green crayon
Crazy Colors 128: manly13, iyashikei15, yourhonor07, marksechs08, pervert05, shishi-oh20
Crazy Colors 128: blurball18, naraku13, illness05, tripping06, drawing09, unafraid15
Colors Anniversary Day 09 - Bingo Time!: robber20, carcosa07, holyark04, goggles16, souls12, snapshot12, visualnovel17, wolfman10, whistle14, fog20, parrying03, yuki-onna18, bon03, symphony01, nagashi08, chopsticks19, bluedragon02, regalia10, killerbee16, peripheral05, haicopy12, visitor14, vivid18, disappear09, one red crayon

July 27th 2016
[99] Gifted la-lakoosha04 to [personal profile] beezebeora
Received one red crayon, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon, one green crayon, one blue crayon, one purple crayon, one brown crayon, one gray crayon from [personal profile] ivoryandhorn

July 28th 2016
Received flamenpink10 as a gift from [personal profile] buttmage
★ Beauty Pageant 104: undead04, bassist09, speedstar01, grace09, overseer01, praetor18, amiable11, fishseller05, one purple crayon
Reading Between the Lines 206!: belarus13, thestar02, bigbear06, hence07, jumbo17, machine15, aquaria03, lively09, promotion02, dwn-03812, creator01, foxfire02, unlucky12, gravekeeper20, ignite07, liberator10, end05, kaitou01, spiderqueen16, azure12, one purple crayon, one gray crayon
Shadow Watching 207: artemyra11, dwn-01210, hamha15, orbis19, regret12, greythrone10, cybermedic01, otaku07
[100, 101, 102, 103, 104] Traded blankspace20, dattebayo01, genome08, pomegranate18, moon04 for committee10, fishidol13, girlfriend07, guile11, overelement11 with [personal profile] samichan

August 2nd 2016
Rei's Friend Report 148: snowdrop06, squirrel07, nyaa13, crane18, shrimp19, shorthair08
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 3: gravityhole06, scroll08, aquaria05, thestar06, busted14, fastdraw15, villagers06, tornado17
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 119: resolute10, cranes04, tamarin06
[105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110] Traded hotheaded06, holyark04, hence07, integrity07, krik01, massages10 for gentleghost13, gymnast12, gymnast17, idolclub19, overelement04, unpopular13 with [personal profile] ixionesis
[111, 112, 113, 114] Gifted memorybug05, negate15, ship07, sensei05 to [personal profile] ixionesis

August 3rd 2016
[115, 116, 117, 118] Traded blastia10, chat11, cloudshrine18, stickfigures04 for fishidol17, hitwoman01, hitwoman03, professional11 with [personal profile] adurotum
[119] Gifted tornado17 to [personal profile] bobanaicha
Swap Station 38: robber17

August 5th 2016
Kiss the Cook 41: mo08, foreigner05, gaps11, unlimited01
Shadow Watching 208: delete05, hanafuda15, bugs16, hatched07, wildbear04, solitary18, ensign11, valentines04
Reading Between the Lines 207!: erhu02, potassium11, mid-childa15, javelin15, manga13, tresbien05, abuse19, dark11
Crazy Colors 129: assertive03, kansai12, eye04, spectator16, thaumaturge18, shy08
Release 075 - July:
1) demonsnow01
2) expressive07
3) exia03
4) nolonger06
5) oden19
6) sheeh07
7) witchelny04
8) fairgame12
9) direction11
10) fatal11
SP) ships10
Donated) ships15
Bonuses) demonsnow15, demonsnow20
Serious Personality) incapable16
[120] Traded expressive07 for demonsnow02 with [personal profile] 1angelette
[121] Traded exia03 for demonsnow03 with [personal profile] kureto
[122] Traded nolonger06 for demonsnow04 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[123] Traded ships10 for demonsnow05 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[124] Traded witchelny04 for demonsnow06 with [personal profile] jessu
[125, 126, 127] Traded doublesharp19, fireflies14, galearc02 for demonsnow07 and eats18, homeroom18 with [personal profile] kippi
Received demonsnow08 as a gift from [personal profile] noticemeshinigami
[128] Traded fairgame12 for demonsnow09 with [personal profile] admiral
[129] Gifted aries05 to [personal profile] ibukiwi
[130] Gifted belarus13 to [personal profile] admiral
[131] Gifted otaku07 to [personal profile] bobanaicha
[132, 133, 134, 135] Gifted chiefmaid01, chiefmaid03, chiefmaid12, chiefmaid16 to [personal profile] dustybunny
[136] Gifted peakspider07 to [personal profile] vethica
[137] Gifted lust04 to [personal profile] samichan
[138] Gifted hotblooded20 to [personal profile] noticemeshinigami

August 7th 2016
[139] Traded direction11 for demonsnow18 with [personal profile] ibukiwi
Rei's Friend Report 149: no11, pendragon10, monster15, badgrades05, imperator19, thorshammer10
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 4: chamomile09, foundation18, masochism07, ringmaster04, virgin10, dcn-02909, frigid04, gao09
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 120: viena05, hakudan17, colorful19, tuning03
Received one purple crayon and gymnast09 as a gift from [personal profile] jessu
Received sextuplet10 as a gift from [personal profile] ibukiwi

August 8th 2016
Received chiwawa09, eats14, homeroom20, fishidol19, reading17, one purple crayon as a gift from [personal profile] anaraine
Recycled Art: fenrir01, highrollers03, hornet14, octal12, parallel15, scorpio14, septette11, shuei-gumi07, spicy05
Received confection02, fishidol06, 4thdistrict12 as gifts from [personal profile] neverbepractical
Pick a Color 117: paopufruit09, beneath03, trinity11, sweat18, lost14, crossroads04, suzunaan13, fighter10, undress12, bondage01
Host Club Giveaway 139: dissect20, eastern11, nico-nii12
Levels: demonsnow17, saboteur02, brains03, one purple crayon, demonsnow19, kataomoi08, trace06, one gray crayon
Crazy Colors 130: dandelion07, backlace16, 72pillars18, narcoleptic05, mezzaluna09, clueless13
Crazy Colors 130: sphinx212, tenkafubu19, odyssey02, caring09, hatsutaro02, gaebolg11

August 12th 2016
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 08: Monster Battle!: tsunshun09, remembering19, conjurer14, udonge14, cardmagic01, sincerity01, kiyohime07, deargho10, saisei01
art shop: One purple crayon for throatfly12
donate a deck: fishing03, officer05, trace11, flow14, eblan04, bandit15, jakob02, hustle17, investigator03, one yellow crayon, one orange crayon, one green crayon
[140] Traded astronomer14 for demonsnow16 with [personal profile] egi
[141] Gifted throatfly12 to [personal profile] anaraine

August 13th 2016
Rei's Friend Report 150: playbirdie04, nekomimi02, ritual20, seinen12, mayonnaise11, lovers18
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 5: rebirth11, evenodd05, yggdrasil14, tekou03, dojima19, greatest04, shounen08, greatest18
art studio: throatfly16
[142] Gifted throatfly16 to [personal profile] anaraine
Received two orange crayons as gifts from [personal profile] admiral
Received lovewing04 as a gift from [personal profile] scblakdrgon

August 14th 2016
Seiyuu Guess 249: sukonbu18, hammer18, ueno02, yanderes06, eligible02, entrails12
Seiyuu Guess 250 - Special Round Part 1!: requiem15, swordspirit04, godhand06, omnipedia01, blame05, resembool11, impressions03, knucklehead20, hiraikotsu16, jkd04, inferiority07, fod02, flask13, ignition06, rebellious05, firstson10, horns17, constancy07, one purple crayon
Seiyuu Guess 250 - Special Round Part 2!: honeytachi10, reanimated20, verbose16, highentia19, agility10, purpose14, romaantiqua16, chikuwa08, ichor06, rhodonite19, miyanom09, magatama17, octopus03, piercing20, karas19, kaka11, shogi01, poppo06, one brown crayon
Crazy Colors 131: viginti16, jrpremier06, tabiidol15, esp04, graceful09, home19
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 121: caring18, spirited08, doujinshi08, fashion16

August 15th 2016
[143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150] Traded colonel01, lorelei09, love19, mezzaluna09, obstinate11, shackle13, strip12, ninjas20 for kayo-chin01, kayo-chin03, kayo-chin04, kayo-chin07, kayo-chin08, kayo-chin09, kayo-chin17, kayo-chin18 with [personal profile] adurotum
Release 076 - August:
1. firststring01
2. rufous16
3. redriot04
4. whirlpool02
5. fukurodani05
6. rooftop20
7. alltrades01
8. theraijuu05
9. froppy17
10. uravity14
Special. hosoyan16
Freebie. wotagei14
[151] Traded rufous16 for firststring02 with [personal profile] adurotum
[152] Traded hosoyan16 for firststring03 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
[153] Traded redriot04 for firststring04 with [personal profile] instrumentality
[154] Traded fos09 for firststring12 with [personal profile] buttmage
Received nolonger19 as a gift from [personal profile] egi
Received firststring11 as a gift from [personal profile] canute
Kiss the Cook 42: beloved04, gewehr07, melphis18, rift13
Colors Fantasy Quest - the lost game 06: Midorin's Chill Out Time: believe05, lemurian14, reiki14, goldenrod11

August 16th 2016
[155] Traded fukurodani05 for firststring06 with [personal profile] jessu
[156, 157, 158] Traded gecko19, silk10, hamha15 for girlfriend16, kill05, robber10 with [personal profile] jessu
[159] Traded bone02 for firststring08 with [personal profile] vethica
Received gymnast11, gymnast19, shuei-gumi17, spiritual08 as gifts from [personal profile] vethica

August 18th 2016
[160, 161] Traded quicksilvers04 for quote10, worldchain17 for wolborg04 with [personal profile] magaru
[162, 163] Traded engineer10 for earth12, redshoes18 for rely02 with [personal profile] kues
[164, 165] Traded thestar02 for teacup12, yesiam19 for yin08 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
Shadow Watching 209: duck20, deathangel13, wilkis15, juliet09, sochin10, viewpoint16, thestray12, reiki12
Reading Between the Lines 208!: gaudy04, stapler18, uptight16, projected07, baptismrite02, zora13, clean-cut04, regrowth06, zodiva02, netfrica13, windor11, soldier16, kannagi20, rosette02, comedy08, stamina16, midnight19, vikingtiger16, whitebreath08, researcher19
Colors Fantasy Quest - game 03: Rescue Kurocchi!: pipe03, guertena10, xenian11, blurball08, estonia15, highpriest10, heirs17, press02, maple10, inspired17, symphony01, thedevil06, milkyway03, gecko19, corn02, flat16, twig19, vjedogonian03, internet16, aman18, one purple crayon, two red crayons, one gray crayon, one orange crayon
Colors Fantasy Quest - game 02: Save Shirocchi!: sevenstars01, desu01, crest15, pride08, renegade16, idolfan18, lazier14, stickfigures10, blanket10, tsunderes07, freelance18, sphinx216, one yellow crayon
Crazy Colors 131: romance16, sochin15, seashells06, ricewine19, cannibal18, saiarks15
Colors TCG Wish Tree: fushigi20, sevenseas19, betrayer20, silkmoth11, paternal04, lovequeen11, lovemaster17, pk17, pyrotechnics06, amberamour05, stg02, helmet06, evileye20, lightningorb06
[166] Traded alltrades01 for firststring13 with [personal profile] noticemeshinigami
[167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172] Gifted toys01, gentletype16, nekomimi02, pajamas12, passiontype04, valentines04 to [personal profile] noticemeshinigami
Scramble 43: ikazuchi08, ginoexpress05, minuses10, scavenger12, smirk11, jillsandwich11, tearcut04, hissing03, crossroads17, malkuth20, one red crayon
Hi-5 Radio 96: thing16, cruxis10, midnight16, dln-00302, marksechs08, observe14, gleipnir20, sketching20, supernova14, feast04
Deck Lover 40: horror09, fathers10, decision18, squad42218, cutetype20, intensity12
Hi-5 Radio 97: interested17, scar08, marriage14, rhythmia11, promiscuous04, inventor19, drill20, acewitches08, potassium03, remembering04
Deck Lover 41: koryuji13, halloween18, labyrinthia01, fairies16, clow09, yuri02
Scramble 44: lancecorp08, shoujo08, opening17, ero-mangaka16, vaniville08, orbs19, pyu20, blueoni19, one-eyed04, gramayre07, cerberus02, tatyana04, sakurait02, calligrapher01, fireorb09, gecko17, prosecute06, grudges18, brainwasher15, riverbank12, one brown crayon
donate a deck: inca15, unsurpassed12, counter10, one brown crayon
Hi-5 Radio 98: fabulous17, disobedient08, piggirl10, kritya20, distrustful02, kenpo12, code0504, guchu15, kailu09, lenster20
[173, 174, 175, 176] Traded whirlpool02, badgrades05, foundation18, hatsutaro02 for firststring05, rashomon12, chiwawa07, gentleghost01 with [personal profile] magaru
[177, 178, 179, 180] Traded backlace16, sensei11, sensei19 and undress12 for overexcited12, ritsu19, route15, wotagei07 with [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
Switch It Up 123: kayo-chin16, firststring19
Received one purple crayon as a gift from [personal profile] canute
Received one red crayon, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon, one green crayon, one blue crayon, one purple crayon, one brown crayon, one gray crayon as gifts from [personal profile] phibby

August 19th 2016
Received junkfood19 as a gift from [personal profile] 1angelette
Received one brown crayon as a gift from [personal profile] 1angelette
Received overelement09 as a gift from [personal profile] advancing
Received kill09 as a gift from [personal profile] ulquiorrasch
[181] Traded theraijuu05 for firststring09 with [personal profile] ibukiwi
Rei's Friend Report 151: konghou11, pug03, windmill19, loleus17, tactical02, oilpaint11
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 6: fengshui09, issachar01, taforashia14, kusegawa19, nohr02, kurokami11, stake15, digamma06
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 07: Puzzle Summons!: ramune02, nocturne13, akaoni16, charmer12, axolotl13, brandless01, genma06, potion20, flagpole11, hyena14, one gray crayon, one yellow crayon
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 04: Quiz Battle!: medicines15, ghosthouse20, devilbats16, fairgame02, idol15, love10, permafrost17, sommelier16, thepaper07

August 23rd 2016
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 05: Holy Gifting!: bar14, sensor18, hana01, autumn17, tantalus13, wings19, tengu09, memory19, psi02, swordofodin13, cianwood14, youcopy10, pilots10, outbreak07, mecha16, headphones04, dragon-type05, koyasut13, marbirthday03, scientists04, decbirthday01, one purple crayon
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 11: Mystic Ruins: grendel14, gemini09, solo16, bara06, method15, freeze12, dreiklaven07, grow01, bridge10, greekgod01, sonati18, tradename07
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 122: old05, hostility06, mathlesson12, bishounen03, talented19
Reading Between the Lines 208!: one red crayon, one purple crayon
Seiyuu Guess 251: kira20, plants05, shinto20, mssweets15, mountain05, x-rayvision06
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 10: Color Your Own Adventure: verycute08, dcn-02518, seagull08, traveler09, systems18, body15, homunculus17, scalpels06, one brown crayon, one yellow crayon
Colors Fantasy Quest - game 01: Who's That Necromancer?: two gray crayons, frozen17, dubhe01, barrelroll20, dote18, pluto05, devoted11, melons16, fullbringer11
Colors Fantasy Quest - game 12: The Wrath of Cain: reaper15, limiters14, witchgirl10, shenlong06, grouchy12, zelda03, seaslug14, pay12, chimchar05, astraphobia13
[182] Traded cursedseal01 for demonsnow10 with [personal profile] reneetwist
Colors Fantasy Quest - final results!: wotagei01, wotagei02, wotagei03, wotagei04, wotagei06
Colors Fantasy Quest - signups!: diamonds06, darkdjinn09, thirdroom03, disobedient08, usagibrand14, genius03, dongkou03, chick10, bloodlust11, seele03, rare06, girlfriend09, iceland07, doting20, magical16, haraezuki03, lowee01, bills15, orpheus09, asobot12, shades19, dragonrage17, figments03, soulgang17, story10, one orange crayon, two blue crayons, two yellow crayons, one purple crayon, one green crayon
[183] Traded information08 for demonsnow12 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[184] Traded search01 for demonsnow11 with [personal profile] kues

August 25th 2016
Swap Station 40: marksechs20, orbs11, symphony15
Levels: wotagei08, vaneltia08, courage02, wildlife12, one brown crayon, wotagei10, hod15, enjoying11, manipulate01, one gray crayon
Host Club Giveaway 140: marshmallow11, rumors03, magic11
Crazy Colors 132: deer10, chikuwa10, oblivious01, 92fs01, vogokoro09, siscon13
Pick a Color 118: gangster15, risotto14, westwind14, honoo13, scientist15, bravo07, kawasumia08
Shadow Watching 210: bail05, janbirthday20, sorceress04, need15, rep19, janam06, battleship12, calligrapher08, lonesome07, notes09, makimaki01, liar02
Reading Between the Lines 209!: data16, lackey04, pheasant15, tenshi05, native10, chat02, radiohost17, balthasar18
Received 7 Green Crayons, 7 Red Crayons, 7 Blue Crayons, tresbien01, tresbien02, tresbien03, tresbien04, tresbien06, tresbien07, tresbien08, tresbien11, tresbien13, tresbien15, tresbien16, tresbien17, hellgirl04, hellgirl08, hellgirl11, hellgirl13, hellgirl17, tooth06, tooth12, 4thdistract01, 4thdistrict05, 4thdistrict07, 4thdistrict10, 4thdistrict13, begging01, begging07, begging20, closedclock01, closedclock06, closedclock07, closedclock17, closedclock19, gentleghost02, gentleghost06, gentleghost17, gentleghost20, lovewing05, mole16, overelement01, overelement10, overelement13, overelement15, robber01, robber02, robber06, route05 as gifts from [personal profile] needles

August 27th 2016
[185, 186, 187, 188, 189] Traded potassium03, potassium11, privilege05, privilege18, darkdjinn09 for 4thdistrict20, begging06, fatal03, ideals17, incapable11 with [personal profile] nidoking
[190, 191, 192, 193, 194] Gifted disobedient08, leanbox14, sign01, symphony01, symphony15 to [personal profile] nidoking

August 29th 2016
Rei's Friend Report 152: ronin16, everybirdie09, failure05, butterfly13, floating14, hiphop08
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 7: shiokaze11, takoyaki09, action15, thechariot13, tabiidol19, bunbunmaru09, dln-00702, shujaa19
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 123: machinery12, hugs11, trattoria09, sochin07, one-eyed10
Colors Fantasy Quest - Game 09: Cartomancy: chibikko03, bond04, hikkikomori02, tipster19, sbjk20, parents20, bluebeard16, secluded17, apples08, 1810, command16, colonel04, marching15, stride13, unborn08, curehappy03, greennoa09, copper05, staying05, hidden09, cheater02, aisen01, anima11, gardening07, catnoir09, bailang02, converted01, loved16
Seiyuu Guess 252: yuki-onna08, jior02, rosy11, pug16, cyber10, perceptive19
Crazy Colors 133: pyrokinesis02, earthshaker18, radiohost14, changshan11, oldest10, redshoes14
[195] Traded wolfman10 for firststring14 with [personal profile] admiral
art shop: sextuplet03, sextuplet09, sextuplet15, sextuplet17, sextuplet18, sextuplet20, wotagei11, wotagei12, wotagei13, wotagei15, wotagei17, wotagei18, wotagei20, (8 Sketchpads) germany02, heartbreak17, ditzy01, psp12, heybo12, righteye02, military14, better08, echoes12, thestar17, flirtatious19, viginti20, 4thbatter17, 2-d07, horologium06, iris06, six green crayons, four purple crayons, four orange crayons, two brown crayons, one yellow crayon, one gray crayon
Masteries: mochimazu18, onihime01, demonsnow13, one purple crayon, minus18, bounce05, demonsnow14, one gray crayon, cannone01, taunts20, firststring20, one gray crayon
Deck Lover 42: sakurait17, selphia06, xxxx08, villains05, wakening16, storybooks04
Scramble 45: libra12, classrep07, destruction13, melodrama06, stripes19, x-laws20, yips15, shesmay08, onigiri17, awaken20, one orange crayon
Hi-5 Radio 99: darkloid03, lonesome06, unitone18, pisky11, sweetfood13, auraarrow06, businessman03, christianity04, raising19, headstrong09
Pot of Gold 69!: Grand Prize Shirtless Gaius, fifthroom01, medusa15, clerk13, poet03, changshan18, serve18, cloudwine17, florist10, thornqueen11, aspirebreak06, gallop10, thunderveil18, skilled20, dote01, nia11, archadia20, opast14, darkking16, author08, puns07, knife-throw18, latvia01, schwert04, medusa13, mysong16, crossroads01, nanoda10, summons19, blade08, nanoda10, deadcenter19, firefist03, yatagarasu07, apostle02, minigun17, two gray crayons, two yellow crayons, one blue crayon

August 31st 2016
[196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202] Traded agility10, axolotl13, beehive13, bon03, ghosthouse20, stg02, x-rayvision06 for eats15, flamenpink02, gymnast02, gymnast06, homeroom14, overexcited05, sakanoshita17 with [personal profile] netbug009
[203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211] Traded apples08, causality01, monapizza12, playbirdie04, promotion02, scavenger12, stapler18, thechariot13, and clow09 for 4thdistrict03, gymnast15, ideals12, kayo-chin05, nico-nii17, sakanoshita17, tooth19, idolclub09, firststring17 with [personal profile] phibby
[212, 213, 214, 215, 216] Traded bugs16, calligrapher01, calligrapher08, ero-mangaka16, magic11 for binge05, incapable08, polkadot17, shuei-gumi04, shuei-gumi20 with [personal profile] kureto
[217, 218] Gifted saisei01, suits01 to [personal profile] kureto
[219, 220, 221] Traded griefseed05, rep19, narcoleptic05 for froppy20, hospitality05, selfpublish08 with [personal profile] dustybunny
[222, 223] Gifted napping18, hiphop08 to [personal profile] dustybunny
[224] Traded grudges18 for ideals03 with [personal profile] vethica
[225, 226, 227, 228] Traded charmer12, corseit01, horologium06, lovers18 for attachment04, overexcited20, chiwawa08, firststring18 with [personal profile] egi
[229] Gifted tenshi05 to [personal profile] egi
[230, 231, 232, 233] Traded homunculus17, littlerookie08, magical16, pluto05 for beneath15, flamenpink09, gymnast03, ossan12 with [personal profile] samichan
[234, 235, 236] Gifted shy08, sorceress04, trattoria09 to [personal profile] samichan
[237, 238, 239, 240, 241] Traded body15, clerk13, gangleader05, mochimazui18, orpheus09 for bling17, sextuplet03, flamenpink09, hellgirl18, overelement12 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[242, 243, 244] Traded firespin12, princess03, yips15 for 4thdistrict15, confection14, rufous13 with [personal profile] bobanaicha

September 4th 2016
Switch It Up 123: route10, firststring07
Swap Station 41: disobedient14
Pick a Color 119: rosebleue04, liondance02, amaken20, gemknight12, jior07, curtain20, poffins02
Shadow Watching 211: vanargandr19, ranguren02, denying12, tasla13, almighty19, sunlight04, azuresky06, headmaster07
Crazy Colors 133: sunrisecafe03, kenpo03, windaquario15, littlekitty15, deus07, heropon02
Reading Between the Lines 210!: triad04, desire05, brave06, mixcoatl20, tercera02, sanctioned14, sketchbook01, okaro07, stg01, surf17, bookofd02, starmagic02, laevatein03, febbirthday01, melodrama01, fantastical06, bassist05, sing17, doubt03, cybermedic20, one blue crayon, one brown crayon
Kiss the Cook 43: voltswitch19, feathers07, health02, tonkotsu11
Rei's Friend Report 153: krik11, imperator19, undernet06, scribbled05, freedom19, x-scissor19
Activity Rewards: triad01, reserved17, ailecrono11, nanamin10, assassin08, adaptor11, fire18, bookeater12, unlucky04, ki20, orthopedics19, grin20, anguished07, contact16, ember01, bioengineer04, angelysugar18, 020, melchsee04, brown18, titrel01, salmon20, plasmagica18, requests19, ranger16, warcannon08, mafiaboss15, yanderes04, revival12, lifebelt03, sixthroom03, rusty14, junes11, buchou18, zura06, ducttape19, blackrabbit16, rise04, facade11, greenthumb02, medical09, punches10, zaibatsu15, zeus11, dwn-01702, youkai02, effortless01, meltdowner03, cigarettes17, popup20, handystick04, mole03, real08, lunarbase13, sharnoth08, harpielady05, unison19, curepeach19, dialect01, stands09, sight06, skydragon18, drill17, systems08, patience20, telomeres12, alice10, engokuki18, two orange crayons, two green crayons, one yellow crayon
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 8: lines05, orochi05, repair08, anty06, hermitcrab14, alluring17, blackstar18, marionette08
Recycled Art: chiwawa06, fishidol14, flamenpink07, flamenpink17, gentleghost07, guile03, guile19, health-care10, hellgirl01, holding02, holding16, schoollife14
[245] Traded devoted11 for firststring16 with [personal profile] neverbepractical

September 6th 2016
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 124: crazyd04, copying10, redscarf05, tiger04, mellow01, nature15
Swap Station 42: flamenpink06, nanoda15
Deck Lover 43: decision14, asterisk10, sakuras05, yaoi14, hamha15, tackle04
Scramble 46: sketching01, doubles08, trapmaker20, garugari14, femme15, ultimate20, kissing19, darksun07, turtleplush12, pariah19, one green crayon
Deck Lover 44: arborea04, gakuenk18, lucavi18, koryuji15, boxweapon18, soldiers04
Seiyuu Guess 253: volcanic19, heroine16, devil03, uninterested13, suna-suna11, gadgets14
Hi-5 Radio 100: morphus20, make-up12, sirius10, siscon03, swimmer18, polearms14, tutored08, saiyawoman11, melonpan16, kamiyan02, flapping19, animus11, octopus13, overpriced05, seasalt14, chaste11, operator12, al-thamen09, pharle17, townhall17, glory19, hanahazama16, crazyslots12, rody09, chupa10, redhood13, medic10, creampuff09, ducttape16, electricity20, another09, whitesnake07, gaiadragoon11, anty06, barriera15, strike01, kaleidostar05, fortune19, selfpublish19, childstar04, ussocom19, solomon20, maracas12, witchqueen01, mamushi16, wizard01, hypocrite07, judgement08

September 10th 2016
[246, 247] Traded pendragon10, projected07 for nolonger03, shovel01 with [personal profile] beezebeora
[248] Gifted crazyd04 to [personal profile] beezebeora
Shadow Watching 212: clover15, hi-potions03, chimon11, summerfairy11, shapeshift08, takeover10, chromatus16, fraternal06
Reading Between the Lines 211!: pallum05, jindujun16, star-shaped05, retto20, mace15, kicking10, well-spoken17, literary08
Scramble 47: levelseven18, rebirth11, summoned05, tanagura12, brickbreak02, amaterasu15, thornqueen08, dicebomb07, dystopia02, hyakushiki07, one green crayon
Rei's Friend Report 154: mirrorlake04, gunjou16, manipulate16, pitviper07, border13, cascade20
Crazy Colors 134: severe10, greatfox08, brising19, magnificent18, ultimate06, jimuguri03
Crazy Colors 135: somnians08, riverbank13, minister16, deltoro12, vanargandr08, contramundi01
Host Club Giveaway 141: revenant01, ultimate02, brynhilde07
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 9 - Final Four: runner13, vengeful12, empress16, ogredemon20, connect04, distanced07, minidragon14, golems04
[249, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 270, 271, 272] Gifted blackfang13, gentleghost01, gentleghost02, gentleghost04, gentleghost06, gentleghost07, gentleghost09, gentleghost13, gentleghost17, gentleghost20, helmet06, homeroom08, homeroom10, homeroom11, homeroom14, homeroom18, homeroom19, homeroom20, junkfood01, junkfood07, junkfood10, junkfood13, junkfood19, rashomon12 to [personal profile] needles
[273] Traded health-care10 for shovel10 with [personal profile] needles

September 12th 2016
Received two blue crayons as gifts from [personal profile] dustybunny
[274, 275, 276, 277] Gifted everybirdie09, wordplay17, voltswitch19, heybo12 to [personal profile] dustybunny
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 125: forbidden13, teases08, teapot01, temsik02, lunar03, command11
Deck Lover 45: sanctuary01, xxxx08, horror03, qipao09, hylia01, non-human12
Hi-5 Radio 101: lucidlenses18, azuresea03, amara01, alioth08, rosewood05, rod04, outcast19, laguz06, manly19, cadet13
Swap Station 43: imperator17
Received shovel19 as a gift from [personal profile] samichan

September 13th 2016
Received uravity03 as a gift from [personal profile] sujini
Release 077 - September:
1. nyaa-chan01
2. tazmily01
3. limited02
4. medicinal03
5. absorption02
6. hedgehog02
7. fc3s18
8. fd3s18
9. merge17
10. separate15
Special. aces02
Donated. midorikaru03
[278] Traded tazmily01 for nyaa-chan02 with [personal profile] canute
[279] Traded aces02 for nyaa-chan11 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[280] Traded childlike04 for nyaa-chan12 with [personal profile] dustybunny
[281] Traded midorikaru03 for nyaa-chan13 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288] Traded aisen01, code09, eastern11, grow01, konghou11, shiokaze11, cutetype20 for stable15, flamenpink20, gymnast10, incapable05, robber11, shuei-gumi01, kamiyan18 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296] Traded archadia20, astraphobia11, balthasar06, bluebeard16, blurball08, caring18, cerberus02, command16 for bake15, cdplayer02, chiwawa20, fukurodani13, horny19, scarfwings01, scarfwings03, schoollife05 with [personal profile] vethica
[297] Gifted swimmer18 to [personal profile] vethica

September 16th 2016
[298] Traded medicinal03 for nyaa-chan04 with [personal profile] instrumentality
[299, 300] Traded medic10, operator12 for nyaa-chan16, schoollife09 with [personal profile] eclair
Coloring Book 129: enforcers13, avaricious02, rosettaarrow14, amaranthine13, bodhisattva11, pants16
Coloring Book 129: knights07, meganest19, amadeus03, goodnight05, third16, maryudo16
Coloring Book 128: hinomoto03, holyposes07, badboxart02
Shadow Watching 213: afraid05, tazmily02, kill09, petal02, bull10, toilet16, cloudburst02, dcn-03120
Reading Between the Lines 212!: dreamseer01, veil17, honeyboy08, worldchain12, angelpowder12, fifthroom04, dwn-00903, silpelit02, serious05, taunts07, adrastea11, pke10, bodhisattva12, seiyuu06, mikazuki19, raftfleet05, voltage20, tresbien15, gondola16, perfume09, one purple crayon, one yellow crayon
Switch It Up 125: nyaa-chan20
Seiyuu Guess 254: bodyswap06, neojapan04, angelysugar13, blacklion17, spear02, gabcom10
Kiss the Cook 44: position004, hellgirl02, coronia16, qubeley20
Rei's Friend Report 155: ark13, spectator16, intellect20, learning18, babied01, blackshadow10
Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 10 - championship battle!: milkyway17, champloo06, golddragon13, loveless03, mage01, ciaossu18, eyepatches18, passedon09, reality01, karmicloop06
[301, 302] Traded god02, mafiaboss15 for nyaa-chan17, froppy16 with [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
[303] Traded ultimate02 for nyaa-chan14 with [personal profile] jailynn
[304] Traded hedgehog02 for nyaa-chan06 with [personal profile] netbug009
[305, 306, 307] Traded limited02, mysong16, stands09 for deku06, kacchan13, nyaa-chan03 with [personal profile] kureto
[308] Traded absorption02 for nyaa-chan05 with [personal profile] vethica
[309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316] Traded ae8602, balthasar18, bioengineer04, cindy04, class14, fabulous17, flask13, pixie14 for gastronomy02, girlfriend05, sakanoshita06, shovel02, shovel11, shuei-gumi05, shuei-gumi11, singer19 with [personal profile] magaru
[317, 318, 319, 320] Traded aki-lucky15, alice10, angelichowl20, angelysugar18 for fryingpan14, herbs02, musicstart10, sweetfood10 with [personal profile] kurieta
[321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338] Gifted bohemian09, butterfly13, chikuwa08, holictrick16, hypocrite07, idolfan12, idolfan18, honeytachi10, lovequeen11, mechapaniq06, revenant01, scribbled05, seagul08, tabiidol15, tabiidol19, strike01, unlucky04, unlucky12 to [personal profile] kurieta

September 22nd 2016
Coloring Book 129: draculina04, beehive15, 882315, magatama09, honor17, tarotrei14
Seiyuu Guess 255: patriot05, anti-hero16, instinct09, aristocracy20, tertium06, mahou17, missdeep09, matterwaves11, hunter10, bentenmaru09, ironmace16, prima10, one orange crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 126: doumei19, gaedearg09, detachment20, artist03, composed08, manatree05, papa08
Pick a Color 120: mecha14, starmagic04, maleantags15, moonblast04
Swap Station 44: anty04, rebirth04, xxxx11
Crazy Colors 136: sekigahara02, anteater02, longinus16, crocodile05, infatuated16, nurseschool02
Crazy Colors 136: jinchuu11, shortsword10, acrobat19, xrosheart16, maybirthday14, hideandseek16
Hi-5 Radio 102: nejiko15, kyudo20, utsuwa17, yukipon09, ginka15, naga07, wildchild11, esp01, tsunderella20, lightspeed04
Deck Lover 46: changshan18, passiontype19, metafalica15, rhythmia12, janbirthday06, stmichaels17
Scramble! 49: heavenrend07, posttown13, likeabird12, lowee10, milkyrose05, hydropump03, mild06, one-eyed12, greennoa12, counselor01, one gray crayon
Hi-5 Radio 103: lovelorn11, eclipse04, tennyo18, longnius19, civilian15, irises01, ditelada11, acrophobia16, scooter13, cedef08
Deck Lover 47: watermelon14, u-1712, asterisk11, irides15, tsunderes15, lightside02
Shadow Watching 214: ally13, hawkedge03, danceflame19, starmiya02, esaka18, cybernetic19, mechanical15, hoshido05
Reading Between the Lines 213!: chronicle12, gauntlets07, geisha18, arc11, henshin04, blackrabbit19, explosives07, gamer11
Levels: firststring10, forazsaiqa05, mugen20, flight03, one orange crayon, firststring15, pai-pai13, onion07, bookstore15, one orange crayon
Masteries: skeleton07, ethereal01, nyaa-chan18, one red crayon
[339] Traded firstson10 for nyaa-chan19 with [personal profile] zekroms
Received nyaa-chan15 as a gift from [personal profile] zeittari
[340, 341, 342, 343] Gifted beneath15, cafe10, cake06, condiments10 to [personal profile] needles
[344] Traded beneath03 for nyaa-chan16 with [personal profile] needles
[345] Gifted nyaa-chan16 to [personal profile] dustybunny
[346, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355] Traded memory19, henshin04, starmagic02, starmagic04, littlekitty15, regrowth06, ronin16, solo16, angelic03, home19 for nyaa-chan08, begging13, binge07, fishidol02, flamenpink01, flamenpink11, kapow16, reading16, shuei-gumi19, slopes01 with [personal profile] sujini
[356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362] Gifted sphinx212, sweat18, viewpoint16, accomplice17, likeabird12, puns07, salamander18 to [personal profile] sujini
[363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 370, 371, 372] Traded baptismrite02, gaebolg11, glory19, knights07, feast04, octo-punch18, chimchar05, chimchar06, battleship12, wizard01 for 4thdistrict14, committee05, ideals20, overelement07, overexcited03, peakspider03, peakspider11, tarotcards05, tresbien10, nyaa-chan10 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn

September 26th 2016
donate a deck: neojapan01, meyvn11, orpheus18, one green crayon
Rei's Friend Report 156: powerplant17, necromancer11, cage03, opast10, dln-00a09, profiler20
Colorseum: Season Three start + special bonus battle!: spy11, bark05, threestars02, sweeten06, janken18, masquerade20, bolverk11, lightside05
Miku's Music Station 221: corseit20, happylucky17, unsurpassed10, marksman16, maschera20, sakejug03, information20, one green crayon
Help Miss Kamila 90: one purple crayon
Go Fish! 257: bloodsucking17, ushiushi10, quotations03, polarbear10, hammer11, darktailor13, fuerza19, demonking06, silvana09, undertaker04, constable10, battle15, two gray crayons
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 127: laurant10, starfox14, moonside11, dunksmash11, toilet14, affection03, orbs15
Crazy Colors 137: commoner18, bigisland17, feminine17, cannone13, stronger03, aki-lucky19
Host Club Giveaway 142: instinct13, nandemo17, expressive03
Coloring Book 129: kaijuidol10
Scramble 50: atomic03, officelady08, novbirthday18, wordplay17, frozen16, superhuman04, hyakume15, harmonius07, worlds19, denied15, hachiko04, stockpot05, strict07, gunman15, seawizard10, kleio04, midnight14, videocamera18, older18, pyroqueen15, one blue crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 99: chomechome15, pluviale08, fierydesire13, denpakei01, native15, dwn-03609, norende01, yoshiro18
signature cards: three copies of my signature
Hi-5 Radio 104: elderly16, freedom16, money17, yaksha09, blackkeys08, chikuwa12, line11, nil18, daddy20, lobster02
Deck Lover 48: magitek07, thecrows15, centurio18, familiars10, cosplay15, slimes14
Scramble! 51: merman15, a-10010004, beyond10, scent06, dinosaur12, darkones15, block02, miko13, makai20, leeks13, one blue crayon
Seiyuu Guess 256: princely15, height19, itako14, propagation04, jimuguri14, strings07
Swap Station 45: spectator07
[373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378] Traded bofu19, hi-potions03, killerbee16, magatama17, onigiri17, raising19 for nyaa-chan07, chiwawa17, direction09, kanahana04, uravity09, yamakami18 with [personal profile] admiral

September 28th 2016
[379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389, 390, 391] Traded dreamseer01, fantastical06, key20, onion07, orpheus18, pal11, scroll08, violinist10, xenian11, yourhonor07, figments03, xxxx08, another09 for confection08, confection13, gastronomy04, gastronomy13, gastronomy19, reading07, schoollife02, schoollife12, shuei-gumi15, spiritual07, spiritual11, spiritual20, arrows02 with [personal profile] sinew
[392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 400] Gifted drill17, drill20, duck20, explosives07, fashion16, ember01, seinen12, villagers06, youngboys15 to [personal profile] sinew
[401, 402, 403, 404, 405] Traded dicebomb07, dln-00702, ovenfires20, powerplant17, roseneedle20 for musicstart14, robber16, schoolidol07, schoollife18, shuei-gumi08 with [personal profile] skybuns
[406] Gifted labyrinthia06 to [personal profile] skybuns
[407] Traded charm08 for stable04 with [personal profile] madoka
Received nyaa-chan09 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
[408, 409, 410, 411, 412] Gifted curehappy03, snowdrop06, spectator02, spectator07, spectator16 to [personal profile] madoka

October 4th 2016
Kiss the Cook 45: ferocity08, pk18, saints03, attracts11
Coloring Book 130: blacktrump08, sun03, nikushogun19, greenshell11, loud04, koopalings13
Coloring Book 130: expelled17, jellyfish13, rogueship12, cups04, paladin04, limited16
Reading Between the Lines 214!: tobiume20, ruin11, tutorial16, usashrine03, coulddie16, lordalberion17, soccer19, dunscaith06, mustasim15, vixen11, misnamed13, falena13, musket10, kunai02, oyaji02, artemis08, relax18, hakama17, hamha10, cyber06, one brown crayon, one yellow crayon
Shadow Watching 215: winglet09, glare13, samekh18, weed04, babied05, flapping13, machines04, bodyguard01
Rei's Friend Report 157: enforcer18, spirited13, meimei02, deceiving03, closedclock08, sochin04
[413, 414] Gifted fc3s18, fd3s18 to [personal profile] anaraine
[415, 416] Gifted merge17, separate15 to [personal profile] vethica
Colorseum 19-1: mail11, misfortune11, greekgod03, privilege11, cuteness08, saiyan19, greece04, ambitious20
Go Fish! 258: manipulative20, shortcuts03, stripes11, long-range20, freezing12, yuri01, labyrinth01, coffee05, prepared18, one orange crayon
Crazy Colors 138: luzrou12, origami07, armblade19, quote15, raising20, reserved01
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 128: dissect19, muhi09, princely06, choromi15, embodiment17, deadly16, buttercup13, across02
Pick a Color 121: labyrinthia17, bara06, ogata19, libra15, razorleaf08, bigisland17, hosoyan16, froppy12
Seiyuu Guess 257: utahime12, solitary11, contacts19, threestars07, stress06, rejection06
Help Miss Kamila 91: sunfighter19, automail07, namekian03, engetsu02
art shop: amusement05, horned01, maid-chan15, defense14, trickmaster11, plasma06, ashcat04, wingspear18, cocteau03, heretic10, slacker08, suicune07, question15, maleprotags09, savage10, everybirdie15, bondage05, newton15, littlekitty02, janina08, fists02, athlum11, dnn01, infant02, 100friends08, beelzebub01, zoologist03, junk06, translator07, carryon13, biometals14, tamarin19, tenchou03, louvre05, pulse19, sagami08, sigma17, isshu06, four orange crayons, three yellow crayons, four blue crayons, three green crayons, four brown crayons, one purple crayon

October 9th 2016
[417] Gifted princely06 to [personal profile] vethica
Oikawa's Fan Mail 100: sagittarius07, runa15, x31517, calamity02, code0308, lancelot03, dreadlocks04, LIE17, hunt13, hideandseek10, shiningone18, solarbeam05, dog09, flawless18, reiki17, dwarf15, headphone15, nekomimi12, dojikko05, forced15, akko10, trashy18, tharsis12, scythes05, blitz12, observing15, magicguild06, dedicated02, earnest11, chocolat13, one brown crayon, one red crayon
Coloring Book 130: survey15, chikuwa03, 23703, cavalry20, naught16, thecoolest15
Shadow Watching 216: sextuplet12, rod11, gladiator19, manly17, charms18, meanies17, notes07, farming03
Reading Between the Lines 215!: dependable06, camaraderie12, budha11, siren18, skilled03, hidden08, yeast10, hugging19
Rei's Friend Report 158: masses07, diclonius03, highcycle18, rooster08, tactical08, possessive03
Help Miss Kamila 92: calamityhawk17, uncouth10, mafiaboss12, better17
Go Fish! 259: yamigarasu14, silverking01, nakisawa20, indecisive20, homunculus12, whisker06, one purple crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 129: prepared16, mugen14, saru05, dousing20, library04, hypocrite07, angra19, bite01
Colorseum 19-2: zero-type04, gangster06, nekotalia18, eggs13, rent20, orcatrainer01, gensokyo17, libera17, one orange crayon, one brown crayon
Activity Rewards: rumors16, search07, medic14, liberation20, reflexes09, thetorn17, spotter05, youshow02, researcher10, 23709, coils01, annihilate11, holywar13, drill12, reflexes20, curescarlet17, esper17, mermaid09, tent03, unruly05, highspirited18, osaka12, dousing07, tights16, hostility07, passedon08, prithui02, obsession06, searching06, redking20, competition19, bassclef08, kouka15, killerwolf09, blueknights14, avarice14, trueblood01, turningtide05, cybele09, blaster12, aquarium03, investigator11, tyrfing03, cheer08, leraje08, lovelorn13, sculpted03, precognitive08, hungary07, mature09, dojima17, pentagram12, light20, ratsbane16, jr06, tamarin18, troubadour12, villains20, allegiance09, tactful07, two orange crayons, one green crayon, two blue crayons
[418] Traded rooftop20 for firststring07 with [personal profile] ixionesis
[419] Gifted firststring07 to [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Received one red crayon as a gift from [personal profile] kurieta
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] kurieta
[420, 421, 422, 423, 424, 425] Traded attracts11, bigbear06, bookstore15, cloudburst02, solomon20, u-1712 for cdplayer06, committee07, confection11, hitwoman13, orca16, tooth11 with [personal profile] kuranosuke

October 11th 2016
Pot of Gold 70: Grand Prize B, assertive03, conceited08, bluemaiden12, carmilla05, ally10, bishoujo09, christmas16, cureheart16, big10, dull05, negi14, speedosound08, cocteau15, cookies05, getaway06, luckycharm15, contact08, marionette10, formula06, brag05, forelock04, harmonixer09, halberd06, salamander10, akizora19, jakob13, adventurer05, civilian13, ookwee06, kaka03, shogun02, personality19, legionnaire01, noheart07, blacklion19, spiritual18, forelock13, mechapilots11, kujakki10, aquarimms12, divination16, puku20, raijinshuu14, rude03, prodigy05, seacrusher17, bakushin03, submissive14, serena10, miyanom18, flameking16, trainer07, magician01, sonic16, cain08, one gray crayon, three yellow crayons, three purple crayons, one blue crayon, one green crayon, one red crayon
Coloring Book 130: candidate10
Coloring Book 131: tragedies03, kazoku04, candidate07, spitfire06, dream04, nyaa-chan02
Deck Lover 49: otherworld14, autumn04, silverstar19, dancers06, pilots14, miyanom11
Hi-5 Radio 105: iceorb09, trusty01, lordalberion09, nico-nii19, thief13, robots07, calming12, salaryman16, mentalout15, innuendos07
Scramble! 52: brawn14, unkillable06, tsukumogami18, salaryman10, ossan19, gymnast18, social14, ivalice04, cosplayer14, blaster19, one red crayon
[426, 427, 428, 429, 430, 431] Traded blanket10, bond04, counselor01, echoes12, psp12, tearcut04 for closedclock09, direction04, hellgirl20, kapow15, mole04, schoollife20 with [personal profile] moikyuu

October 13th 2016
Kiss the Cook 46: volcanic02, deckbuilder10, pessimist18, bullets19
Coloring Book 131: ally19, qipao14, absorption03, kannagi07, decision02, fiddle14, basil18, ikazuchi08
Seiyuu Guess 258: fruitist18, legalwife18, astore09, shadowless09, driftbomb04, hereditary01, airel02, betreida05
Crosswords 105: dwn-03420, silverknife13, lightblue10, javelin03, minor05, tsukihime07, corrine17, antoinette11, one brown crayon
Deck Lover 50: crossdressf20, misguided17, clergy06, koyasut10, laguz17, arborea20, gramarye10, moonblast07, irontail02, silverstar12, green07, newyears18, moogles10, replacement02, ddr16
Hi-5 Radio 106: wedding06, pervy09, crossdrive13, clock16
Crosswords 106: name03, king17, adherent06, killrecord15, studious06, teasing09, clergy20, pinnacle05, one yellow crayon
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 273: hostile16, vicious16, boundary01, transform05, gundo15, irondragon19, alliance08, ecchan18, bunnydoll04, salaryman07, one gray crayon
Shadow Watching 217: solarhands17, silent19, mws11, janam08, popnbeat03, nosebleeds14, dln-00312, katamari03, methuselah18, marry15
Reading Between the Lines 216!: porsche12, impulsive08, raider01, curepassion12, empty11, memphis03, krita-yuga14, dicebomb12, lenster18, songwriter14, hyakuretsu18, littlepuppy02, canary11, infant18, paranoia17, burning17, cannondale03, foodpuns16, aesses03, weed10, wandering17, nag01, two purple crayons
Switch It Up 127: overexcited19, harasho07

October 20th 2016
Release 078 - October:
1) uranohoshi01
2) ganbaruby03
3) handicraft03
4) unemotional04
5) devotee02
6) all-seeing06
7) metatron04
8) yohane04
9) spices20
10) lalalulu06
Special) morikawa15
Donated) seitokai01
Donated) superheroes10
Bonuses) idolfangirl07 (VERY SCARY) devotee17 (oni)
Rei's Friend Report 159: ylisse01, geek17, hyoumaku05, marbirthday19, sandtribe19, yuihan17, deities14, explosive13
Help Miss Kamila 93: sex06, turkey15, illegitimate19, non-human02, lucidlenses01, seacrusher14
Colorseum 19-3: remaining07, chaos13, brainwasher16, laptop04, kekkai19, blackhawks10, cornelia05, starboar08, viperblade19, overanalyze14
Go Fish! 260: aquarium14, piano17, heartereki01, venus10, waterfall20, mechanical07, tomochin12, numberone17, bar09, red12, one brown crayon
Switch It Up 125: one gray crayon, one brown crayon, one purple crayon, two green crayons
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 130 (ROUND RESET): digipad13, corseit17, nyu13, killerqueen09
Seiyuu Guess 259: stray17, contract01, hell08, suwabe12, loveless14, restart16, velvetroom04, hospital15
Coloring Book 131: ossan04, isolation12, fiddle04, shotgunice19, barrels01, tarotrei16, steals15, figments18
Oikawa's Fan Mail 101: mssweets14, passedon13, dreamer10, oolong12, kendama07, rai03, denied03, thecoolest02, zweiteturm02, bluebird17
Shadow Watching 218: woodytower13, whitesnake20, sharering03, emeraldhair18, nekomimi05, ahsha18, aquaria02, asteria20, mixcoatl08, return14
Reading Between the Lines 217!: nephew01, wealth14, eyesight01, silly17, bard03, submarine08, convict03, unemotional17, whaleshark03, hamburgers09
[432] Gifted unemotional17 to [personal profile] zekroms

October 21st 2016
[433] Traded spices20 for uranohoshi10 with [personal profile] adurotum
[434, 435, 436, 437, 438, 439, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451] Traded auraarrow06, blacklion17, blacklion19, catnoir09, hereditary01, hideandseek16, hod15, hospitality05, idol15, junes11, karmicloop06, kritya20, luzrov12, melphis18, wilkis15, gakuenk18, hosoyan16, ogata19 for 4thdistrict11, bling13, uravity10, beginner06, deku20, kapow10, nico-nii03, nico-nii11, nico-nii13, nico-nii15, robber13, slopes02, slopes11, spiritual13, stable02, stargaze14, strategist04, yamakami06 with [personal profile] adurotum
[452, 453, 454, 455, 456, 457, 458] Traded denied15, information20, porsche12, teases08, thecrows15, viginti16, viginti20 for cdplayer15, chiwawa14, chocolat17, hitwoman04, ideals13, kacchan15, stable14 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[459] Traded highcycle18 for gal06 with [personal profile] needles
[460] Traded ganbaruby03 for uranohoshi02 with [personal profile] secretambition
[461] Traded handicraft03 for uranohoshi03 with [personal profile] madoka
[462] Traded unemotional04 for uranohoshi04 with [personal profile] zekroms
[463] Traded devotee02 for uranohoshi05 with [personal profile] needles
[464] Traded morikawa15 for uranohoshi07 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[465, 466, 467, 468, 469, 470, 471, 472, 473, 474, 475, 476, 477, 478, 479, 480, 481, 482, 483, 484] Gifted babied01, babied05, angelysugar13, chikuwa03, chikuwa12, composed08, daddy20, expelled17, kaijuidol10, masquerade20, moonside11, nandemo17, profiler20, relax18, rosette02, risappe08, starmiya02, xxxx11, yanderes04, yanderes06 to [personal profile] kurieta
Art Shop: barehanded01, barehanded02, barehanded03, barehanded04, barehanded05, barehanded06, barehanded07, barehanded08, barehanded09, barehanded10, barehanded11, barehanded12, barehanded13, barehanded14, barehanded15, barehanded16, barehanded17, barehanded18, barehanded19, barehanded20
Masteries: water08, bonds05, platitudes02, one purple crayon
[485] Traded metatron04 for uranohoshi06 with [personal profile] sinew
[486, 487, 488, 489, 490] Traded aquarium03, coffee05, forelock04, forelock13, hermitcrab14 for feast11, gal16, scarfwings06, talentshow08, trattoria11 with [personal profile] sinew
[491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498] Gifted hypocrite07, luckycharm15, ringmaster04, shortsword10, sing17, tragedies03, utsuwa17, storybooks04 to [personal profile] sinew
[499, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508] Traded champloo06, enforcer18, foul13, gaedearg09, indecisive20, jellyfish13, lunarbase13, princely15, salaryman07, all-seeing06 for 4thdistrict02, attachment06, direction07, dokidoki08, kapow20, lovewing07, rooftop08, shovel04, toilette17, uranohoshi09 with [personal profile] instrumentality
art shop: uranohoshi08, uranohoshi09, uranohoshi11, uranohoshi12, uranohoshi13, uranohoshi14, uranohoshi15, uranohoshi16, uranohoshi17, uranohoshi18, uranohoshi19, uranohoshi20
Masteries: scar15, jinchuu19, idolfangirl13, one brown crayon

October 24th 2016
[509, 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520, 521] Gifted blaster12, blaster19, brains03, brawn14, colonel04, contract01, ferocity08, flapping13, flapping19, privilege11 , silvana09, thing16 and whisker06 to [personal profile] ohaidoggie
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] zeittari
[522, 523, 524, 525, 526, 527, 528, 529, 530, 531] Traded bake15, hammer04, hammer11, observer07, autumn04, maleprotags09, maybirthday14, marbirthday19, shortcuts03, superheroes10 for candles03, fishidol03, gamer03, lovewing08, lovewing20, observe07, stargaze02, stargaze09, stargaze10, swordswoman08 with [personal profile] zeittari
[532, 533] Gifted devotee17, return14 to [personal profile] needles
[534, 535] Traded seitokai01, yohane04 for uranohoshi08, idolfangirl01 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[536, 537, 538, 539] Traded fiddle14, mixcoatl08, mixcoatl20, shujaa19 for flamenpink16, incapable19, stable17, stargaze16 with [personal profile] buttmage
Rei's Friend Report 160: eyelashes03, likeabird09, simple05, basketball05, souleater17, golden04, tsukihime14, golddragon11
Colorseum 19-4: height17, tall11, mushi19, uryu12, inari09, madao13, ayesir18, irides17, filth16, gekko19
Pick a Color 122: scythe20, nyaa-chan11, winglet19, namekian01
Pick a Color 123: detached02, reluctant11, gald16, cloud10, luck-pusher04, bells09, snowmaru12, cursed03, gun14, maracas03, carmellia02, dwn-01813, faction19, bounce02, threestars15, youngboys15
Miku's Music Station 225: hahi06, wired06, chindonya10, artemis20, symbologist08, cakes16, inspector09, ferocity13, connect03
Go Fish! 261: hypnotize16, keeneye20, blossom03, medabot09, gero04, yosuga12, imperious09, cryokinesis07, orenji09, silverknight12, feel18, painter11, one orange crayon
Deck Lover 51: seitokai01, earthquake07, scientists06, sabers17, restoration20, autumn06, rainbowroad16, adaptions18
Hi-5 Radio 107: dolly04, designer16, greathawk19, channel19, megrez02, gyrostorm07, nande16, pah16, attache07, tightrope20, satella17, invention18
Scramble! 53: stars15, aquapearl14, astronomy20, fractale01, rumors06, hoshido01, curious16, smoker11, sororicide12, shakugan14, violent04, seal05, famlia07, tiny14, illegitimate02, alchemist16, goron14, race10, seminar02, barrier10, axolotl17, malkuth02, one yellow crayon
Scrapbooks 168 & 169: hotarumaru05, lovefreak17, 4-Dpocket01
Deck Lover 52: ember18, illegal19, psi13, kimurar11, faintattack08, moonblast12, heirs12, crossdressm03

October 25th 2016
Crosswords 107: quick19, tari16, stressed12, sia19, redflash12, innocent14, otomeroad12, novbirthday17, benevolent14, hyouhaku12, one yellow crayon
Hi-5 Radio 108: titania16, broccoli02, rashomon17, dropi17, homicide01, fightmoney09, hebihime01, effortless20, reticent07, yatagarasu07, electricity08, fleshcan07
donate a deck: beehive03, aimless04, leftout03, solar07, cinqfleches19, fimbulventr05, fans13, diamonddogs0, korobokkuru11, two gray crayons, one blue crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 102: courechouse17, orders17, wildrush11, silpheed09, floatserve17, kyuudou09, british01, gal02, adrastea03, anguished13
Swap Station 48: closedclock03, hellgirl05, tresbien06
Coloring Book 132: lunatic12, unreliable02, esmeralda20, unwritten16, unicorn08, ppse19, tonkotsu06, soccerclub01

October 27th 2016
[540] Traded lalalulu06 for idolfangirl02 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 131: parfait15, bloodyrose02, cybermedic08, arrogant08
Host Club Giveaway 144: perfection01, fortify01, gakuran03
Kiss the Cook 47: apprentice04, teller18, haunt14, satan10, moonblast11, bladerang11
Shadow Watching 219: steiner16, pebble17, bride06, barhara06, skeletal10, 3dgraphics06, quack10, schism09, hadoukyuu11, danes18
Reading Between the Lines 218!: current05, enamored04, attorney13, wings11, devon09, villager20, pipito03, talking10, shoujo13, koorime08, lancer08, bigdipper16, dancing04, kemari03, ebracypt18, nikushogun04, cakepig19, brat12, catemperor04, firefly14, lenshunter18, player104, two yellow crayons
Coloring Book 132: unemezoku20, privileged15, liars05, roulette15, tiger03, superheroes09, pluvoise17, gangster01
[541, 542, 543] Traded designer16, esper17, learning18 for tarotcards15, tokimeki18, 4thdistrict08 with [personal profile] vethica
Switch It Up 128: miraizura03, lovewing03, idolfangirl08

October 29th 2016
Crazy Colors 139: persevere01, issachar17, pururun02, mid-childa19, ageha16, psi06, bigbang08, letters19
Crazy Colors 139: stayathome19, headangel14, taekwondo12, versicolor02, bullmask05, unfaltering11, order19, twilight17
Rei's Friend Report 161: 1stlt19, honesty17, builder07, axes18, icefairy07, anti17, norende07, peach03
Colorseum 19-5: devotion18, icewolf05, dln-00717, tetracode12, tosei14, flight14, prelati18, tipster07, secretary02, raven19

October 31st 2016
Received fatal02, kacchan03 as gifts from [personal profile] kureto
[544, 545, 546, 547, 548, 549, 550, 551] Traded assassin08, attache07, beelzebub01, bodhisattva12, bride06, crazyslots12, janken18, visitor14 for 4thdistrict18, beginner20, hellgirl15, holding03, pervy06, schoolidol04, toilette07, tooth13 with [personal profile] canute

November 2nd 2016
[552, 553, 554, 555] Gifted aristocracy20, builder07, canary11, cannondale03 to [personal profile] kureto
[556, 557, 558, 559, 560, 561] Gifted apprentice04, archery03, attorney13, civilian15, gangster01, gangster15 to [personal profile] zekroms
[562] Traded temsik02 for stable01 with [personal profile] zekroms
[563, 564, 565, 566, 567] Traded coulddie16, candidate07, candidate10, elevator19, parallel15 for direction20, froppy06, mole18, idolclub20, ideals08 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[568, 569, 570, 571, 572] Gifted sagami08, sociable02, swordspirit04, thecoolest02, thecoolest15 to [personal profile] eonflamewing
Received two red crayons as gifts from [personal profile] kurieta
[573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 578] Gifted blossom03, embarrassed02, hellgirl05, parrying03, horror03, horror09 to [personal profile] kurieta
[579, 580, 581, 582, 583, 584] Gifted gastronomy02, gastronomy13, gastronomy19, uranohoshi08, uranohoshi09, vasavi05 to [personal profile] advancing
[585, 586, 587, 588] Gifted christianity04, kira20, guertena10 and ossan04 to [personal profile] cardsharpe
[589, 590, 591, 592, 593, 594] Gifted bells09, ignite07, competition19, nyu13, sextuplet12, lovefreak17 to [personal profile] dustybunny
Host Club Giveaway 145: naive13, topknot13, gaudy19, dwn-01409, touchthis09
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 132: g-1214, spandex19, queenbee07, fightinggirl06, evolution05
Go Fish! 262: kaminomimi09, medabot16, ruinhunter06, spokeswoman04, headboy10, genma14, maitreya09, winter16, patissier17, stvlas03, insania12, one gray crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 103: college16, visions07, bright13, cleaning15, speech19, banchou09, horny07, lemu15, bigisland05, judgment20
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 274: sharering01, beanie09, prince18, tangerine15, shoeless15, hoodie14
Shadow Watching 220: angelic18, blankspace04, gemmy16, greatdane17, caring07, pointer17, fudanshi10, pillowtalk09, god11, anti-hero13
Seiyuu Guess 260: schoollife20, lastking01, disappear15, marysue16, tomboyish08, clumsy19, cakes13, basketballs13, tuner13, shingyo19, smart-mouth09, yomihime09, hanahazama02, vanship11, one purple crayon
Seiyuu Guess 261: leap12, shunshin12, flameking19, hanamaru09, bsaa16, highcycle03, cruiser07, blades08
Coloring Book 132: animereview02, secondroom03, spices18, festival05, closedclock15, dewicious20, cosplayer05, amon20
Coloring Book 132: hornet18, cybernetic07, overnight10, chindonya18, venoshock11, barehanded02, inugami11, bullet15
Coloring Book 131: aqours02

November 5th 2016
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[595, 596, 597, 598, 599, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608] Traded 4thbatter17, ayesir18, bassist09, bluemaiden12, cascade20, chaos13, divination16, exchanger13, fog20, gemknight12, goldenrod11, harpielady05, hyena14, janbirthday20 for beginner12, chiwawa13, direction06, fatal08, flamenpink13, girlfriend11, girlfriend19, harasho01, kill08, musicstart16, overexcited06, pervy19, sakanoshita05, toilette18 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[609, 610, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615, 616, 617, 618, 619, 620, 621, 622, 623] Gifted leraje08, milkyrose05, milkyrose19, nikushogun19, scan02, serious05, sevenseas19, spices18, tarotrei14, tarotrei16, volcanic02, volcanic19, volcano14, wildchild11, yaksha09 to [personal profile] scblakdrgon

November 7th 2016
[624, 625, 626, 627, 628, 629] Traded automail06, ferocity13, melodrama01, quack10, submissive14, townhall17 for 4thdistrict09, cdplayer08, committee09, holding14, ideals07, slopes13 with [personal profile] reneetwist
[630, 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639, 640, 641, 642, 643, 644, 645, 646] Traded bark05, brandless01, evolution05, expressive03, failure05, haunt14, impulsive08, inherit11, masses07, mtek-zero13, octal12, raising20, seasalt14, secretary02, shadowless09, venus10, eyepatches18 for aqours13, binge01, esmerelda13, gamer07, musicstart03, musicstart17, ritsu09, route02, schoolidol20, shuei-gumi10, spiritual12, strategist08, tarotcards11, totty09, tresbien20, yamakami03, idolclub04 with [personal profile] admiral
[647] Traded prodigy05 for idolfangirl06 with [personal profile] bobanaicha
[648, 649, 650, 651] Traded adherent06, angra19, bloodsucking17, chaldeas06 for idolfangirl15, beginner01, confection20, kayo-chin12 with [personal profile] byakkun
Rei's Friend Report 162: illness02, incite07, visualizer09, compass07, strict19, corazon12
Colorseum 20-1: New tournament format!: narcissist07, kicker09, sunfighter15, artistic04, streamlight01, diary02, skywalker15, ore-sama08
Pick a Color 124: exia13, graywolf17, oceanic17, hikikomori19, clover18, lethargic04, bells08, timeskip18, dwn-01120, onmyoji13, kaleidostar07, cheshire20
Scramble! 54: two purple crayons, changshan06, lotus09, lostvayne01, fractale04, sexpistols15, g-6015, quadra14, catpuns08, enroll10, tears07, littlekitty05, mute12
Scramble! 55: one gray crayon, tensho08, carsick04, killrecord09, relic14, chernabog10, countering04, broadway09, possible19, oar19, dreaming02, razril09, gouf07
Scramble! 56: one gray crayon, cantonese10, totem-pole15, responsible10, duty01, debauchery16, professional03, soryuju02, scientists18, flameslash19, necklace03, iyashikei18, cspd17
Crosswords 108: one gray crayon, cuter12, manaegg02, alseides02, silpelit12, fear07, average17, rody11, dnn01, onigiri02, glazinglove18
Crosswords 109: one red crayon, zoologist04, pursuit11, sweaters20, sadist05, threestars17, support01, throwdown17, messiah13, knight-hart12, dwn-03406
Crosswords 110: one green crayon, bestsenpai19, lazy19, decalogue05, foxtail14, aikido16, dog19, witchtrial08, guitar02
Deck Lover 53: red15, neoarcadia14, uberhero19, clow05, orange20, arcana15, glasses03, versicolor10
Deck Lover 54: secretrealm13, boxweapon02, utakata12, youngboys08, mothers11, region14, thunderbolt15, spellcaster03
Hi-5 Radio 109: yamigitsune08, swordswoman19, oshi09, medicalbill17, blacksword14, comical19, pandemonium19, lunallena18, lewdness11, curewhite08, memorybug19, watergun15
Hi-5 Radio 110: shards03, chain09, carmine04, prelati02, insight17, anklets15, pronto18, gamer12, forensics11, lip-ring17, carcosa18, forgiveness07
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 133: survive05, sunset02, mercury20, shishitou16, milk15
Crazy Colors 140: data04, aokiji04, legendary18, risotto01, lace02, soundpod12, conjurer12, grandprix11, omega17, lunar06, tristan03, lollipop02, stoic11, sobbing17
Crazy Colors 140: parenting15, klutz01, girl-like08, uncle10, scrapped15, awakening11, docodemo18, asobot11, blend05, deathblow10, claws07, violent15, hanafuda10, daemons11

November 11th 2016
Switch It Up 128: handicraft07
Oikawa's Fan Mail 104: samba02, magikoopa06, valentines18, whaleshark17, careless06, holyknight10
Reading Between the Lines 219 + 220!: zippers02, monsters06, sealed06, solarhands02, sorry03, greatest14, excalipoor20, tracker04, ragnarok11, burly18, trickster16, heartereki04, license19, voluntary18, scrambled19, f414, single18, cranes10, cat03, shirogamon02, sprite03, ninjaturtle07, cards16, blondie19, rain09, greatdane09, doll12, alive08, kalos04, fierce10, one green crayon, one brown crayon
Reading Between the Lines 221!: investigate10, dreamyball13, mutt17, academy12, needles05, combat03, dempsey17, rashomon04, beguile07, idols03
Shadow Watching 221: shingyo09, shortsword07, flamengreen08, ploys17, physician09, engaged04, petulant05, ryusoken19, saiyawoman13, tactical18
Crazy Colors 141: hence10, cafe05, aqua17, aquapearl02, collision14, rejection07, padlock05, leonhelp05
Crazy Colors 141: thumbsup02, koga14, airpirate14, headbutler16, sheltered04, florence13, seawitch10, analyzer13
Coloring Book 133: friedchicken05, infamous06, melonpatch18, darkening16, eye08, trident14, tonfar09, girlfriend19
Coloring Book 133: souvenirs05, host14, farmer13, hypnosis14, peakspider10, harvest13, memories20, shinobi16
Coloring Book 132: morikawa12
Seiyuu Guess 262: poet13, littlerookie10, leanbox14, lawyer05, thedevil02, kansai20, villain05, player201
Rei's Friend Report 163: sylph04, home01, cyborg18, mechapaniq15, foxes20, bloodline01, academy19, glacies01

November 12th 2016
[652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659, 660, 661] Traded cage03, farming03, medusa15, qubeley20, roulette15, yamigarasu14, decision02, decision14, decision18, liars05 for begging05, cdplayer09, flamenpink12, horny01, mystery04, player11, player19, polkadot01, revenant01, talentshow04 with [personal profile] zeittari
[662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669, 670, 671, 672, 673, 674] Gifted curepassion12, curepeach19, curewhite08, disobedient14, greatdane17, monster15, okaro07, peach03, pharle17, pillar06, sakuras05, survey15, tsunderes15 to [personal profile] secretambition
Colorseum 20-2: taijutsu17, terpsichora05, fivedays15, yuri15, javelin14, pianist16, a-hall10, predatory12, idols13, nonomori14

November 19th 2016
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 134: flawless02, cdplayer17, survive17, sulfur09, sister17, gynoid19
Seiyuu Guess 263: teach06, beloved01, trapmaker07, playboy19, uncute02, yo-yo18, affair16, karas18
Oikawa's Fan Mail 105: ddr16, muhi14, designer09, shizugatake11, boy-crazy16, reverse19, saluki01, illomen13
Crazy Colors 142: france04, kunlun18, beatdown05, dolphin18, regain02, shield15, agni01, sos14
Kiss the Cook 48: gecko08, loyalty10, strikers02, nyoro01, electabuzz07, benten12
Host Club Giveaway 146: intention04, crocodile03, friend03, 098806, voi06
Shadow Watching 222: momiji17, aquarius04, maester08, papillon13, glazinglove12, 4thbatter04, banchou06, disney18
Reading Between the Lines 222!: radio01, eroge15, totem-pole20, fakekey04, suna-suna15, threesizes20, nanamin01, deceitful14, neesan19, cinqfleches03, pendragon10, protein08, officer05, schwarzwelt12, married09, florist13, surpass15, 026718, aldan20, connected02, one gray crayon, one yellow crayon
Coloring Book 133: badpun04, eponassong15, soccerclub02, megaten10, interest18, farmer16
Rei's Friend Report 164: irides11, binbougami04, bringer12, reverse05, catgirl20, bewitching01, sharliton03, daoshi19
Colorseum 20-3: torture20, broomstick14, lord10, canary05, pururun02, vendor20, maschera06, worthy12
Received observe20, pervy01 as gifts from [personal profile] buttmage

November 20th 2016
[675, 676, 677, 678, 679, 680, 681, 682] Traded cantus14, dolphin18, lobster02, mechapaniq15, military14, radio01, usashrine03, figments18 for attachment18, binge04, professional18, professional14, reading04, guile09, yamakami20, candles15 with [personal profile] kurieta
[683, 684, 685, 686, 687, 688] Traded utakata12, avaricious02, bailang02, flow14, forensics11, hence10 for naps12, bigdipper11, bigdipper18, chocolat18, committee18, kayo-chin15 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[689, 690, 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 696] Traded connected02, engaged04, floatserve17, keeneye20, melonpatch18, nikushogun04, no11, salaryman10 for aqours03, beginner14, miraizura18, ritsu02, robber14, rooftop01, rooftop07, selfpublish04 with [personal profile] instrumentality
Received idolclub01 as a gift from [personal profile] instrumentality
Received konpeito08, nee-san18, naps17, upper-class07, aqours11, idolfangirl16 as gifts from [personal profile] anaraine
[697, 698, 699, 700, 701, 702] Gifted doodle18, magma04, pants16, posttown13, summerfairy11, tasla13 to [personal profile] anaraine

November 23rd 2016
Release 079 - November:
1. naps01
2. konpeito02
3. jazzdance05
4. doggy08
5. honeybuddha05
6. mokuton11
7. nee-san08
8. tablesalt09
9. upper-class14
10. mob17
Special. openings03
Donated. openings04
Donated. endings10
Bonus (Adult). tablesalt20
Bonus (Red or Green). upper-class13
[703] Traded nee-san08 for naps07 with [personal profile] kureto
Received totty04 as a gift from [personal profile] kureto
[704, 705, 706, 707, 708, 709, 710, 711] Traded amon20, inari09, island19, nanoda10, flowers08, josei13, nohr02, yuri15 for beginner04, beginner15, committee20, harasho15, selfpublish18, idolclub17, confectioner09, diving13 with [personal profile] jewelry
[712] Traded openings03 for naps11 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[713] Traded jazzdance05 for naps03 with [personal profile] madoka
[714] Traded honeybuddha05 for naps05 with [personal profile] zekroms
[715] Traded tablesalt09 for naps08 with [personal profile] cardsharpe
No Context Theater 01: farmer19, diving14, diving02, barehanded06, shingyo08
Levels: handicraft01, melody01, whitebreath04, gloves02, handicraft02, redeyes03, catholic18, branchgate04, handicraft03, supremekai07, tuner04, omnipedia07, handicraft04, stone-face12, libra16, jagara06, handicraft05, minuses15, across15, slaughter11, icebeam04, handicraft06, girly14, vigilante08, redflash13, piratehat05, one brown crayon, one gray crayon, one green crayon, two purple crayons, one red crayon
art studio: ally11, assertive03, cybermedic08, france04, gecko19, greatest18, midnight19, officer05, orbs19, passedon13, pururun02, whaleshark17 for handicraft08, handicraft09, handicraft10, handicraft11
Masteries: clones17, driver13, handicraft20, sakurait10, cowbell04, totty19, one gray crayon, one yellow crayon
art shop: handicraft12, handicraft13, handicraft14, handicraft15, handicraft16, handicraft17, handicraft18, handicraft19
Coloring Book 133: candidate15, loveyou05, housekeeper19, rs273a05, strikers11, spices01
Seiyuu Guess 264: phonecalls08, fish12, hadome19, curtain14, timeloop18, spear10
[716] Traded konpeito02 for naps02 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
Oikawa's Fan Mail 106: dwn-03707, empath09, worthless04, zanza11, alcohol12, kataomoi01, pumpkin17, provider05
Coloring Book 134: conclusions15, doodle10, upper-class19, warfare08, paopufruit15, endings05
Coloring Book 134: typhoon17, christmas01, naps17, gadgets18, whitesnake11, lolol02
Received harasho05 as a gift from [personal profile] jewelry
[717, 718, 719, 720, 721, 722, 723] Gifted catemperor04, goodnight05, hanawazama16, remembering19, sheltered04, sphinx216, yaoi14 to [personal profile] jewelry
[724, 725, 726, 727, 728, 729] Gifted bara06, cursed03, hamha15, jillsandwich11, leonhelp05, rainbowroad16 to [personal profile] buttmage
[730, 731, 732, 733, 734, 735] Traded mokuton11, moneylover05, denied03, inspector09, papa08, chat02, one gray crayon for naps06, platitudes12, schoollife07, therapist19, yousoro12, chiwawa11, selfpublish14 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[736, 737] Traded bestsenpai19 and stone-face12 for upper-class08, naps16 with [personal profile] jailynn

November 28th 2016
[738] Traded kouka15 for doggy12 with [personal profile] eclair
Received five green crayons as gifts from [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[739, 740, 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746, 747, 748] Traded affection03, aki-lucky19, anklets15, athlum11, axolotl17, battle15, candidate15, chick10, conjurer12, cybele09 for all-seeing13, all-seeing16, cdplayer14, dexterous18, direction01, erase10, fatal01, kacchan05, lonepoet01, oneforall18 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[749] Gifted naps17 to [personal profile] madoka
[750, 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758] Gifted darkones15, haraezuki03, krita-yuga14, malkuth20, marry15, mercury20, overnight10, paopufruit09, seminar02 to [personal profile] sinew
[759] Traded terpsichora05 for lonepoet05 with [personal profile] sinew
Switch It Up 130: froppy08, respirator05, naps14

December 1st 2016
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 135: stable17, mothers16, destruct04, hyakuretsu19
Shadow Watching 223: fflove09, leopard12, mechas05, shogunkayo16, warfare18, chuunin12, engrish17, kendo03
Reading Between the Lines 223!: feminist05, simple01, redshield13, soporific12, 3-A07, heal10, do-it-all01, dazzling11
Crazy Colors 143: G-6006, war10, buddhism04, hungrywolf15, bullet01, devious05
Crazy Colors 143: cerberus10, nicknames20, bepsi04, nacchan06, hello12, mamushi05
Crazy Colors 144: worthy16, touou12, impatient14, blaster15, heavenguide13, saturn14
Scrapbooks 171 & 172: kansai20, soldier18, cinema10, axolotl20, 098819
donate a deck: mask16, infinity15, nandemo13, walking03, darkmay18, despair11, salaryman07, master06, pureblood13, one yellow crayon, one purple crayon, one brown crayon
Deck Lover 55: versicolor14, ivalice13, gakuen19, kawasumia04, fairytales12, gigacity06, touma05, tsubasa17
Hi-5 Radio 111: laconic16, orbs14, auraarrow06, shihouka11, sapphire02, tonic16
Scramble! 57: nephilm12, ducati04, dcn-02918, souschef05, souls13, dantalion19, marching07, foxtail08, disapprove10, deduction06, maitreya02, rosewood07, one orange crayon
Rei's Friend Report 165: soothsayer06, tenswords13, protestant17, withlove17, surpass01, diclonius04
Colorseum 20-4: tank12, sweaters15, spacepirate18, wild02, inherit19, gourmand14, wired05, entertainer02
Crosswords 111: geisha18, kouka18, icewolf08, keyhole02, homura06, tower18, glory05, archadia12, incubus02, patissier12, one blue crayon
Deck Lover 56: blue13, scientists10, 3-A07, psybeam07, villagers11, fairytales16, neshitteru18, weddings04
Scrapbooks 171 & 172 overtime: kuga-p20, doorshrine14, splat19, one yellow crayon
Hi-5 Radio 112: stickfigures19, clone07, jazz19, reject09, nanatsusaya17, timetravels09
No Context Theater 02: whiskey09, saltysol02, lying03, honeybuddha05, melancholy01
Coloring Book 134: identical04, fulfill15, mokuton01, lolol14
Kiss the Cook 49: baker13, raijinshuu19, kanebo02, devotion11, rush14, fuukan14, bells08, taller18
Seiyuu Guess 265: generic09, gal15, waterworks03, talent18, all-knowing18, anime18
Pick a Color 125: lollipops10, austria13, faust05, hakunon17, garrote12, unafraid15, wolfsbane07, koga07, besek17, healing19
Go Fish! 264: angel02, bravo14, thedevil08, cupcake18, snobbish12, bullet11, purple01, mws04, chevalier14, brahms01, fantasy08, one blue crayon, one green crayon
Go Fish! 263: goya19, bluedragon18, merciless20, belarus13, hamlet12, companion12, summons11, flamenco02
art shop: wakening05, tellme08, soscary04, stowaway17, amaterasu20, flighty10, pliskin11, magma04, sparrow16, chainsaw16, palemoon14, waterdrop08, softhearted08, blonddevil18, fraternity02, demonfists13, undefeated18, planting17, undead18, whatapain19, seeress01, demonchild07, makefriends13, takara05, yoshinon14, cosplayer20, mellow13, golddragon08, recall19, cyber603, blues06, torment12, sunrune16, ryouran17, two yellow crayons, two green crayons, four blue crayons, one gray crayon, six orange crayons, one red crayon, one purple crayon
Activity Rewards - October Activity: astral07, skywalker14, yatsufasa02, homunculi14, ichor16, bloodshot13, vixen05, yamabuki15, hiroya05, 43rdsong06, suzumori09, grownup11, sleipnir17, psicom04, collected19, leftearring01, blackrose18, cherryboy11, krisna01, deluded11, principal14, arc19, dewicious05, independent04, fighter05, wedding13, warlord06, godaime03, ophelia06, vanargandr12, darktailor17, distracted18, valet03, valuable12, gravekeeper16, solar13, sagittarius17, badpun08, tarotrei07, mizuki12, magician10, clone14, slr05, resentment07, spore11, apprentice19, hitwoman03, bolverk11, clarines15, talking18, influence08, were-cat19, doujin18, brynhildr14, gekko13, swingrock10, barhara02, finance19, infamous15, chastiefol04, one green crayon, two purple crayons, two red crayons
[760, 761, 762, 763, 764, 765, 766, 767, 768, 769] Traded crossdressf20, gramarye10, broomstick14, enroll10, fiddle04, memories20, paopufruit15, relic14, saiyawoman11, saiyawoman13 for naps15, upper-class05, lovewing16, all-seeing06, bigdipper06, confectioner15, diving09, imposter05, rosenburg08, talentscout07 with [personal profile] admiral

December 3rd 2016
Advent Calendar Day 1: upper-class01 and naps10
[770, 771, 772, 773, 774, 775, 776, 777, 778] Gifted 72pillars18, doggy08, g-6006, gaps11, naps10, patience20, tarotcards05, tarotcards11, uryu12 to [personal profile] madoka
[779, 780, 781] Gifted honeybuddha05, lolol02, lolol14 to [personal profile] dustybunny
Received upper-class17 as a gift from [personal profile] dustybunny
Received mob12 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka

December 5th 2016
Received uravity15 as a gift from [personal profile] beezebeora
Received all-seeing10 and one blue crayon as gifts from [personal profile] dustybunny
Received esmerelda02, esmerelda18, erase14 as gifts from [personal profile] secretambition
Received upper-class20 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
Advent Calendar Day 3: mob03
Rei's Friend Report 166: charisma14, editor06, swordplay12, paladienne07, magician01, reddragon08
Colorseum 20-5: zoanthrope08, potato20, heldback04, love16, curerhythm04, karuma06, spirits20, immature03
Advent Calendar Day 2: The Obligatory Gifting Game!: oolong12, hellafire16, one brown crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 136: agility02, bouncer13, sailorfuku10, sue07, nicknames07
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 137: maid-chan09, catgirl01, grumbly12, orochi02, malice06
No Context Theater 03: sexytype14, toadsage14, feste12, firstaider09, selfies14
Scramble! 58: karmicloop07, embodiment20, venomous17, unafraid09, fluffal03, bellossom09, decbirthday10, whiterabbit19, lhantmanor05, spotted03, one yellow crayon
Coloring Book 134: sleepyash05, cyber2917
Seiyuu Guess 266: piggirl10, composer16, notes10, coronia02, accountant07, lollipops10, howl20, brahms08, believer06, nindou16, makai16, baldy08, one red crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 107: coward07, wildman19, adieu09, maiko04, illness16, sengoku10, oshu08, sugar10

December 10th 2016
Advent Calendar Day 5:
1) older03 to eclair
2) outside20 to secretambition
3) wotagei16 to dustybunny
4) naps13 to madoka
5) absorption17 to vethica
6) melodious11 to beezebeora
7) ace20 to scblakdrgon
8) nyan20 to bobanaicha
9) mole07 to jailynn
10) josei20 to jewelry
11) apos20 to buttmage
12) tarotcards03 to tiddly-widdly
Puzzle Chains 30: rogueship06, lasagna10, hopekingdom17, pragmatist14, wingly19, motorcycle08, hazakura02, twili19, almenan02, lazy13, crowds14, nag20, tamer07, stonebody09, restaurant01, one orange crayon, one purple crayon, one brown crayon
Coloring Book 135: curerhythm05, styling04, mugenjou06, suidream04, brilliance18, seishun05
Reading Between the Lines 224!: recruit04, entermate07, yami-nabe18, ophelia08, snowmaru20, bund17, mufflers09, hive15, destined12, tatyana10, sadako19, duel11, nindou11, stapler01, bluerose16, fisttype12, cielagate02, gigacity15, spot15, pokedex05, one orange crayon, one purple crayon
Shadow Watching 224: leadership18, grandprix02, chain07, mineral17, holyark12, ships14, fuyu07, belittled11
Pick a Color 126: crowanima12, snow08, rooftop16, here04, jinchuuriki03, constable15, annoying16, sugar01, outcast13, axiom08, doberman07, spicy03
Rei's Friend Report 167: moumentai18, kiyohime03, vritra13, usas16, southitaly03, tsunderes09
Crazy Colors 145: bubblegum19, headangel06, tooth20, megaten16, genking02, headboy10
Colorseum 21-1: matriarch11, lazy19, zearth03, 315pro12, mask11, sincerity11, magician16, kaminokoe13
Received schoollife03 as a gift from [personal profile] eclair
Received 4thdistrict06 as a gift from [personal profile] dustybunny
Received upper-class03, jazzdance04 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka

December 12th 2016
Received upper-class18 as a gift from [personal profile] zekroms
[782, 783, 784, 785, 786, 787, 788, 789, 790, 791, 792, 793, 794, 795, 796] Gifted barehanded02, barehanded06, doujin18, javelin03, klutz01, literary08, magatama09, pragmatist14, schism09, selfies14, snobbish12, uncle10, unseen06, vigilante08, voi06 to [personal profile] zekroms
Coloring Book 135: shiro15, dubhe11, extar12, coffee20, graduate14, upper-class01
Advent Calendar Day 6: upper-class06 and diving06
Advent Calendar Day 8: diving08
Advent Calendar Day 9: 4thdistrict19, mob07
Advent Calendar Day 10: upper-class10
Advent Calendar Day 11: diving10, upper-class11

December 15th 2016
[797, 798, 799, 800, 801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 806, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 812, 813, 814, 815, 816] Gifted akko10, countering04, guitar02, pah16, prepared16, prepared18, recall19, responsible10, restart16, secluded17, shorthair08, soccerclub01, soccerclub02, sweaters15, sweeten06, voluntary18, fflove09, moonblast12, watergun15, ylisse01 to [personal profile] shinyclefairy
[817, 818, 819, 820, 821, 822, 823] Traded karuma06, mechanical07, melancholy01, momiji17, talking10, sexytype14, superheroes09 for bigdipper04, binge12, fukurodani05, harasho10, hopespeak12, kapow12, musicstart06 with [personal profile] zeittari
Received schoollife01 as a gift from [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
Received mob18 as a gift from [personal profile] beezebeora
[824, 825] Traded chuunin12, godaime03 for mob15, upper-class15 with [personal profile] lady_paine
Switch It Up 130: mob14
[826, 827, 828, 829, 830, 831, 832, 833, 834, 835, 836, 837, 838, 839] Gifted bite01, infatuated16, libra12, libra 15, libra 16, pessimist18, principal14, strict07, strict19, bar09, bar 14, search07, dreaming02 and tsukumogami18 to [personal profile] sharksteeth

December 17th 2016
Coloring Book 135: hawk11, acewitches07, cyber2910, curbstomp02, brothers11, seishun06
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 138: fullmetal19, hideandseek20, awkward07, stress12, profit04, rosetta18
Host Club Giveaway 147: nfu13, alien05, tail04
Oikawa's Fan Mail 108: quincy07, saneprince11, soujutsu17, restoration19, bishoujo07, soccer10, ugly14, bag12
Puzzle Chains 31: carefree14, ishrasark06, vanship01, firebuster09, lottery17, shinra16, kyokugenryu11, twinknives03, samuraicat14, watergun20, luckystar02, hearts18, one purple crayon
Kiss the Cook 50: byakugan17, mothers17, ouji09, tigerdrive18
No Context Theater 04: toadsage16, rico07, cyber612, openings13, naivete10
Host Club Giveaway 148: ideal01, saiko07, destruct18
Crazy Colors 146: smart01, regret03, echoes01, symphony09, tenseiga16, catnoir09, netsafety18, darkhenge06, wildfox05, submerge16, ceramics17, desginer09
Colorseum 21-2: ontario18, samba04, hogyoku05, snowboard04, saisei08, breeder08, amamikado13, psychometry04
Rei's Friend Report 168: relaxed07, seashells06, constable08, symbologist09, abh20, riskbreaker06

December 18th 2016
Go Fish! 265: grandson10, scepter402, toilette06, steals13, soldier04, sogeking13, kiseki-ou10, helper12, vikinghorn01, one red crayon
Hi-5 Radio 113: mariebelle16, rude19, rody11, axe08, connect01, bracer09, tatyana12, allmen19, chindonya15, assassin16
Deck Lover 57: seitokai09, arcana18, rift12, u-1719, psi15, zearth14
Scramble! 59: freeshooter11, sun16, origins08, gangleader18, ropes09, pendant08, pig07, haughty17, yakisobapan05, naturally16, one red crayon
Crosswords 113: riches12, cheshire19, magi20, witchhat19, hope20, comet19, highjump02, needcool12, one blue crayon
Hi-5 Radio 114: maryudo07, unlimited14, hairstyles19, sailorfuku02, heartful14, haikei11, admirer01, 3-A09, financial03, ditzy16
Scramble! 60: ace03, mechonis05, unknown02, focus04, kleio19, saturn18, responsible03, personality02, geika19, sepbirthday06, one orange crayon
Deck Lover 59: sekit18, kanahana12, gransys11, bionis17, paranoia09, hayashibara07
Hi-5 Radio 115: slr05, coldblooded01, thunderbolt02, pantheress20, katamari15, winery12, reyntime09, kusarigama07, drumisland19, karuma04
Scramble! 61: widow01, staying14, sunglasses07, haicopy02, diligent03, thestray03, protein05, cannibal15, extar02, sin03, one yellow crayon
Colors Picross 23 - FREEBIE ROUND!: uriah02, wardspell18, fourthchief05, unique08, charms09, moirae02, psyco15, dadadadan17, catpawgun12, 20faces05, womanizing01, dknight12, child01, achoo09, speech19, one red crayon, one gray crayon
Coloring Book 135: friedeggs08, seemly08
Release 080 - December:
1. oshi-san01
2. dates02
3. ocarina15
4. powerdagger01
5. royalties05
6. frilly16
7. following14
8. shiratorizawa04
9. demihuman19
10. seemly10
Special. mobage10
Re:zero. demihuman17
Bonuses. oshi-san08, oshi-san09
Donated. mobage11, rpgmaker03
[840, 841] Traded dates02, ocarina15 for oshi-san02 and teru15 with [personal profile] madoka
Received jazzdance20, naps20 as gifts from [personal profile] madoka
[842] Gifted demi human17 to [personal profile] madoka
Received doggy11, konpeito10, konpeito19 as gifts from [personal profile] dustybunny
Received oshi-san11, teru01 as gifts from [personal profile] eclair
[843, 844] Traded protein08, touou12 for oshi-san12, teru02 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Advent Calendar Day 13: upper-class02, captains20
Advent Calendar Day 14!: upper-class09
Advent Calendar Day 15: diving15
Advent Calendar Day 16: mob16 (m) and upper-class16 (e)

December 21st 2016
[845] Traded powerdagger01 for oshi-san03 with [personal profile] camilovesyou
[846, 847, 848, 849, 850, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 856, 857, 858, 859, 860, 861, 862, 863, 864, 865] Gifted a-hall10, akaoni16, alien05, amberamour05, aquarius04, artemis08, artemis20, believer06, block02, bloodshot13, bloodyrose02, blueknights14, calamityhawk17, capricorn09, corn02, editor06, flameslash19, freeze12, lordalberion09, lordalberion17 to [personal profile] camilovesyou
[866] Gifted captains20 to [personal profile] eclair
[867, 868] Traded nyaa-chan02, nyaa-chan11 for oshi-san13, teru03 with [personal profile] dustybunny
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 139: chase18, megaten04, privilege18, masked05, condiments12, lightclub06
Advent Calendar Day 14!: justice15, highspirited19, ignore07, ossan13, blackmail17, demonsnow15
Coloring Book 136: krisna06, wry03, i suppose10, bomberod13
Puzzle Chains 32: heal06, brokenrose20, kekkai19, familia13, curediamond01, cornelia06, tagged08, pinkpearl05, curebeat08, sextuplet03, airslash16, thehero18, one orange crayon
Scrapbooks 167, pt one: mindofgod20, books07, fluffal05, runa09, code0505, missions19
Scrapbook 161, pt two: spiral03, nao03, laid-back14, academy20, onee-sama06, boxcutter09
Advent Calendar Day 17: upper-class12, diving14, february01, scout18

December 23rd 2016
[869, 870] Traded kiseki-ou10, orcatrainer01 for oshi-san15, teru05 with [personal profile] zekroms
Coloring Book 136: lighting14, droppy06, bomberrod12, bjd10
Pick a Color 127: onod15, pairs09, mermaids11, batanima01, feared13, firstaid05, worthless16, whitesilver01, drives06, moderator04
Shadow Watching 225: singlemom13, blackmist02, cindy02, overnight10, lionheart07, lark12, allstars07, neet18
Reading Between the Lines 225!: miko14, tease01, spot08, ambrosia15, pk05, cradle04, redjewls11, berserker20
Rei's Friend Report 169: trichronika17, strikers03, salt05, zagan08, watchers13, eyes11
[871, 872] Traded besek17, blackkeys08 for oshi-san14, teru04 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[873, 874, 875, 876, 877, 878, 879, 880] Traded dunscath06, incubus02, stickfigures10, stickfigures19, stripes11, stripes19, symphony09, blue13 for miraizura07, fukurodani03, gamer15, lonepoet14, mob05, mole10, nee-san16, nee-san20 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
Colors Advent: Day 21: mob01 & mob02
Advent Calendar Day 23: mob06 and diving17
Advent Calendar Day 24: mob04 and diving20

December 27th 2016
Advent Calendar Day 25: tradename16 and fairgame17
Advent Calendar Day 19: rpgmaker12 and canary12
[881, 882] Gifted tradename16, fairgame17 to [personal profile] admiral
[883, 884, 885, 886, 887, 888, 889, 890, 891, 892, 893] Traded rpgmaker12, awkward07, basketballs13, catnoir09, ceramics17, collected19, cowbell04, maester08, regret03, undefeated18, yo-yo18 for oshi-san06, all-seeing03, fatal05, kacchan19, peakspider17, robber12, seawitch08, strategist06, tablesalt18, therapist20 with [personal profile] sinew
Received diving19 as a gift from [personal profile] sinew
[894, 895, 896, 897, 898, 899, 900, 901, 902, 903] Gifted arrogant08, assassin16, aquarium14, bell18, coffee20, firebuster09, grownup11, malkuth02, overnight10, pillowtalk09 to [personal profile] sinew
[904] Traded mobage10 for oshi-san04 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[905, 906, 907, 908, 909] Gifted swordswoman08, swordswoman19, threestars02, threestars15, threestars17 to [personal profile] eonflamewing
[910] Traded royalties05 for oshi-san05 with [personal profile] kureto
[911, 912, 913, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 919, 920, 921] Gifted canary12, frilly16, following14, rosenburg08, 23709, entermate07, fluffal03, fluffal05, exia13, shingyo09, shingyo19 to [personal profile] kureto
[922, 923, 924] Gifted gamer03, gamer11, gamer12 to [personal profile] eonflamewing
[925, 926, 927, 928, 929, 930, 931, 932, 933, 934] Traded fullmetal19, mask16, messiah13, orochi02, prince18, prithivi02, toadsage14, toadsage16, headmaster07, cheer08 for doggy02, all-seeing14, pervy02, pervy03, yamakami07, captivate20, hellafire04, mystery20, outburst14, revenant15 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
Received oshi-san18 as a gift from [personal profile] netbug009
Colorseum 21-3: silvana07, hide03, goldking15, bluegrad12, highly07, jyuuken01, corrupted04, mochi01
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 140: flashlight17, femaleidols11, dituono20, shouryuuken20, part-timer04, ostia06, respirator12
Go Fish! 266: spices01, sunset19, pyrokinetic07, mari03, demonqueen05, train12, one orange crayon
Advent Calendar Day 22: burn02, septette07, greatwhite13, hamster11, chupa10, curemarch10
Seiyuu Guess 269: devilchild11, femprotags11, distance07, graduate12, premier09, asakawa12
Received upper-class04 as a gift from [personal profile] jailynn
[935] Traded shiratorizawa04 for oshi-san07 with [personal profile] jailynn
[936, 937, 938, 939, 940, 941, 942, 943, 944, 945, 946, 947] Gifted awakening11, echoes01, fleshcan07, harvest13, headphone15, icearrows09, killerqueen09, phonecalls08, redflash12, redflash13, steals13, steals15 to [personal profile] jailynn
Received oshi-san16 as a gift from [personal profile] kureto
Received schoollife13 as a gift from [personal profile] admiral
Received horny17 as a gift from [personal profile] vethica
Received upper-class04 as a gift from [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[948, 949, 950, 951, 952, 953, 954, 955, 956, 957, 958, 959, 960, 961, 962] Gifted harasho01, harasho05, harasho07, harasho10, schoolidol07, schoolidol20, stargaze02, stargaze09, stargaze10, stargaze14, stargaze16, toilette06, toilette07, toilette17, toilette18 to [personal profile] madoka

December 31st 2016
Received mob19 as a gift from [personal profile] eonflamewing
[963, 964, 965, 966, 967, 968, 969, 970, 971, 972, 973, 974, 975, 976] Gifted dialect01, earnest11, illegitimate02, illegitimate19, observant04, opening17, piercing20, polkadot17, potato20, shirogamon02, snowmaru20, sororicide12, tama-ya11, tenchou03 to [personal profile] kunoichigo
Received oshi-san10 as a gift from [personal profile] camilovesyou
Colors Advent: Day 21: yuugataget19, spoons08
Coloring Book 136: moogles17, action01, bomberrod18, dates07
Colors TCG Shopping Street: double sketchpad rewards for 8 sketchpads
Rei's Friend Report 170: geek08, ideals07, agna20, julia10, chozo06, chemist12
Colorseum 21-4: tabris14, repliforce09, cakepig16, marion01, esper20, precision08, midland18, dokidoki06

January 2nd 2017
Received schoollife08 as a gift from [personal profile] instrumentality
Advent Calendar: Day 7!: passionate08, plasma11, gladsheim09, boy-crazy20, 199812, slr08, shaolin07, alohaoe20
Advent Calendar Day 4: docodemo09, doubledash07, selfless03, invisible16, mahou19, knave03, realian13, maleidols02
No Context Theater 06: seemly09, hairtie14, tvshows02, dragonwhip08, royalties12
donate a deck: swimming04, cureheart03, flowertalk16, empowering17, november08, fanboy19, softball17, tenkafubu12, vegetables05, one green crayon, one yellow crayon, one brown crayon

January 4th 2017
Colors TCG Shopping Street - Glorious Green:
Red: mermaids01, mermaids02, mermaids03, mermaids04, mermaids05, mermaids06, mermaids07, mermaids08, mermaids09, mermaids10, mermaids12, mermaids13, mermaids14, mermaids15, mermaids16, mermaids17, mermaids18, mermaids19, mermaids20
Green: diving01, diving03, diving04, diving05, diving07, diving11, diving12, diving16
Gray: mob08, mob09, mob10, mob11, mob13
Yellow: teru16, teru17, teru18
Advent Calendar Day 20: oshi-san19, oshi-san20
Received oshi-san17, teru07, dates20, ocarina14 as gifts from [personal profile] kunoichigo

January 7th 2017
Masteries: sia16, yuri04, mob20, missions03, sinnoh12, diving18, paramedic12, novelist16, uravity01, teases04, headstrong03, uravity02, repliforce17, hebihime03, uravity04, janina15, dwn-01120, uravity05, one blue crayon, two gray crayons, one green crayon, one purple crayon, one yellow crayon

January 9th 2017
Coloring Book 137 - Special Round!: miraizura18, fortunelove07, fortunelove09, oneforall03, insignia14, oneforall12, fortunelove05, oneforall16
Coloring Book 137 - Special Round!: oneforall18, miraizura19, miraizura16, oneforall01, insignia20, insignia05, oneforall17, insignia01
Seiyuu Guess 270: antagonist01, magnificent10, laurant16, wormhole15, wisdom04, thirdroom04
Advent Calendar Day 8: prophecy06, danderes15
Rei's Friend Report 171: kusegawa15, hookshot12, haru02, mature06, dln-00803, psybeam19
Colorseum 21-5: beli20, vigilante08, bestsenpai03, toxin01, gekko20, dwn-01903, mir15, kanahana12
Scrapbook 174: RPG Maker games: styx09, fox07, rice05
No Context Theater 05: hairtie11, sorceria09, demihuman18, flowertalk06, tvshows03
Crosswords 115: measuring18, whitemage15, candid18, shingetsu08, shock04, soothsayer13, irises15, touching09, one yellow crayon
Scrapbook 175: Mobile games: hummingbird12, batman15, mafioso14
Crosswords 117: dragonclaw17, imperator12, screams12, leader10, text05, mythical03, elegant05, fudanshi15, one red crayon
No Context Theater 07: kensei12, banjul16, hypnotizing17, dragonwhip07, lute06
Crosswords 118: yamato15, saints10, code0505, hakoniwa03, blackmail11, mari02, megu19, benefits10, garouga09, skeletal16, robots10, zura14, gridania13, aquatic05, forget10, extend17, one yellow crayon, one purple crayon
Seiyuu Guess 271: resolve20, baptismrite11, ancestor14, tenacity11, homeroom03, feathers12, dragonship09, number209, asakawa12, pheromone12, srn-00104, lightsnow14, one red crayon
[977, 978, 979, 980, 981, 982, 983] Gifted dates07, dates20, demihuman19, ocarina14, seemly08, seemly09, seemly10 to [personal profile] madoka
Art Shop: analysis04, clover16, saru15, visitor17, pizzicato04, lancecorp20, scan07, nee-san10, everybirdie04, selfies04, holyposes08, maitreya02, sorry13, ship10, knit09, mariebelle12, junkfood13, mizuki16, foxhound04, shogi15, sleeping11, yakisobapan06, medusa01, crossdrive10, wizard10, littledevil02, owngoal03, refined13, thecrows17, pilot13, chomechome05, minicon19, sisters13, seagull17, leyline14, kissing10, southpaw08, eternia13, impulsive06, feather06, three brown crayons, three orange crayons, two red crayons, four green crayons, four gray crayons, two purple crayons, two blue crayons
Host Club Giveaway 150: stalking09, youcopy10, venus19
Host Club Giveaway 149: hotcakes17, sorceres19, hostile11
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 141: PSG109, edelweiss20, screams14, kimurar10, extinction10, amber01, transfer01
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 142: skullstomp05, jinchuu11, western03, fireorb09, tartar10, massages10, master01, flashing07
Hi-5 Radio 116: netop14, reading14, prepared12, tyrfing08, ancestor04, de-aging03, labyrinth07, yuihan13, tower02, spices14
Hi-5 Radio 117: detonator14, paisleypark19, beecontrol02, taller16, cowbell08, whaleshark18, ran14, hello17, minigun16, vacuum14
Hi-5 Radio 118: ravenwing11, icy03, kusarigama17, sparkling12, bibliophile05, sunshine07, davinci18, well-spoken09, patch13, cheesyfood13
Hi-5 Radio 119: mtek-zero07, tvshopping09, delve05, oshi07
Hi-5 Radio 120: defender02, cannon02, happyend12, top116, demonfists15, pinnacle07, lacrosse19, whitenight15, cardians09, helmet18

January 13th 2017
Scramble! 62: requests08, eligible08, varuga17, overexert02, rabbitpurse13, kakyoin09, sanctuary03, newtype18, gideon05, precision11, one gray crayon
Scramble! 63: deimosking02, anaru06, heropon03, conducts20, light14, fractale05, tsunderella16, composed05, soporific20, kokuryu01, one gray crayon
Scramble! 64: biscuit15, judecca05, rap06, dreamyball20, jump15, homicide14, polkadot04, literary15, modo-modo12, glasses08, one blue crayon
Scramble! 65: heartbreak11, hermitcrab12, loveless03, glassheart10, kyokugen07, panic01, stonefree11, secondroom18, number204, benetnasch19, one red crayon
Shadow Watching 226: flirt15, smile07, counselor17, unafraid19, slapping07, gallop09, nyu02, maihime08, ethereal07, hod11, invader09, mulberry04
Puzzle Chains 33: gentle19, sakurait20, yohane15, cureheart08, masochism12, borealis09, gamuza09, wavemotion05, oolong01, bling12, susanoo08, ruinmode01, draciel04, maracas08, trumpet02, one brown crayon
Reading Between the Lines 226!: rely08, cats07, badgrades20, magedom17, armblade20, shinobi15, innuendos08, poorthing13, bookstore16, dreaca09, atmosphere09, coldblooded10, amusement13, ferocity04, nurturing14, firebuster05, magicalfire10, railroad15, kouhai-kun02, saiko10, one green crayon, one red crayon
Crazy Colors 150: garugari07, inferior03, affiable16, third18, physician09, shattered19
[984] Traded psg109 for everyday12 with [personal profile] needles

January 14th 2017
[985, 986, 987, 988, 989, 990, 991, 992, 993, 994, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004] Gifted astronomy20, badgrades20, bells08, bewitching01, commoner18, cowbell08, curediamond01, cureheart03, cureheart08, cureheart16, eligible02, eligible08, gardening07, gloves02, guchu15, isuppose10, melodrama06, sbjk20, stray17, taser05 to [personal profile] indiwyn
[1005] Traded selfless03 for old19 with [personal profile] indiwyn

January 18th 2017
Rei's Friend Report 172: menfestival08, yourhonor01, conjurer08, janbirthday13, oldlion05, quotes18
Colorseum 22-1: manifested02, light15, snowman14, oodachi09, iyashikei12, position015, shinsou04, docodemo02
Go Fish! 267: lazier07, spirits08, restart20, pherae16, lipstick03, revenge12, starwolf17, melphis09, mysteria13, overclock01, one blue crayon, one purple crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 143: deathblow05, eggshells19, bright04, mechapilots03, fencing04, caleria10, whitestorm12, copy10
Switch It Up 132: platitudes16
Coloring Book 137 - Special Round!: seemly11, drummer15
Seiyuu Guess 272: missions19, yousoro10, deathgod06, harvard08, roland03, asleep17
art studio: sig_kiri2, sig_kiri2, sig_kiri2, sig_kiri2
Deck Lover 58: arborea02, kizna19, femaleidols14, gensokyo07, decbirthday17, acewitches10
Deck Lover 60: femaleidols11, x-scissor09, laguz18, liars02, bikinis06, miyanom13
Deck Lover 61: mid-childa10, thecrows18, guns02, danderes10, superheroes18, capitalism20
[1006, 1007, 1008, 1009] Gifted demihuman18, diving14, kensei12, miraizura18 to [personal profile] madoka
Received yohane13 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
[1010] Traded copying10 for respirator16 with [personal profile] camilovesyou
Recycled Art: nanamin02, acrophobia19, trainride07, udonge19, rafale19, equestrian08, femaleidols07

January 19th 2017
[1011, 1012, 1013, 1014] Traded ashcat04, awaken20, baseball03, childstar04 for attachment15, froppy02, professional20, rufous08 with [personal profile] anaraine
Traded signatures with [personal profile] anaraine
[1015, 1016] Traded hatched07 and mace15 for dates18 and reinherz02 with [personal profile] junee
Puzzle Chains 34: vanguard18, swordlike02, former14, american02, crest12, watch02, shinma01, convict12, silverking15, gottasmoke04, clones14, mechanical01, one yellow crayon
Reading Between the Lines 227!: baking16, shiitake06, candidate09, beyond15, firebrand12, fairies05, troubadour07, mothers16
Host Club Giveaway 151: association17, fran20, fashion13
Deck Lover 62: brown04, prophecy19, josei07, sekit06, trinisette01, arcana04
Deck Lover 63: detectives15, cooltype05, autumn10, younggirls01, gainax04, crossdressm20
Deck Lover 64: cure19, solum12, jobs12, mascots03, halloween11, otherworld06
Rei's Friend Report 173: line05, ropes10, burstspear08, secondlife15, coquettish07, calnus05
[1017, 1018, 1019, 1020, 1021, 1022, 1023, 1024, 1025, 1026, 1027, 1028, 1029, 1030, 1031, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035, 1036] Gifted cheater02, flirt15, koopalings13, onward20, rush14, shock04, shortsword07, spoons08, brickbreak02, dragonrage17, everybirdie04, everybirdie15, legendary18, moonblast04, razorleaf08, rollout06, sparkling12, venoshock08, villagers11, and x-scissor19 to [personal profile] junee

January 20th 2017
[1037] Traded nurseschool02 for aliens12 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1038, 1039, 1040, 1041, 1042, 1043, 1044, 1045, 1046, 1047, 1048, 1049, 1050, 1051, 1052, 1053, 1054, 1055, 1056, 1057, 1058, 1059, 1060] Gifted ancestor04, ancestor14, capitalism20, channel19, chase18, cupcake18, doubledash07, doubledash19, fox07, heal06, heal10, moogles17, mssweets14, mssweets15, mutt17, shesmay02, shesmay08, summoned05, sun03, sun16, rare13, slimes14 and lucavi18 to [personal profile] catfriend
[1061, 1062, 1063, 1064, 1065, 1066] Traded bestsenpai03, blueoni19, coquettish07, corrupted04, data04, thecrows17 for direction02, imposter13, spiritual03, tablesalt13, teru06, yousoro08 with [personal profile] instrumentality
Colorseum 22-2: thechariot16, anego02, enjoy04, inugami14, shigofumi18, hungrywolf12, throatfly19, meruru13
Crazy Colors 151: flask08, dummy09, icearrows11, dense12
Advent Calendar Day 3: harmonixer16, body08, sticker07, one gray crayon, one blue crayon, one green crayon, neoarcadia04, d9919, heyheyhey08, isako10, sensei03, seele08, one green crayon, two brown crayons, elemeth20, kannab20, judge04, blackblood04, skeptic14, bravior10, one purple crayon, one red crayon, one brown crayon

January 21st 2017
Release 081 - January:
1. himegimi05
2. uchuu02
3. broadcast03
4. fine16
5. amazing14
6. stammi04
7. etoile-sama07
8. lastrites05
9. kingjj03
10. benois06
Special. puyo04
Bonus. himegimi06, broadcast06 (sami's favorite boy of Ra*bits!)
Signature. sig_kiri2
[1067] Traded lastrites05 for himegimi12 with [personal profile] zekroms
[1068] Traded stammi04 for himegimi15 with [personal profile] junee
[1069, 1070, 1071] Traded fortunelove05, fortunelove07, puyo04 for cdplayer11, oneforall11, himegimi19 with [personal profile] dustybunny
[1072, 1073, 1074, 1075, 1076, 1077, 1078, 1079] Traded kingjj03, ahsha18, glacies01, mirrorlake04, saisei08, ppse19, rap06, styling04 for chocolat20, direction12, musicstart19, platitudes01, spiritual05, strategist10, yousoro03 with [personal profile] kureto
[1080, 1081] Traded fine16, amazing14 for broadcast13, himegimi18, uchuu13 with [personal profile] madoka
Gifted 31 blue crayons to [personal profile] madoka
[1082, 1083, 1084] Traded allmen19, harasho15, homeroom03 for uchuu01, himegimi01, broadcast01 with [personal profile] needles
[1085, 1086, 1087, 1088, 1089] Traded oar19, pumpkin17, quadra14, realian13, real06 for broadcast11 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1090] Traded etoile-sama07 for himegimi20 with [personal profile] indiwyn

January 22nd 2017
Recycled Art: twelfth01, twelfth02, twelfth03, twelfth04, twelfth05, twelfth06, twelfth07, twelfth08, twelfth09, twelfth10, twelfth11, twelfth12, twelfth13, twelfth14, twelfth15, twelfth16, twelfth17, twelfth18, twelfth19, twelfth20
[1091, 1092, 1093, 1094, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1109, 1110] Traded twelfth01, twelfth02, twelfth03, twelfth04, twelfth05, twelfth06, twelfth07, twelfth08, twelfth09, twelfth10, twelfth11, twelfth12, twelfth13, twelfth14, twelfth15, twelfth16, twelfth17, twelfth18, twelfth19, twelfth20 for samarkand11, samarkand13 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1111, 1112, 1113, 1114] Traded dummy09, gamer07, holyark12, hypnotize16 for aliens03, fishidol11, jazzdance06, aqours16, eats19, fishidol07 with [personal profile] eonflamewing
[1115, 1116, 1117] Traded anty04, protein05, wardspell18 for himegimi02, uchuu20, broadcast10 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[1118, 1119] Traded sagittarius17, scorpio14 for himegimi03, broadcast20 with [personal profile] sharksteeth

January 24th 2017
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 144: cspd08, sue02, devious04, shigofumi18, cascade07, verbose20, whitesnake10, talking12, anty12
Deck Lover 65: brown14, aerialace12, sugitan01, younger03, endings07, warlord04
Deck Lover 66: thunderbolt13, gigacity13, ensanguined19, nonary18, 199807, aces04
No Context Theater 08: dates08, halftone12, senace06, whitewhale18, sorceria17
No Context Theater 09: eylstadt19, vulnerable01, dragonbird04, isuppose12, etoile-sama09
No Context Theater 10: anastasis13, senace06, treats02, chaperone01, anastasis04
Seiyuu Guess 273: headangel08, haicopy15, netidol15, sweaters02, hatter03, bloom05
Coloring Book 138: aki-lucky06, pureheart18, bunaru12, uchuu11
Coloring Book 138: foxmagic01, siva14, goddesses11, uchuu05
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] vethica
[1120, 1121] Traded 43rdsong06, hairstyles19 for himegimi04 and uchuu09 with [personal profile] vethica
[1122, 1123] Traded speedosound08 and upper-class04 for himegimi16 and uchuu10 with [personal profile] netbug009
[1124, 1125] Traded clarines15, d9919 for himegimi09, uchuu03 with [personal profile] eclair
[1126, 1127, 1128, 1129, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1134, 1135, 1136, 1137, 1138] Traded melphis09, femprotags11, icebeam04, cats07, fashion13, hanahazama02, infamous15, innuendos08, onigiri02, sapphire02, survive05, tagged08, tarotcards15 for himegimi08, uchuu07, broadcast15, aqours14, aqours17, hopespeak11, housekeeper13, musicstart13, nico-nii01, ocarina07, ocarina12, overexcited10, shiratorizawa05 with [personal profile] admiral
Switch It Up 133: bling06, broadcast19
[1139] Traded benois06 for himegimi14 with [personal profile] buttmage
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] kunoichigo

January 29th 2017
Puzzle Chains 35: marbirthday10, faintattack06, selphia01, eyepatches02, psi01, sanctuary17, fathers18, lapistier04, mothers04, 315pro02, lapister14, kweh12, one purple crayon
Pick a Color 128: cataclysm01, azoth03, vixen14, insania06, curerouge15, east14, pokedex06, peony15, bearslayer14, explosion06, driver15, bishi16

February 1st 2017
[1140, 1141, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1145, 1146] Traded darkhenge06, extend17, singlemom13, swimming04, thornqueen08, thornqueen11, wordplay17 for aliens08, confectioner18, esmerelda06, imposter06, shiratorizawa06, broadcast02 and uchuu14 with [personal profile] bobanaicha
[1147, 1148, 1149, 1150, 1151, 1152, 1153, 1154] Traded 3dgraphics06, breeder08, dewicious20, ditelada11, eylstadt19, farmer13, farmer16, farmer19 for bling01, broadcast08, chocolat19, dates13, hitwoman12, lovewing18, rufous17, shiratorizawa10 with [personal profile] magaru

February 5th 2017
Levels: himegimi10, styx13, bendback12, claws10, pervy06, himegimi11, lostwife12, ore-sama14, seychelles18, bomberrod01, himegimi13, police09, fierce14, bendback20, pikohan07, himegimi17, arcroyal05, fallfairy14, venoshock12, lonepoet20, two red crayons, one blue crayon, one brown crayon
Rei's Friend Report 174: holyark02, x-laws18, unmask08, gaudy12, gloves01, nameless02
Colorseum 22-3: takosuke15, independent17, mythical11, cliff07, woodpecker09, civilian06, mouse14, hollie19, puppy13, deku13, reactions16, mateba19, hawk19, starter10, triad08, nurse01
Seiyuu Guess 274: firstson13, demure08, blind14, sphinx203, fashionable01, god14
Coloring Book 139: sinner06, amarican10, santeem13, goddesses05
Rei's Friend Report 175: maestro06, dynamo18, sworn02, firetornado20, comp04, earl08
Colorseum 22-4: masquerade18, kamui08, cakepig01, repliforce20, bloodlust09, gastark07, suffering03, starsinger13
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 145 (ROUND RESET): euphoria16, assassinate18
donate a deck: garouga13, ban-chan14, shinobi10, oddjobs20, summer14, organic02, raitei17, horse-like10, confident16, one yellow crayon, one red crayon, one brown crayon
No Context Theater 11: carabosse04, icehockey01, magiic07, amazing02, gods14
No Context Theater 12: etoile-sama19, kingjj20, halftone03, magiic11, doujima11
Received kacchan17 as a gift from [personal profile] junee
[1155, 1156, 1157, 1158, 1159, 1160, 1161, 1162] Traded ace03, belittled11, bringer12, conclusions15, converted01, deargho10, demonchild07, drives06 for beginner18, froppy14, incapable17, reason08, rumraisin10, schoollife16, idolclub11, idolclub13 with [personal profile] byakkun
Pot of Gold 74: Grand Prize A, air04, odd12, kaka07, heavenguide14, psychopath06, parasite16, blacktiger13, volleyball05, indirect09, meimei14, charmer05, machina06, cross13, caterpillar14, ahoki04, pilot18, barielle15, pipito01, seed07, buckler18, sacraments16, cadet10, aquaria02, scissors04, nidaime05, opposites07, yang08, impatient19, cupid13, assistant09, aurite01, 2-d08, mathematics20, impatience04, bluestar12, eon15, gladsheim10, scientists17, flagpole16, respected02, daathic09, momokan14, muscles06, circus04, emonzaemon02, mountain13, snowy18, kacchan10, clothespeg19, bangs14, izayoi20, srn-00117, hookshot11, risingsun02, brave09, southitaly08, grudges15, nerv11, jaleco15, troy18, one gray crayon, three blue crayons, one purple crayon, two yellow crayons, one brown crayon, two orange crayons

February 7th 2017
Seiyuu Guess 275: squad42212, chu-hi15, puppet14, harbors04, simple01, usss01
Help Miss Kamila 96: lupan10, shoutengai14, copychip18, badcop19
Go Fish! 268: well-spoken03, soryuju13, fuukan05, incarnate02, lord03, zgundam07, photographs04, one blue crayon
Go Fish! 269: fabricated03, shinra03, go-getters11, righteous17, chuunin03, ahoki02, seven02, favoring12, deceptively10, french08, one yellow crayon, one brown crayon
Go Fish! 270: hello08, bubbly17, saiyaman18, hokage03, grandcross09, adoration16, tea04, hobbyist16, one purple crayon
Crazy Colors 152: seasalt18, missions20, crest08, sexytype08, space10, tiger20
Crazy Colors 152: shinai17, ilmago14, syndicate15, andantino15, oar02, exsphere18
[1163, 1164, 1165, 1166, 1167, 1168, 1169, 1170, 1171, 1172, 1173, 1174, 1175, 1176] Traded agility02, aqua17, atmosphere09, beecontrol02, coronia02, supremekai07, sunfist04, sunfighter15, sorceria09, sorceria17, trainer07, wry03, biometals14, liars02 for bigdipper15, cdplayer03, cdplayer07, closedclock14, confection06, confection19, esmerelda03, lonepoet07, lonepoet08, lonepoet15, mole14, respirator09, shovel03, triplelutz02 with [personal profile] beezebeora

February 11th 2017
Coloring Book 139: blademaster20, pottery10, powder06, uchuu03, uchuu01, goddesses17
Shadow Watching 228: starwolf17, gentle04, heartache01, powerless11, lemonsoda14, gymnast08, pk11, virgo09, hungrywolf10, 4thdistrict17, rosewood20, fodra14
Reading Between the Lines 228!: railgun16, impersonate06, systems10, highland12, bills19, annihilate16, equestrian16, garland01, dogkeeper01, cherry17, besek13, bomberrod04, farming14, fiancee14, save12, prez05, happysong10, strictcoach12, rage07, kakaka07, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon
Rei's Friend Report 176: hwyaden05, spunquel17, sunrune08, attorney18, ribbonchan12, sorry06, bellflower01, nekomimi10
Scramble! 67: whitehat14, shoutoku14, dragonwhip01, tracker20, afternoons04, camembert06, lovesick15, confectioner08, paladienne20, renegade13, one green crayon
Scramble! 68: skullstomp15, kobushi15, curses04, flat18, beastman03, spotter04, focusing08, eagle13, yari13, ashikabi13, one green crayon
Scramble! 68: end16, condiments16, kira15, brainburst17, charm05, 11-807, banshees17, electabuzz07, seawitch15, negate17, one brown crayon
Scramble! 69: sadhiporoja17, veda16, forecaster20, floral03, reactions04, muzzle19, notes07, tapereel16, muscles20, aquaria02, one purple crayon
Hi-5 Radio 121: lifeenergy04, withdrawn09, rewind07, childish06, honeyflash06, c-virus03, tooth14, muga20, malefic09, mint02
Hi-5 Radio 122: liar04, answer01, assistant03, potential14, running06, nakochi09, scumbag12, mustache01, jewelry15, badfuture15
Hi-5 Radio 123: rope18, awkward03, octbirthday12, phecda11, soyokaze11, driftbomb02, deer11, cedef08, intention02, wolborg12
Hi-5 Radio 124: coquettish16, hummingbird12, tomahawk12, bullets09, blood04, bentenmaru13, inspired11, monochrome10, sour10, beatjumper08
Deck Lover 67: puyo05, gentletype04, julbirthday01, projected03, mecha17, shugo16
Deck Lover 68: danderes01, ishidaa20, novbirthday10, familiars01, ogata03, hirarin18
Colorseum 22-5: support01, kira08, oaktree09, andantino08, kajiyuu10, spin09, governor13, gotham15, netop13, awakening13, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon
[1177] Traded rare06 for shiratorizawa11 with [personal profile] catfriend
Received himegimi13 and uchuu17 as gifts from [personal profile] canute
[1178, 1179, 1180, 1181, 1182, 1183] Traded candid18, conducts20, gangleader18, isuppose12, lightsnow14, talentshow04 for eats02, fine14, hellgirl03, hitwoman02, kapow19, konpeito11 with [personal profile] needles
Received shovel05 as a gift from [personal profile] needles

February 13th 2017
[1184, 1185, 1186, 1187, 1188] Traded gleipnir20, cataclysm01, hm-43211, puppy13, sensei03 for icehockey16, kapow07, mole17, reason14, ritsu08 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1189, 1190, 1191] Gifted boxweapon02, boxweapon18 and kweh12 to [personal profile] catfriend
[1192, 1193] Traded anti-hero13, anti-hero16 for slopes14, yohane04 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1194, 1195, 1196, 1197, 1198, 1199, 1200, 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204, 1205, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1209, 1210, 1211] Gifted blood04, boundary01, freelance18, gastronomy04, host14, iyashikei12, iyashikei15, knit09, liberation20, marshmallow11, redshield13, respected02, saru05, saru15, tank12, teapot01, vanargandr08, vanargandr19 to [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Received three green crayons, one blue crayon, one gray crayon as gifts from [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1212, 1213] Traded freedom16, gamuza09 for kacchan06, nolonger20 with [personal profile] bobanaicha
[1214, 1215, 1216, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1220, 1221, 1222, 1223, 1224] Gifted impersonate06, marionette08, marionette10, measuring18, muga20, origami07, softball17, tiger03, tiger04, tiger20, trickster16 to [personal profile] bobanaicha
[1225, 1226, 1227, 1228, 1229] Traded afternoons04, deceitful14, flat16, flat18, geek08 for fatal06, holding17, robber07, tobiume08, tobiume17 with [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
[1230, 1231, 1232, 1233, 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1238, 1239, 1240, 1241] Gifted geek17, hearts18, kingjj20, knave03, lifebelt03, mafiaboss12, necklace03, obsession06, plasmagica18, polkadot04, skeleton07, strictcoach12 to [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] eclair
[1242, 1243] Traded judecca05, aerialace12 for chaperone10, amazing20 with [personal profile] junee
[1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1248, 1249, 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253, 1254, 1255, 1256, 1257, 1258, 1259, 1260, 1261] Gifted earthquake07, earthquake09, ember18, faintattack06, faintattack08, irontail02, moonblast07, moonblast11, psybeam07, psybeam19, redscarf05, tackle04, thunderbolt02, thunderbolt13, thunderbolt15, venoshock12, watergun20, and x-scissor09 to [personal profile] junee
[1262, 1263, 1264, 1265, 1266] Traded deus07, threesizes20, pheromone12, tenseiga16, dunksmash11 for amazing09, bling03, konpeito09, konpeito20, triplelutz11 with [personal profile] laciewings
[1267, 1268, 1269, 1270, 1271, 1272, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1276, 1277, 1278, 1279, 1280] Gifted exsphere18, f414, foxmagic01, highjump02, impulsive06, lionheart07, mamushi05, mamushi16, mask11, quincy07, seishun05, seishun06, tellme08, withdrawn09 to [personal profile] laciewings
[1281, 1282, 1283, 1284, 1285, 1286, 1287, 1288, 1289, 1290] Traded animereview02, apprentice19, axolotl20, broadway09, cannibal18, caterpillar14, comet19, dancing04, fireorb09, gecko17 for bigdipper01, broadcast05, chaperone12, chaperone16, everyday16, icehockey19, route01, slopes17, doggy15, ocarina16 with [personal profile] netbug009
[1291, 1292] Traded brothers11, 8-bit15 for broadcast04, uchuu16 with [personal profile] reneetwist

February 14th 2017
Received amazing19 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
[1293, 1294, 1295, 1296, 1297] Traded caring09, corazon12, drumisland19, curemarch10, odyssey02 for broadcast09, chaperone17, icehockey04, mole19, tokimeki01 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Pick a Color 129: seductress05, ashinaka08, gears05, kakyoin06, stickfigures04, biancaneve18, pachinko08, krauser12, unlucky04, mibugumi11, one purple crayon, two green crayons
No Context Theater 13: kingjj13, almavivo17, anastasis20, treats07, astrorobin17, astrorobin16, icehockey20
Help Miss Kamila 97: heart09, suicune06, agna20, mechonis19, contracted10, broomstick16
Coloring Book 139: agape19, theinferno19
Seiyuu Guess 276: hanahazama13, golem10, animes07, jkd18, cha20, honorific19, blackmail09, sunfighter11, flame15, seafood06, kurohigi18, powder08, megaten14, mongrel02, one red crayon
Coloring Book 140: plasma07, misspeak14, lawnmower04, santeem01, uchuu10, santeem14
Host Club Giveaway 152: sakurait03, uniform03, t-shirt14
Crazy Colors 153: ecchi18, nthccolor20, appraiser12, pragmatist13, detached06, rabbitears01
Puzzle Chains 37: powerless09, gourmet11, assist03, sweat09, tsunderes19, zero03, blackblood20, avoiddeath14, memories20, porcupine02, naraku13, volcanic08, spicyfood09, flashcard07, one brown crayon
[1298, 1299, 1300] Gifted himegimi13, uchuu01, uchuu03 to [personal profile] madoka

February 17th 2017
Shadow Watching 229: ogrearm03, fukurodani08, omega06, ferret06, flower14, tempus20, yinyang15, pirateflag08, witchhat04, fang16
Reading Between the Lines 229!: maniwa16, tresbien11, eclipse14, shulshagana19, mighty13, lungs12, folseus15, rise18, chiropteran05, morning17
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 146: curediamond14, recluse18
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 147: greenpearl03, meimei02, wolfsbane19, skyking07, inferiority16
Coloring Book 140: rafale07, pottery02, prideful12, uchuu17, uchuu20, bunaru08
Rei's Friend Report 177: androphobic09, shujaa12, magister13, devious20, rozarria01, regain06, stachel12, hellgirl18
[1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1306] Gifted doggy02, doggy11, doggy12, doggy15, uchuu17, uchuu20 to [personal profile] madoka
[1307, 1308, 1309] Traded affair16, cure19, etoile-sama19 for icehockey10, oneforall15, route19 with [personal profile] indiwyn
[1310, 1311, 1312, 1313, 1314, 1315, 1316, 1317, 1318, 1319, 1320, 1321, 1322, 1323, 1324, 1325] Gifted etoile-sama19, holyposes07, holyposes08, mahou17, mahou19, nekotalia18, neshitteru18, nyan10, rosetta18, sailorfuku02, sailorfuku10, sevenstars01, talented19, treats02, touma05, unborn08, vulnerable01, scooter13 to [personal profile] indiwyn
[1326, 1327, 1328, 1329, 1330, 1331] Traded bangs14, bibliophile05, holyark02, royalties12, trattoria11, chuunibyou13 for all-seeing12, chaperone05, chaperone18, dexterous05, housekeeper03, talentscout05 with [personal profile] kureto
[1332] Gifted mecha14 to [personal profile] kureto

February 18th 2017
Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand:
Small: bomberrod01, bomberrod04, bomberrod12, bomberrod13, bomberrod18
Big: agna20, blackmail09, bullet01, cakepig19, constable10, constable15, crest08, crest09, devious04, dragonwhip01
Mega: electabuzz07, feathers07, gekko13, golddragon11, harmonixer04, heavenguide09, hummingbird12, hungrywolf10, imperator12, kaka07, missions03, notes07, notes07, orbs14, physician09, pk05, pk11, plasma06, secondroom01, seance06, sextuplet03, shinobi10, simple01, speech19, starwolf17
Received uchuu04, broadcast16, and a yellow candy wrapper as gifts from [personal profile] catfriend
Received broadcast14 and a yellow candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] vethica
Received broadcast18 and a yellow candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Received aliens09, chaperone14, confectioner12, dexterous14, professional04 as gifts from [personal profile] vethica
Received broadcast12 and a yellow candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] laciewings
Received broadcast07 and a yellow candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] eclair
Received broadcast17 and a yellow candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] junee
Received uchuu06 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] sharksteeth
Received uchuu02 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
Received schoollife04 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] needles

February 19th 2017
Release 082 - February:
1. ryuseitai09
2. 2wink08
3. lavender06
4. turtles06
5. akatsuki20
6. tennis12
7. marinebio06
8. necklaces20
9. solemnvow10
10. chroma10
Special. rins18
Donated. rins03
Bonuses. 2wink19, 2wink20, idolclub03
Signature. sig_kiri2
Received schoollife06 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] toffeecat

February 21st 2017
Received uchuu08 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] anaraine
[1333, 1334, 1335, 1336, 1337] Gifted akatsuki20, marinebio06, necklaces20, tennis12, turtles06 to [personal profile] madoka
[1338, 1339, 1340, 1341, 1342, 1343, 1344, 1345, 1346] Traded icehockey01, icehockey04, icehockey10, icehockey16, icehockey19, icehockey20, triplelutz02, triplelutz11, decbirthday01 for 2wink05, swap08, karateclub02, purewhite07, tennis12, ninjaclub20, lavender18, torule07, highpeak14 with [personal profile] kunoichigo
[1347, 1348, 1349, 1350, 1351, 1352, 1353, 1354, 1355] Gifted fish12, heartereki01, heartereki04, hollie19, pizzicato04, position004, position015, schoolidol04, and sparrow16 to [personal profile] kunoichigo
Art Lessons 235: x-scissor11, kouka20, thewitch19, jinchuuriki18
Colorseum 23-1: antares19, dense17, neojapan07, taekwondo16, drillspear09, queen09, astrorobin04, polkadot02, earthquake18, ikaruga09
Directions 111!: ghouls03, starling02, noona17, islero18, austria11, predilection17, magical20, bunnydoll10, primera15, prosecute19
No Context Theater 14: blazingyato05, eylstadt06, famous03, puyo18, anxiouswhite10
Coloring Book 140: rabi03, u-1712, blackrose09, tochika19, torule11, jello17
Seiyuu Guess 277: chocolate19, themist12, shibainu13, kyudo19, merciless20, thorn20, crush19, builder14
Alfendi's Clues 289: vice13, lugnica06, monotonous11, seireiden11, honneamise11, round04, record01, innuendos17
Help Miss Kamila 98: heroking07, hypnosis01, motherly18, socute17, pandemonium16, believer18
[1356] Traded solemnvow10 for 2wink04 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1357] Traded chroma10 for 2wink17 with [personal profile] catfriend

February 24th 2017
[1358] Gifted ryuseitai09 to [personal profile] needles
Received schoollife10 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] neverbepractical
Received uchuu12 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] tiddly_widdly
Received schoollife19 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] canute
[1359, 1360, 1361, 1362, 1363, 1364, 1365, 1366] Traded austria13, bepsi04, big10, chastiefol04, ciaossu18, jazz19, player201, zagan08 for closedclock02, closedclock16, dexterous08, lovewing01, miraizura10, mole02, sakanoshita18, stable11 with [personal profile] canute
Received schoollife17 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] scblakdrgon

February 26th 2017
Received schoollife15 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] reneetwist
Received uchuu15 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] byakkun
Oikawa's Fan Mail 109: uniforms06, widow20, gamegear15, queenbee15, dreadlocks04, dousing09, hattrick09, guts17, toon06, left13
Rei's Friend Report 178: volcano10, griefseed19, innovator10, dashing17, asakawa09, chalphy12, whitebreath11, shinai13, one brown crayon, one red crayon
Colorseum 23-2: airpirate16, hawkedge06, backdoors07, circus03, demonic10, sixlights08, kritya03, gallows02, seagull19, lungs18
Coloring Book 140: deargho02, hostility15, superiority06, bonfire12, yuujinchou05, yuujinchou19
Art Lessons 236: sanctuary05, goggles09
Pick a Color 130: gambling20, raisondetre04, raildex02, animereview07, yggdrasil01, snowdrop08, mountain07, mornings12
Pick a Color 131: hoenn09, rhythmia11, autumn15, sevenstars09, miyanom13, accessories06, watergun14
Directions 112!: conjurer16, deliver17, luck15, speaking20, guardians01, courtseim02, heavyarms06, unemotional02, saboteur06, revive18
No Context Theater 15: dashing11, purewhite18, neurotic20, stench03, praise20, yuujinchou10, bonfire03
Deck Lover 70: dragonrage07, wakening16, unknown07, sinnoh15, storybooks15, crossdressf18, shoujo07, shoujo09
Deck Lover 69: retro09, sinnoh19, world08, timetravels09, hoenn04, deities17, swords01, silverstar19
Deck Lover 71: tackle13, guertena10, termina13, red20, sekigahara14, villains15, trinsette18, glabados09
Received uchuu19 and a orange candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] dustybunny
Received 2wink16 as a gift from [personal profile] canute
Received schoollife11 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] zeittari
Received 2wink03 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] indiwyn
[1367] Traded griefseed19 for 2wink06 with [personal profile] indiwyn
Received 2wink12 as a gift from [personal profile] indiwyn
[1368] Traded rins18 for 2wink07 with [personal profile] zeittari
Received 2wink02 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] bobanaicha
[1369, 1370, 1371, 1372, 1373, 1374, 1375] Traded baking16, banjul16, drummer15, friedeggs08, mechanical01, puyo05, puyo18 for aqours15, attachment08, chocolat09, chocolat12, housekeeper01, strategist19, idolclub08 with [personal profile] zeittari

February 27th 2017
[1376] Traded yuujinchou05 for 2wink14 with [personal profile] kumajirou
[1377, 1378] Gifted yuujinchou10, yuujinchou19 to [personal profile] kumajirou
Received 2wink01 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] kumajirou
Received closedclock04 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] buttmage
Received amazing10, chiwawa18 as gifts from [personal profile] kumajirou

February 28th 2017
♥ Character deck mastered: schoollife: demonchild18, chi06, torule01, one yellow crayon
♥ Character deck mastered: himegimi: chaos17, supporter02, torule02, one green crayon
♥ Character deck mastered: 2wink: elevator02, storm11, torule03, one purple crayon
♥ Character deck mastered: broadcast: deepsea16, komoicorps10, torule04, one yellow crayon
♥ Character deck mastered: uchuu: bigbenkei19, spy09, torule05, one green crayon

March 2nd 2017
Coloring Book 140: one brown crayon, one yellow crayon
Coloring Book 141: beanie04, tears09, luckycharm09, parade15, tochika15, jello15
Coloring Book 141: honeybuddha17, feast14, childhood17, ryuseitai20, remakes06, mipo09
Help Miss Kamila 99: mirakurun11, aresweis01, embarrassed06, kosmos19, hawk02, flash03
Alfendi's Clues 290: tresbien04, effortless10, hacking04, dwn-02417, lottery15, moodyblues18, mohawk19, pheromone20, spiritual12, bigdipper08, feast05, blackhawks16, towel02, chi13
Crazy Colors 154: lancelot19, pervy13, cleanup14, lust18, mo05, excellion01, rareitems09, ceo13
donate a deck: koryuji14, milk13, letters05, sablier13, unsatisfied10, empathy03, all-knowing13, taller03, vincent07, one purple crayon, one green crayon, one red crayon
Switch It Up 135: torule19
Crazy Colors 155: insurgent01, practice18, mangaka09, tengumaru10, amadeus02, silverrose05, ojamajo04, gloves10
Crazy Colors 155: F410, fuukan06, ovaltower11, invincible11, candid15, meatbuns11, blackcat15, lunatic04
Host Club Giveaway 153: hakari07, shippudash06, colorball19, super08, sinnoh19
Shadow Watching 230: whiteknight08, euphoria15, mo13, jewelry05, teammagma15, dwn-01901, echoball05, create14, fakekey13, roseprince17, shorthair12, natural01, relationer01, bibliophile10, antiqueshop06, bio-weapon18, poet05, nemesisq20
Reading Between the Lines 230!: uma13, nekopunch20, winery16, kaleidostar20, ogata13, duality07, wary07, jewelthief01, syndicate05, treasurer01, three09, kleio20, otakuwife17, scarves15, teammagma13, jazz09, wabisuke13, linda06, stubborn18, cureace07, bicycle02, jello06, voile18, gnaw19, reference19, wolfbeil06, hawks03, worldcreate05, baseball08, preventer10, request03, kazoku13, one orange crayon, one green crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 148: fogtroupe19, arcroyal09, ditelada16, eyes04, name17
Seiyuu Guess 278: fafnir19, astral16, gunblade14, neojapan18, precise10, bossy04, antivirus15, mute07

March 3rd 2017
[1379, 1380, 1381, 1382, 1383, 1384, 1385] Traded avoiddeath14, fierce14, innuendos17, rozarria01, seasalt18, shibainu13, stickfigures04 for torule09, lavender14, amazing17, fine18, highpeak06, ideals02, reading15 with [personal profile] admiral
Traded 8 yellow crayons for 8 blue crayons with [personal profile] admiral
Received torule14 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] admiral

March 6th 2017
Received torule20 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] adurotum
Received torule08 as a gift from [personal profile] adurotum
[1386, 1387, 1388, 1389, 1390, 1391, 1392, 1393] Traded create14, demonsnow15, elevator02, embodiment20, goya19, honeybuddha17, lostwife12, spices01 for aliens16, chocolat04, eats08, kacchan02, kacchan20, playful01, selfpublish11, tresbien09 with [personal profile] adurotum
Received samarkand19 as a gift from [personal profile] catfriend
[1394] Traded yinyang15 for irontiger01 with [personal profile] catfriend
Switch It Up 135: lavender08
Received torule06 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] nidoking

March 9th 2017
[1395] Traded whiteknight08 for imposter15 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Received torule10 and a red candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] netbug009
Received three blue crayons as gifts from [personal profile] eonflamewing
Rei's Friend Report 179: delinquent13, flamenpink20, hm-43211, whitesnake11, kazahana01, mikage01, fake09, barehanded18
Colorseum 23-3: ponytail19, sulfur01, sirix13, crawling04, lumberjack06, oriental11, ayakashi13, hana03, reshbal12, masterwolf19
Crazy Colors 157: softball19, demonrose05, imperial08, longnose13, freedom10, evangelion09, pliskin13, demon13
Directions 113!: blackmagic06, lively14, snicker05, lip-ring14, tartarus16, odyssey19, romipaku13, trattoria08, handystick13, glamsight03
No Context Theater 16: rinrin03, irontiger05, chides03, conventional01, chides13, celticwitch19, mepo16
Beauty Pageant 106: trusty10, sound02, fortify08, femprotags04, beloved08, hello13, engaged06, skillhunter02, cellphone10, shakushi17, brown crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 110: segway17, eruyt03, artskill02, feast07, paladienne20, overclock06, pyo04, ultimarain17, deceitful11, commoners03
Alfendi's Clues 291: makaiju14, elgible10, holywar10, major14, blitz20, icedragon09, earrings09, reckon07
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 149: identical17, sagittarius01, support11, itchy18, egoist13, pisces14
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 150: line02, moogle10, balloons20, bounty03, driger01, shulshagana11
Host Club Giveaway 154: alohaoe08, sour13, shenlong17, noda03, namimori18
Seiyuu Guess 279: dixneuf08, kikaichu05, aqua01, association17, cloud06, torule20, incarnate03, hospitality17
Puzzle Chains 38: teaparty16, rebel03, feminine19, lollipop10, umibozu06, demoneyes05, bail16, medicines02, aisu01, kicking03, class17, humandrug12, goodcop19, clearing01, bankruptcy09, longing15, tidy09, honii09, copy04, calnus13, malice06, commentary06, bund01, gatoya09, chilly07, england19, one purple crayon, one gray crayon
Puzzle Chains 39: debonair03, exams18, lycanthe15, dazzling13, scissor03, bench16, stringer02, gemknight18, ghostroom08, barefists10, hiphop10, green05, one orange crayon
Coloring Book 141: azure09, 89th20, picky15, lavender13
Coloring Book 141: measuring14, comet13, 203203, balloon08
Reading Between the Lines 231!: gears19, cuarta13, miyanom15, demonqueen13, vampirecat15, aristocracy08, possessive20, soba08
Shadow Watching 231: adieu08, deckbuilder18, uninterested09, wolves20, janam12, scorpion06, jimmies19, train18

March 10th 2017
Natsume's Book of Cards 01: closedclock05, closedclock10, closedclock11, closedclock18, robber04
[1396, 1397, 1398, 1399, 1400] Traded candid15, helmet18, save12, sleepyash05, vendor20 for attachment11, necklaces05, purewhite02, reinherz09, shiny07 with [personal profile] needles
Received swap11 as a gift from [personal profile] needles
Received lavender04 and a blue candy wrapper as a gift from [personal profile] beezebeora
Switch It Up 135: lavender10

March 13th 2017
[1401, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1406, 1407, 1408, 1409, 1410, 1411, 1412, 1413, 1414] Traded blackhawks10, blackhawks16, calming12, chides13, destruct04, destruct18, hakoniwa13, kakyoin06, kakyoin09, kaitou01, kaitou17, mumei11, heroine16, praise20 for aliens17, beginner19, binge02, cdplayer13, fine08, guile15, highpeak17, karateclub09, lovewing11, necklaces06, professional07, respirator19, shuei_gumi14 with [personal profile] sharksteeth
[1415, 1416, 1417] Traded record01, maihime08, leeks13 for akatsuki02, swap20, purewhite14 with [personal profile] kunoichigo
Received one yellow candy wrapper and purewhite04 as a gift from [personal profile] magaru

March 14th 2017
Crazy Colors 158: immelmann04, aging09, hysteria11, shippudash14, azuresea13
Rei's Friend Report 180: dragonbird04, smirk04, silpheed10, nidaime08, yamazaki08, earring06
Oikawa's Fan Mail 111: code0420, uncouth15, hitwoman15, otoko18, investigate08, wisewolf12, search13, viera16
Colorseum 23-4: chorrubor15, windward05, sadako07, meribia12, idolclub19, kagoshima10, tranquil03, whitemouse12
Directions 114!: self-help07, upbeat17, bearanima11, relic03, splendid04, hungrywolf16, automata09, shulshagana05, two red crayons
No Context Theater 17: exorcism14, popo14, stench05, realworld13, mipo01
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 151: octopus11, momokan12, oakenstaff05, composure01, caelin04
Coloring Book 141: one purple crayon, one green crayon
Alfendi's Clues 292: yard14, kazahana16, animes13, barefists12, habu05, naginata19, soyokaze14, wingly18, one orange crayon
Coloring Book 142: tonedeaf07, wanderer11, picky13, lavender13
Coloring Book 142: kalos09, phandaria15, picky14, aoizone05

March 15th 2017
Art Shop: topidol01, topidol02, topidol03, topidol04, topidol05, topidol06, topidol07, topidol08, topidol09, topidol10, topidol11, topidol12, topidol13, topidol14, topidol15, topidol16, topidol17, topidol18, topidol19, topidol20
Received one red candy wrapper and torule16 as a gift from [personal profile] phibby
Received closedclock20 as a gift from [personal profile] phibby
[1418, 1419, 1420] Traded ban-chan14, relationer01, reticent07 for momo20, tsuki10, lazying19 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Release 083 - March:
1. momo01
2. topidol10
3. poodle08
4. flowercrown10
5. wolfcurse03
6. rallyingcry02
7. demonhunter18
8. androphilia07
9. sourkonbu05
10. beastmaster19
Special. clamp02
Bonus. akatsuki05
Signature. sig_kiri2
[1421, 1422] Traded poodle08, flowercrown10 for momo03, tsuki16 with [personal profile] kunoichigo
Received lazying04, curemiracle10, topidol15 as gifts from [personal profile] kunoichigo
[1423] Traded wolfcurse03 for momo05 with [personal profile] sharksteeth
Received dashing02, highpeak03 as gifts from [personal profile] sharksteeth
[1424] Traded demonhunter18 for momo07 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus

March 16th 2017
Natsume's Book of Cards 02: onlypurpose19, sanguinem07, retriever05, retriever06, thorough10

March 19th 2017
[1425, 1426] Traded aimless04, aimless12 for torule16, lavender16 with [personal profile] tego_nyan
[1427] Traded clamp02 for momo04 with [personal profile] canute
[1428] Traded androphilia07 for momo08 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1429] Traded rallyingcry02 for momo06 with [personal profile] vethica
Received tsuki03, momo02, troublesome13, lazying17, turtles12 as gifts from [personal profile] madoka
[1430, 1431, 1432, 1433, 1434, 1435] Gifted onlypurpose19, sanguinem07, retriever05, retriever06, thorough10, torule16 to [personal profile] madoka

March 21st 2017
Puzzle Chains 40: thinking16, mayonnaise07, fodra19, glabados09, aura05, owngoal08, knit09, class01, room07, surpassing20, vitalcheck18, rosequeen12, one gray crayon
Seiyuu Guess 280: kouhai01, ceramics10, itako06, babyfox06, ravenous18, intuition10
Colors Stamp Card 1: barrels11, loveng09, hakubaiko15, everybirdie18
Colors Stamp Card 1: drain01, serve07, starfish07, scuro03
Shadow Watching 232: kusarigama10, virtuous14, myprince16, seconds11, thejackal11, gramarye12, fryingpan18, bofu18
Host Club Giveaway 155: leonhelp11, neptune13, raidraptors07
Rei's Friend Report 181: multi-size15, heavenguide10, yaoi13, hebihime13, ultrasouls06, syndicate14
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 275: cybeast15, bluesea05, rifle07, social09, text08, bench16
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 276: warlock15, tokugawa08, demure10, goron10, realeater03, ayakashi19
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 277: silenthero08, pheasant08, nowhere01, hookshot15, strip20
Guess the Color 271: food12, waitress01, rollout15, vaniville20, mirror15, x88518, couturier20, relax05
Guess the Color 272: 92FS14, manners20, machinery04, grave03, killerqueen19, hitoriomou04, roll11, turks07
Guess the Color 273: geisha18, mirage13, encourage14, avoid12, meltdowner13, doberman01, darkangel01, winterfairy05
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 278: engetsu17, roseprince15, patient18, summoned04
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 279: nerv06, villagerb14, aluminum13, sniper12
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 280: seashells11, leleti06, tomboyish17, whiskey12, historian12, heaven12, jupiter12, garugari11
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 281: dituono04, allmeans06, undernet13, oblique05, nameless11, windbullet18
Colors Chat #70: green04, manifested10, super14, house10, lightclub13, cardevolve02, adepts13
Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 282: jobs13, calligrapher17, sacchin03, barcode19, taijutsu16, nekomata15
Art Lessons 239: negotiator09, sheikan17
Colorseum 23-5: hyoumaku19, alliance06, droids14, beasts08, cruel14, tonedeaf18, childhood08, musselback07
Help Miss Kamila 101: graceful05, cuarta20, gryphon12, monsters15
Directions 115!: daemons02, uranus09, sinbad17, puppy17, y-ko15, elemio03, redaxe17, senpai13
Shadow Watching 227: alchemists09, sanction14, blackmail06, child06, junk18, s-hall08, strikers08, drossel09, seemly03, popup05
Hange's Information Exchange 86: duel05, blueribbon16, professor07, adopted10, sorceria11, charger01, silkyheart12, amphilyon10, busty12, excellion01
Hange's Information Exchange 85: habu07, verdancy03, umn15, paranoia10, ninjaturtle16, needles12, jigenhaoh05, ryujinjakka10, ghostalley12, strong11
Hange's Information Exchange 84: pooka12, birthday18, policeman13, sakanoshita19, seeking19, dtr18, viewpoint10, secondson10, sickly09, fimbulvetr14, dongkou1
5, redflash18, wildrush13, pandora05, dullahan01
Crazy Colors 159: guts05, blackthorn02, talisman11, drill14, hanahazama08
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 152: timetravels02, wisel20, nolonger08, ailecrono05, earth06
Alfendi's Clues 293: unfaltering05, redtiger06, moe05, blitzball06, gergo11, catsndogs01
Reading Between the Lines 232!: soundless01, 99916, beloved09, motor04, zaibatsu15, birdplush05, acdc02, asura07, sakanade18, normalcy15, powerplant06, acchan01, tenmon20, antoinette09, kunlun11, haven09, notequal07, embodiment08, mobage11, rooftop02, one red crayon, one gray crayon
[1436, 1437, 1438, 1439, 1440, 1441, 1442, 1443, 1444] Traded f410, left13, king17, andantino08, andantino15, greenthumb02, katamari03, katamari15, kendama07 for momo15, lazying02, akatsuki15, irontiger13, necklaces02, pervy08, route03, ukki12, yohane05 with [personal profile] laciewings
Received momo18 as a gift from [personal profile] ixionesis
[1445] Traded agna20 for momo19 with [personal profile] yoonghwa
[1446] Traded sourkonbu05 for momo09 with [personal profile] camilovesyou
Received eats20, fishidol20, tablesalt08 as gifts from [personal profile] camilovesyou

March 22nd 2017
[1447] Traded beastmaster19 for platitudes06 with [personal profile] sharksteeth
Received shiny15 as a gift from [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Masteries: officelady13, daddy16, torule12, one purple crayon

March 24th 2017
art shop: ppse17, psyco19, deathdrive06, redcomet15, ivalice14, eyelashes09, hope07, vivid05, excluded05, indecisive07, promise20, pikarigaoka19, gaterune11, complex08, offense15, barefists04, mgronald20, finland11, 20th15, skydragon17, hre17, girls05, elevator14, lotte02, nyu16, orangejuice09, tempest14, desu05, chronojet03, pride02, vest04, muzzle05, brigade20, phantom15, paprika17, freshgreen18, sealand05, lobster09, clean-cut09, partcat14, legalwife03, nacchan17, cataclysm12, eccentric15, three green crayons, one purple crayon, five blue crayons, four brown crayons, three yellow crayons, three orange crayons, two red crayons, one gray crayon
Puzzle Chains 41: short10, irregulars06, hyourinmaru18, crossspear02, leftearring04, moderator17, rescue13, junkshop20, choromi06, billiards12, boomerang01, zanpakuto19, one brown crayon
Colors Stamp Card 1: animereview13, kingsaw07, mischief09, moron20
Coloring Book 142: prinny07, ladypoison01, onoken01, cuisine14
Seiyuu Guess 281: scarf02, leadership18, carry18, whirlpool07, inquisitor13, kicking16, luck07, alcohol02, hawk13, otters02, voltage06, gekokujou17, one blue crayon
Reading Between the Lines 233!: anime18, artifacts15, formula01, nekomimi08, debt03, offense06, myths19, logic13
Shadow Watching 233: gin09, fincutter06, temari17, deathtrap02, enamored04, heartache17, miyanom16, proper13
Rei's Friend Report 182: harasho07, vangaro03, baka03, danganbeat08, bigbrother20, aristocrat07
Beauty Pageant 107: theguard16, maple03, curebeat02, d4c11, mixcoatl16, seaotter04, bow12, janina16, red crayon
[1448, 1449, 1450, 1451, 1452, 1453, 1454, 1455] Traded aoizone05, former14, picky14, picky15, raidraptors07, redflash18, running06, trattoria08 for bigdipper14, bigdipper19, bling04, ideals18, incapable04, purewhite20, reinherz10, rumraisin03 with [personal profile] kureto
Traded signature for signature with [personal profile] kureto
Received tennis03 as a gift from [personal profile] kureto
Received kapow08 as a gift from [personal profile] 1angelette
[1456, 1457, 1458] Traded hanahazama13, pragmatist13, rosettaarrow14 for momo12, lazying18, tsuki20 with [personal profile] needles
[1459, 1460, 1461] Gifted hanahazama08, rashomon04, rashomon17 to [personal profile] needles

March 26th 2017
art studio: 2wink09, 2wink10, 2wink11, 2wink13, 2wink15, 2wink18, uchuu18, platitudes03, platitudes04, platitudes05, platitudes07, platitudes08, platitudes09, platitudes11, platitudes13
[1462, 1463, 1464, 1465, 1466, 1467, 1468, 1469, 1470, 1471, 1472, 1473, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1477] Gifted charm05, corseit17, corseit20, graduate12, graduate14, intuition10, lightblue10, littledevil02, never15, polkadot02, scissor03, seaotter04, snowdrop08, stable17, stride13, tomochin12 to [personal profile] kunoichigo
Colorseum 24-1: engetsu06, enjoying07, ironmouse06, koga16, hostess13, tetrageniot13, goetia19, chivalry02
Guess the Color 274: graywolf19, psychic02, buusagi04, datatennis12, virgo18, enforcers07
Art Lessons 240: deceptively09, danes17
Help Miss Kamila 102: 66704, convey18, sleepyash15, killyou05
Pick a Color 132: amiable14, dictator15, sequencer14, mallet04, pairs08, radar09, dense12, sacrifice08, betray15, hexes16, doggy12, fogtroupe10, valley05, warhero11, xyz07, overelement04, sablier19, chastiefol03, aldan06
Pick a Color 133: wildman20, lure13, toxin06, fireorb12, gigant04, attentive11, two-faced19
Directions 116!: amaranthine19, waitress05, talent11, rent11, comedy15, digamma03, odango20, diclonius01
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 153: demure14, godswill18, ontario03, older14, ribika04, guilt05
[1478, 1479, 1480] Traded rosewood20, wingly18, wingly19 for esmerelda12, platitudes10 with [personal profile] netbug009

March 27th 2017
Levels: platitudes14, platitudes15, platitudes17, platitudes18, tuning01, yami01, tactician08, mushi19, pillowtalk14, dawn04, regrowth11, delinquent02, oldfriend06, almighty19, lockedin10, 66613, contract10, blueoni20, curious13, slapping17, one purple crayon, one red crayon, two brown crayons
Masteries: platitudes20, torule18, amara03, commander11, revival10, sigmund18, one purple crayon, one blue crayon
[1481, 1482] Traded birthright09, crows13 for lazying07, tsuki08 with [personal profile] commandant

March 30th 2017
[1483, 1484, 1485, 1486] Traded sig, nekomata15, puku20, pyu20 for sig, dexterous03, rooftop19, teru11 with [personal profile] netbug009
[1487, 1488, 1489, 1490, 1491, 1492, 1493, 1494, 1495, 1496, 1497, 1498, 1499] Gifted astore09, axes13, baptismrite11, bladerang11, brigade20, brynhilde07, courechouse17, folseus15, gideon05, kizna19, oshu08, rifle07, room07 to [personal profile] commandant
Alfendi's Clues 294: blackfang02, sociopathtic17, mononoke04, ignition20, banjul10, fishcakes06
Puzzle Chains 42: rep12, nicknames09, punisher04, lovesick02, frontkiller16, hachimaki14, tomboy05, zombie12, flamenco09, plant08, ponytail19, corratec07, one blue crayon
Coloring Book 143: headphones06, kamiyan05, eto-shin02, princesskey15
Coloring Book 143: venicillin20, delinquent07, emmity13, sourkonbu02
Twenty Questions 2-1 (ROUND RESET): sphnix213, penguin03
art shop: platitudes19
Shadow Watching 234: blaze02, ghoul14, badminton20, following01, luck-pusher09, cheerboy01, valkyrie11, liladan02
Reading Between the Lines 234!: junkfood16, straycat17, floatserve15, blondie03, zero-one05, 30yearsold19, teardrop09, stupidcat07, roids18, kaze04, spain14, avaricious16, nurse08, cielagate17, badluck07, empath12, brand10, levelseven08, alchemists20, horn09, one red crayon, one yellow crayon
Colors Stamp Card 1: rimaajon02, aquarimms11, november03, cola04, omoro17, cadet16, one red crayon, one orange crayon
Seiyuu Guess 282: kizna03, belderiver08, headangel01, seth07, vesta04, vector20

March 31st 2017
Rei's Friend Report 183: graveryl03, greeneyes07, haicopy09, affable03, newton01, merak12
Oikawa's Fan Mail 113: deck06, trips16, 72pillars18, ngrecords14, doppel05, flowershop17, wind-up20, cockatoo02, elfhelm13, woodpecker06
Oikawa's Fan Mail 112: burning03, trickster12, nagumo15, spirius09, rosebleue05, overexert05, peripheral07, delusions09
Miku's Music Station 229: horoscope12, prinny07, second10, pillowtalk07, tsuruko16, amati14, bolverk17

April 1st 2017
Received lavender09 as a gift from [personal profile] neverbepractical
[1500, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1505, 1506, 1507, 1508, 1509, 1510, 1511, 1512, 1513, 1514, 1515] Traded anxiouswhite10, astrorobin04, astrorobin16, auraarrow06, blitzball06, bouncer13, cuisine14, fake09, killerqueen19, moogle10, pyrotechnics06, summons19, sunfighter11, ussocom19, usss01, volcanic08 for fatal19, highpeak10, irontiger01, irontiger13, irontiger14, kill14, kill17, lavender02, marinebio14, mole05, mole13, ninjaclub16, ryuseitai19, samarkand09, shiny05, yousoro07 with [personal profile] beezebeora
Recycled Art: chaperone04, dates06, gymnast07, pervy17, reading13, seawitch03, seawitch07, tresbien08

April 5th 2017
Release 084 - April: torule17 and superheroes02
[1516, 1517, 1518, 1519, 1520, 1521, 1522, 1523, 1524, 1525, 1526] Traded archadia12, archadia17, bellossom09, earthshaker18, grudges15, omnipedia01, pokedex05, queen09, ruin11, uncouth10, whirlpool07 for freezer08, hopespeak05, housekeeper09, ideals05, imposter07, ninjaclub10, shiny16, swap04, tooth15, tsuki01, yamakami15 with [personal profile] toffeecat

April 7th 2017
Colorseum 24-2: catastrophe06, dates08, convict09, mace02, gangleader11, tactless04, dwn-01017, kizna16, two purple crayons
Directions 117!: repeat11, blurball20, fogtroupe01, demoness01, cannibal15, honnoji04, prefect08, paranormal20
Help Miss Kamila 104: healer20, guidebook06, wolfman16, scout14
Seiyuu Guess 283: loser07, pioneer20, ramune14, money14, delve10, wolffang04
Alfendi's Clues 295: tachikaze13, pay07, curepassion14, demifiend18, flashing10, mustasim16
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 154: conflicted04, nonchalant13, allegiance17, zanpakuto04, submerge07, sweat12
Colors Stamp Card 2: devon03, galaxyidol08, raise19, 4minutes05
Colors Stamp Card 2: advice19, ropes07, cards10, swordsaint01
Colors Stamp Card 2: kunlun01, balbadd11, isaac08, treats11
Switch It Up 137: totty13, talentscout01, troublesome12
Shadow Watching 235: forget04, here03, aristocracy12, gastronomy03, sealand18, lightspeed03, motorbike09, moonchild12
Reading Between the Lines 235!: seemly13, anterograde01, wildlion17, schemer10, pioneer05, bugkingdom06, listener06, shishitou16
Rei's Friend Report 184: adultlike16, ogikubo06, mountains10, comical04, wizard10, vinewhip16
Received holding13 as a gift from [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1527] Traded flamenpink20 for yohane20 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1528, 1529, 1530, 1531, 1532, 1533, 1534, 1535, 1536, 1537, 1538, 1539, 1540] Traded doodle10, farming14, ferocity04, firebuster05, fireorb09, horse-like10, judge04, jupiter12, neptune13, poltergust05, rosy11, tochika15, tochika19 for binge11, highpeak08, irontiger18, kayo-chin20, kill03, kill19, naps18, spiritual14, swap02, tooth05, tooth10, totty01, totty17 with [personal profile] anaraine

April 9th 2017
[1541, 1542, 1543, 1544, 1545, 1546, 1547, 1548, 1549, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553] Traded aman18, blacktiger13, cataclysm12, cockatoo02, companion12, golem10, greatdane09, moogles10, peripheral05, pug03, pug04, resentment07, redtiger06 for confectioner20, deku04, esmerelda09, incapable20, kacchan01, necklaces20, nee-san17, overexcited17, reinherz06, rooftop04, therapist09, therapist15, torule13 with [personal profile] catfriend

April 10th 2017
Colorseum 24-3: oyaji14, necklace10, solum07, floral15, hakuryou03, deco05, shard02, sketchbook06
Oikawa's Fan Mail 114: unicolyon20, dialect07, slapping04, swearing07, chivalrous06, shadow06, analyze16, greatfox10
Beauty Pageant 108: laconic16, luckystar17, 99percent04, higanbana18, physique14, general04, torment10, hollie02, gray crayon
No Context Theater 19: androphilia02, makuhita06, picky03, bootylon06, salieri02
No Context Theater 20: species18, aeons14, gatling01, wolfcurse05, battlebond10
Art Lessons with Amu 241: chuunibyou09, foughten02, enjoying17, crowtengu15, similar18, traditional09, 2-A20, cutegirls09, lottery16, heresy12, princesskey19, chespie10, two red crayons, one gray crayon, one green crayon
Art Lessons with Amu 242: changing08, pragmatist19, meganest10, observant10, pittoo20, luck-pusher13, antisocial13, atlas03, balut18, nolonger15, exp14, rallyingcry18, one brown crayon, one gray crayon, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon
No Context Theater 21: onoken09, demonhunter11, curefelice03, tsuki11, lazying17
Deck Lover 72: yard01, samurais10, yuri16, sailorfuku11, shinen02, kimurar06, chenabog18, gray15
Deck Lover 32: qipao06, support02, mmlove04, bionis20, anima13, silverstar13
Deck Lover 33: world20, 315pro13, romipaku18, sawashirom11, gray16, ivalice12
donate a deck: savate17, claw18, yebisu19, sugarcubes05, treasure06, twirl04, chernabog01, boundary18, sweettooth07, two purple crayons, one red crayon

April 12th 2017
Help Miss Kamila 105: caleria19, dyaus09, sbjk12, honor20
Host Club Giveaway 156: iwant10, egret09, firstroom16
Puzzle Chains 44: dojikko20, rivalry14, scissors02, zero-one04, snowmaru13, howl13, obstinate02, flowerclip15, cakes04, footloose17, sympathetic17, lowee02, one purple crayon, one brown crayon, one yellow crayon
Coloring Book 144: kagemusha17, usagibrand07, sinbad16, eto-shin18
Coloring Book 144: familia05, tactical13, onoken03, battlebond11
Colors Stamp Card 3: dreamisland18, djnn17, rising19, stalker01
Coloring Book 143: upclose01, lazying18
Seiyuu Guess 284: tactician15, astraphobia07, starwolf02, whipsmack17, need02, greathawk18
Received 5 red crayons as gifts from [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[1554, 1555, 1556] Traded candidate09, flighty10, leftearring01 for cdplayer05, reinherz11, yamakami04 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn

April 16th 2017
Shadow Watching 236: ecchi03, sayo20, azoth09, floating07, chupa10, circle10, quincy20, banana15
Reading Between the Lines 236!: misandry12, caterpillar13, motor15, solo16, dropi11, negate16, cotnrolled14, swordsaint16, operator17, firebuster11, specialduty04, stalker04, lockedin19, meltdowner14, seahorse18, yuujinchou12, tattooed13, jimi01, cyborgidol01, twentyone05, one yellow crayon, one red crayon
Switch It Up 138: respirator07, lazying14
Rei's Friend Report 185: prince10, hatsutaro08, inugami14, headphones06, tophat02, motorbike16
Colorseum 24-4: dattebane19, heirs02, magician16, aquapearl09, reflexes20, shinra05, uguu14, unwavering14
Oikawa's Fan Mail 115: sweatdrops03, pianist07, dwn-03412, sand10, twinknives02, stapler05, chu-hi11, lip-ring16
Directions 118!: a-hall12, g-1202, s-class17, genome17, channel4219, heart11, fastball04, star-shaped16, saboteur06, megastone15, sensory08, makuhita09, movepoint12, runa02, drumisland03, spiritual07

April 17th 2017
[1557, 1558, 1559, 1560, 1561, 1562] Traded dragonrage07, dragon-type05, starwolf02, starwolf17, puppy17 and saluki01 for fatal20, fine10, hitwoman09, lazying01, oneforall08 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1563, 1564, 1565, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, 1571, 1572] Gifted fairies05, fairytales12, fairytales16, femaleidols11, hoshido01, idolclub19, nohr19, sailorfuku11, yard01, yard14 to [personal profile] indiwyn
Received three green crayons as gifts from [personal profile] indiwyn
[1573, 1574, 1575, 1576, 1577, 1578, 1579, 1580] Traded cradle04, curediamond14, eligible10, gloves10, starfish07, roseprince15, roseprince17, treats07 for binge06, committee11, dashing06, holding18, lonepoet16, marinebio03, necklaces15 with [personal profile] indiwyn
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 155: stressed09, crossfire07, pianist17, cocteau18, chibikko13, mahirunoyo09, solo13, rosepin10, helpful18, arsenal01, godofdeath04, bet20, neighbor19, engagement04
Deck Lover 34: hoenn05, capitalism06, sevenstars04, ambidex06, millenia14, misguided16
Coloring Book 144: nosebleed06, maester03, eto-shin13, sourkonbu01
No Context Theater 22: flowercrown19, traps07, sweatdrops17, analyzing03, subaru-kun14
Scramble! 70: sweet20, hebiriote03, tactful03, prosecute07, crossdressm15, exp02, machiavelli07, vietnamwar14, equation13, grafeisen15, katsudon19, mflove08, one brown crayon, two green crayons
Deck Lover 35: sawashirom02, sugitan07, sexytype03, sinnoh09, ivalice13, younggirls10
Deck Lover 36: gakuen15, makos18, gigacity17, darkening09, seinen08, confirmed07
Hi-5 Radio 133: chroma04, libera08, exposition15, voodoo12, wealthy05, flaming11, ichi-bal15, bassclef02, knave06, galge06
Deck Lover 37: mufflers20, cids01, uaa13, companions16, boxweapon04, tharsis19
Hi-5 Radio 132: killerslide12, flintlock09, fanclub01, alseides11
Hi-5 Radio 125: meijin01, directions14, aristocracy06, voile15, drinking17, tearcut20, puririn16, diamonds15, geek20, intention17, substitute07, duckcurse10
Hi-5 Radio 131: sketchbook19, swordfish03, myaano06, nurse13, magiic03, puyo18, fanservice20, heropon18, kagemusha07, seeress07

April 18th 2017
Release 084 - April:
1. prankdevil01
2. petowl13
3. overshadowed03
4. moves02
5. chatty01
6. bro02
7. corgi02
8. tough12
9. sleepy02
Special. himecuts05
Donated. braids01
Bonuses. nolonger01, 198805, tsuki05
Signature. sig_kiri2
[1581] Traded overshadowed03 for prankdevil03 with [personal profile] needles
[1582, 1583] Traded makuhita06 and bro02 for reinherz03 and prankdevil06 with [personal profile] junee
Received prankdevil20 as a gift from [personal profile] canute
Hi-5 Radio 129: cerulean20, blackmage08, pinch12, surpass11, platinum10, soundless16, cointoss15, stringless15, affectionate08, festival03
Hi-5 Radio 126: omoro16, saiyawoman04, numberone16, kalos12, goldenrod10, papillion05, soulgang01, glutton10, sailorfuku11, ayesir07, starfish08, assault02
Hi-5 Radio 128: trishula04, leasing04, businessman20, obnoxious15
Hi-5 Radio 127: change14, scythes17, dwn-02214, futari02, severe11, vicious10, trusts19, coronia17, lovespells04, cheri07, trickster01, prison01
Hi-5 Radio 130: smoke07, breaker17, aisu10, asteroid10
Hi-5 Radio 126: earthshaker15, solarhands07, agni06, express18, killerslide09, happylucky05, hakunon14, djinn13, microbes02, sousui12, shovel05, calamity05
Alfendi's Clues 296: maiko18, ostia17, tharsis11, voodoo09, scarlet05, encourage07, bookoflove17, midland15, british16, selfdefense06, 23706, pay14
Release 084 - April: echigoya10, adorable17, blackharu15, razorwind04, intensity07

April 20th 2017
[1584] Gifted petowl13 to [personal profile] madoka
Received theguild07, outlandish02, guiltycrown06, sleepy05, prankdevil02, chronos17 as gifts from [personal profile] madoka
[1585] Traded himecuts05 for prankdevil11 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[1586] Traded chatty01 for prankdevil05, samarkand10 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1587, 1588, 1589, 1590, 1591, 1592, 1593, 1594, 1595] Traded blackmage08, conjurer16, demonfists13, demonfists15, eblan04, eblan13, faction19, ivalice04, ivalice14 for prankdevil17, sleepy15, birthday09, respirator10, ryuseitai02, ryuseitai18, sidecut16, summer06, yohane01 with [personal profile] toffeecat
[1596, 1597, 1598, 1599, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1608, 1609] Traded almavivo17, anastasis04, blueoni20, class01, eccentric15, floatserve15, g-1202, gastronomy03, jazz09, mangaka09, mulberry04, spices14, paranoia17, thecrows18 for beneath09, confectioner02, eats06, fatal14, fine01, irontiger10, momo13, sakanoshita04, shiny13, shiny19, slopes18, tablesalt17, tsuki13, idolclub14 with [personal profile] instrumentality
[1610, 1611, 1612, 1613, 1614, 1615, 1616, 1617, 1618, 1619, 1620, 1621, 1622, 1623, 1624, 1625] Traded academy12, barefists04, barefists12, blacktrump08, brynhildr14, cavalry20, charmer05, conjurer14, devotion11, devotion18, distrustful02, eruyt03, feather06, gourmand14, gridania13, gunblade14 for bling16, committee03, deku10, irontiger02, idolclub16, jello05, jello17, lonepoet10, marinebio09, marinebio17, musicstart01, necklaces01, necklaces08, necklaces12, ritsu03, spiritual06 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
[1626, 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630, 1631, 1632, 1633, 1634, 1635, 1636, 1637, 1638, 1639, 1640, 1641, 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645, 1646, 1647, 1648, 1649, 1650, 1651, 1652, 1653, 1654, 1655] Gifted leftearring04, longinus16, longinus19, lucidlenses01, lucidlenses18, maester03, mtek-zero07, omnipedia07, paladin04, pluviale08, praetor18, psicom04, pulse19, ratsbane16, rusty13, seeress01, seeress07, shard02, shinra05, shinra16, summons11, syndicate14, syndicate15, tantalus13, taunts07, taunts20, thaumaturge04, thorshammer10, viera16, whitemage15 to [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Natsume's Book of Cards 07: lavender12, lavender15, lavender17, lavender19, lavender20

April 21st 2017
Received lavender01, lavender03, lavender05, lavender07, torule15 as gifts from [personal profile] scblakdrgon
art shop: tainted09, tainted10, tainted11, tainted12, tainted13, tainted14, tainted15, tainted16, tainted17, tainted18, tainted19, tainted20
Masteries: qualia01, hearts18, torule15, tsunshun07, luckless20, nolonger07, one gray crayon, one yellow crayon
[1656, 1657, 1658, 1659, 1660, 1661, 1662, 1663, 1664, 1665, 1666, 1667] Traded corgi02, animes07, animes13, broomstick16, digamma03, exams18, odango20, quotations03, schemer10, shinra03, uranus09, whitestorm12 for beneath10, eats09, fine09, ganbaruby03, irontiger20, lazying16, oneforall04, shuei-gumi09, troublesome05, committee02, keeneye10 with [personal profile] admiral

April 24th 2017
Colors Stamp Card 2: fishseller18, knuckles11, paintrain02, tsuruko09, braves02, merman03
Seiyuu Guess 285: certainty15, nonchalant11, internet07, guild02, biometals03, neo-www20
Rei's Friend Report 186: inorganic01, emulate16, handcuffs16, diamond08, dnn10, paruru20, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon
Scrapbook 184 - Braids: carefree02, giver12, clone15
Crazy Colors 162: patissier17, chuukaiya05, umeboshi01, doumei18, braveface03, sakanoshita08, dreamyball09, whiskers08, numberone07, troubadour10
Crazy Colors 162: fabricated20, crossdress08, funyarinpa03, lottery07, m008, wakaba15, pact17, villagerb10, trips13, firstlevel11
Crazy Colors 162: masculine11, sleeves03, xcution20, cry06, onoken09, denial18, provider05, ecchi02, discipline18, libero03
Crazy Colors 162: scrapped04, pe03, license13, voyager14, yamaken18, chisha17, yagoura12, duncenery03, 43rdsong15, shield15
Miku's Music Station 232: temari14, reimeiki11, pebble13, angelpowder10, ghostroom04, strikers12, flowertalk08
Colorseum 24-5: rosary17, pandemonium10, accomplice16, care20
Beauty Pageant 109: detectives18, mechapilots13, medicine07, dystopia17, varuga03, impatience18, ralts03, paintbrush15, brown crayon
Oikawa's Fan Mail 116: knit01, 8years08, idolfangirl01, yomihime04, lemonade03, mizar10, haiku17, enforcers15
Directions 119!: disaster12, entermachine01, inabox10, petals14, amara01, swindler14, single06, nthcolor09

April 25th 2017
No Context Theater 23: maids05, nomoney06, medicninj03, momo11, tainted10
Puzzle Chains 45: tough01, bubble19, shooter14, girls07, necessarius16, moumentai10, kamiyan05, acdc17, burdened04, swallow15, firstson07, curry19, one red crayon
Reading Between the Lines 237!: amnesiac15, psybeam13, policelady18, trishula11, hostility10, mugen16, twirl12, phonecalls14
Shadow Watching 237: astraeus16, highspirited12, newkama07, binge19, refreshing10, aqua15, twilight02, beautiful12
[1668, 1669, 1670, 1671, 1672, 1673, 1674, 1678] Traded cryokinesis07, dln-00717, dnn10, dwn-01017, dwn-01120, dwn-01409, dwn-01702, dwn-01813 for 198811, oasi19, rooftop03, girlfriend01, irontiger12, ninjaclub15, therapist10, troublesome09 with [personal profile] beezebeora
Received lavender11 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
[1679, 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685, 1686, 1687, 1688, 1689, 1690, 1691, 1692, 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696, 1697] Traded 92fs14, alohaoe08, pragmatist19, porcupine02, answer01, noda03, chastiefol03, dattebane19, dullahan01, driftbomb02, driftbomb04, embodiment08, libero03, hakari07, hokage03, kikaichu05, flaming11, garouga13, ghoul14 for prankdevil19, sleepy12, fishidol18, hellgirl19, sleepy20, totty14, 198803, nolonger06, oasi13, oasi14, oasi18, professional10, respirator14, samarkand08, shovel17, singlemom14, talentscout19, tresbien12, uravity08 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[1698, 1699, 1700, 1701] Gifted doggy12, ninjaclub10, ninjaclub15, ninjaclub16 to [personal profile] neverbepractical

April 26th 2017
Alfendi's Clues 297: chimcar19, shamanking13, salmon02, chartreux11, vengeful10, understand16
Puzzle Chains 46: hanjyuu06, armor02, male-type20, lemurian05, belarus14, lupan07, seitokai01, spain11, thetower20, pitviper20, begging03, results16, one purple crayon
Received 198806, 198814 as gifts from [personal profile] indiwyn
[1702, 1703, 1704, 1705] Traded acrobat19, acrophobia16, adorable17, alive08 for lazying08, oasi02, oasi04, troublesome17 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1706, 1707, 1708, 1709] Gifted alive16, ailecrono05, ailecrono11, alcohol12 to [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Switch It Up 139: housekeeper05, ukki17, sleepy13
Colors Stamp Card 4: ignite14, allegiance19, math02, emeraldhair06
Colors Stamp Card 4: syringe01, summon19, clock19, notlost14
Help Miss Kamila 107: lunatic14, dln-00815, salvation10, dunceney12, screentone14, grumbly08, paperthin10, obey08
Coloring Book 145: ruinprincess04, live11, maids06, daisuki07
Coloring Book 145: satisfaction16, presence19, sleepy03, office16

April 29th 2017
[1710, 1711, 1712, 1713, 1714, 1715, 1716, 1717] Gifted jigenhaoh05, logic13, loveng09, picky03, ppse17, two-faced19, usagibrand14, tainted10 to [personal profile] kureto
Received aqours10 as a gift from [personal profile] sharksteeth
[1718, 1719, 1720, 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724, 1728] Gifted medicninja03, naginata19, hotarumaru05, housenka07, financial03, chi06, chi13, mikazuki19 to [personal profile] sharksteeth
Received aliens20, chocolate05 as gifts from [personal profile] needles
[1729, 1730, 1731, 1732, 1733, 1734, 1735, 1736, 1737, 1738] Traded beli20, clueless13, piano17, phantom15, shaolin01, shaolin07, thief13, typhoon17, viola12, aces04 for chaperone13, lazying06, lazying20, swap17, teru08, aliens11 with [personal profile] eclair
[1739, 1740] Traded cardians09, firebuster11 for oneforall06, gymnast05 with [personal profile] chronikle
[1741, 1742, 1743, 1744, 1745, 1746, 1747, 1748, 1749] Gifted flirtatious19, makaiju14, monsters06, monsters15, songwriter14, teach06, temari14, temari17, cosplay15 to [personal profile] chronikle
[1750, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1754, 1755] Traded bassist05, battlebond10, battlebond11, hoenn05, hoenn09, makuhita09 for girlfriend02, hopespeak02, imposter11, incapable14, mole01, reinherz18 with [personal profile] junee
[1756, 1757, 1758, 1759, 1760, 1761, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1765] Gifted purpose14, ralts03, rollout15, speaking20, spore11, tackle13, upclose01, vinewhip16, watergun14, x-scissor11 to [personal profile] junee
[1766, 1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772] Traded 43rdsong15, blazingyato05, enmity13, inspired11, rallyingcry18, ravenous18, traps07 for bling11, fine03, froppy13, necklaces05, oasi05, respirator03, ryuseitai14 with [personal profile] vethica

April 30th 2017
[1773] Traded tough12 for prankdevil08 with [personal profile] vethica
Masteries: plumber16, uphim18, nolonger11, one red crayon
Reading Between the Lines 238!: fashionable18, india11, make-up06, rare04, hookshot10, stitching14, orchard03, polite17, homeroom20, swordsaint12, chaperone06, byakuei12, camellia17, soccerclub20, rich05, admin08, sunflower13, servbots20, secretarea11, touda03, one brown crayon, one yellow crayon
Shadow Watching 238: heresy08, abel05, hellfire09, panzer10, romantia16, noman19, kensei09, oldest04
Rei's Friend Report 187: advice10, dwn-01411, traitor18, bond17, bentenmaru17, lotte04
Miku's Music Station 233: scarlet11, composer16, stories19, seiken05, danderes20, cham14, krisna12
Oikawa's Fan Mail 117: fifthroom06, hiraikotsu03, filthy05, honii16, yamakami10, adieu15, lottery17, eligible02, dreams11, tantalus04
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 156: newbie09, salaryman20, cadet16, virtual05, demonhand18, blaze06, tianzi20
Directions 120!: peshent19, veil16, muda20, florist11, shuffle08, allstars14, pendragon12, maleantags02
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 157: violence12, blackshadow13, bedridden14, elegant12, infected19, subordinate02, lightblue12, ragnarok18
Host Club Giveaway 157: dukedom05, diligent12, traveler13, kuwabara06, samuraicat16, trapnest19
Crazy Colors 163: dwn-01004, iai15, evolution08, pointer10, contramundi13
Colorseum 25-1: stranger03, insei16, kill16, thriller05, inside05, kyokugen12, cloudburst19, pikarigaoka14
Natsume's Book of Cards 08: ocarina06, ocarina15, dates02, dates04, dates09
[1774, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786] Traded your aisu10, bankruptcy09, bet20, fivedays15, girls05, girls07, karmicloop07, mustache01, poorthing13, quick19, screentone14, seafood06, selfies04 for akatsuki13, attachment20, chaperone07, housekeeper04, housekeeper07, irontiger03, swap12, tablesalt02, ukki03, ukki04, yousoro13, tobiume06, tobiume12 with [personal profile] adurotum
[1787, 1788] Gifted souschef05, velvetroom04 to [personal profile] adurotum

May 2nd 2017
Received dates11, dates12, ocarina17, ocarina18 as gifts from [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Swap Station 72: hitwoman13, idolfangirl04, lazying12, lazying09

May 4th 2017
[1789, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801] Traded believe05, chainsaw16, eggshells19, fincutter06, flowercrown19, greenshell11, heropon03, popup05, popup20, sweet20, vampirecat15, helper12, companions16 for aliens07, amazing18, bling18, chronos15, doggy04, erase15, fukurodani20, jazzdance15, karateclub19, outlandish05, reinherz19, sleepy10, pajamas14 with [personal profile] catfriend
Natsume's Book of Cards 09: drumisland10, drumisland16, drumisland18, sandal14, sandal20

May 8th 2017
[1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808] Traded attorney18, barehanded18, gal02, gal06, gal15, junkshop20, mountain07 for direction11, 198807, bigdipper07, birthday12, direction14, slopes12, tooth17 with [personal profile] zekroms

May 10th 2017
Alfendi's Clues 298: demoness08, hardcandy20, therion17, spiritual13, despair09, sagittarius04
Art Lessons with Amu 243: ishidaa19, promise10, zafkiel09, thezombie02, otaku13, storybooks17, create11, tsuruko16, slimes16, clean-cut04, flameking14, sabers04, broccoli17, badges18, gatlingpin04, stitching20, ember03, okikurumi12, presence20, ccarayhua12, tama19, daisuki03, tama18, creepysmile01, three yellow crayons, one orange crayon, one green crayon, one brown crayon, one gray crayon, one blue crayon
Art Lessons with Amu 244: wrath10, forkball01, experience19, godstongue16, oriental10, chimera09, petowl14, mindset04, one blue crayon, one purple crayon
Help Miss Kamila 108: beach18, pasttunnel09, athlum07, duel14
Puzzle Chains 47: loveshower17, highrollers19, crystaleyes12, fleshcan02, coilturn01, paternal06, piercings14, cooltype13, rodent02, rallyingcry17, voltswitch12, testament17, one gray crayon
Colors Stamp Card 4: monoke04, terpsichora01, flower15, rairaiken03
Shadow Watching 239: meridiana20, graceful11, pilebunker04, canine02, virginity13, kwando19, highpriest15, engineer01
Reading Between the Lines 239!: birdplush18, swordofodin06, 300IQ19, diagonstics16, tohoku09, oshi-san14, against02, unemezoku16
Rei's Friend Report 188: sleeves04, lute10, contract15, doubledash11, headangel18, dixnevf14
[1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1813] Gifted drumisland10, drumisland16, drumisland18, sandal14, sandal20 to [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Colorseum 25-2: admin18, machines04, junk15, magical06, blades05, horn06, rorona14, trichronika16
Directions 121!: kannagi16, ecchan16, unwritten04, massacre04, amberamour18, choker18, twig05, paintrain13
Oikawa's Fan Mail 118: galactic07, logic12, savvy01, second06, traumatized02, angels16, icedragon20, watching06
art studio: tainted01, tainted02, tainted03, tainted04, tainted05, tainted06, tainted07, tainted08
Beauty Pageant 110: runa10, debonair20, medabot01, sympathy14, cooking20, alcoholic12, bentenmaru16, money01, purple crayon
Art Lessons with Amu 245: hellgirl10, badboxart07, pointy07, shoekeeper14, ritual10, devil10, undead20, revolution10, elocution13, anastasis03, tough13, chatty01, two red crayons, one yellow crayon, one gray crayon
Swap Station 73: dates15, overelement19, shovel15, tresbien12
Scramble! 71: hamusenryu03, words13, cola06, energy13, belderiver19, proverbs20, concealing12, zookeeper07, ruinhunter17, myaano08, manatree05, ferret12, pharle11, revive12, quotations14, gunbuster02, teapot12, awaken08, ballet17, forks04, grandprix05, whiteclown15, clow17, trailblazer09, gakuran06, fathers11, puyo05, one blue crayon
Alfendi's Clues 299: escaflowne10, itegumo06, cake16, liars08, adoration15, blackrabbit07
Scramble! 72: foxtail01, elendia16, javelin12, carry09, inventions05, socialite01, hitoriomou07, genesis15, futuring03, fundoshi12, flirting03, davinci10, one brown crayon
Scramble! 73: reckon02, salvation12, masou06, mistress19, schwert08, zeref12, elemio10, wine07, rosepin01, laconic16, desire09, gears04, one orange crayon
Coloring Book 146: defending07, bluewater08, tama19, wetsuit13
Coloring Book 146: righteous17, ares01, wasu19, lance15
Coloring Book 145: lance12, lucoa19

May 14th 2017
Scramble! 74: negotiator18, ikebana08, robberfly03, aman06, ceramics01, riverbank04, colorball09, froppy20, monk17, upbringing07, one orange crayon
Scramble! 75: xscar14, foundyou08, einstein18, swordia19, naivete19, dwn-01208, witchtrial17, name18, four-leaf13, were-cat02, one green crayon
Scramble! 76: griefseed11, almavivo08, secluded07, illegal06, late05, sleeping07, hunter17, shouen07, logical20, irontiger15, one orange crayon
Scramble 77: divulgence01, regret16, foul16, androphobia07, daathic05, dragonship03, seal17, converted10, shenhu10, schoolidol02, one yellow crayon
Scramble 78: shogiclub08, crossspear07, paladin13, fc3s12, boots14, invincible17, selfdefense13, sousui11, five12, date06, one yellow crayon
Scramble 79: helping06, meramera12, tarot20, cryokinesis12, aquapearl17, blackmage04, tapereel05, biker06, talented17, schwert14, another01, fengshui08, darling10, udon05, trident14, mohawk05, trapeze09, masculine03, tabiidol06, pigtails15, one purple crayon
Scramble 80: mercury14, icecream18, bsaa02, sparrow10, majokko17, deathmetal19, karma10, umbra18, symbologist09, boisterous20, one green crayon
[1814, 1815] Traded Katsudon19 and Beehive03 for prankdevil15, sleepy04 with [personal profile] kelliedee
Recycled Art: irontiger09, irontiger19, purewhite09, purewhite12
[1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, 1827] Gifted beehive15, calamity02, calamity05, goggles09, goggles16, hyourinmaru18, lugnica06, moumentai10, moumentai18, nekopunch20, regalia10, tail04 to [personal profile] kelliedee
Seiyuu Guess 286: revocs05, watchguard10, defense08, badcop07, sharering09, momo20
Seiyuu Guess 287: thief20, rosegarden10, elegant18, porcupine20, silpelit16, ship04, editor04, chaotix07, cats20, umn02, bloodscythe10, legend05, one red crayon
Seiyuu Guess 288: supporters10, beyondard06, ideals12, driftbomb05, shunshin20, eon17
Rei's Friend Report 189: meister11, bread02, arphage18, stringer04, narcoleptic05, pomegrante12
Colorseum 25-3: branchgate18, ueno02, trafficjam15, tristan18, himalayan19, fakekey06, trapnest13, deyansu20
Miku's Music Station 234: another19, reptile10, sogeking08, genking06, carpenter14, waterfall19, cuter13
donate a deck: brewery13, gyrostorm17, admin20, meyvn11, enamored10, hurricane03, social09, pk10, popular02, one purple crayon, one brown crayon, one orange crayon
Swap Station 74: spiritual17, spiritual15, spiritual05, spiritual09

May 15th 2017
[1828] Traded moves02 for prankdevil04 with [personal profile] netbug009
[1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838] Gifted anteater02, cards16, danganbeat08, data16, dream04, eto-shin02, eto-shin13, eto-shin18, halftone03, halftone12 to [personal profile] dustybunny
[1839, 1840, 1841, 1842] Gifted ducttape19, highentia19, spin09, gatling01 to [personal profile] 9tales
[1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1854, 1855] Traded admin20, advice04, allegiance09, anastasis13, aquapearl14, aristocracy06, badcop18, bentenmaru09, bentenmaru13, elocution13, hexes16, rallyingcry17, rejection06, wasu19 for confection15, theguild01, beginner10, chocolat14, committee04, overexcited04, shiratorizawa04, sidecut15, stable18, tokimeki10, tooth09, tresbien18, ukki09, idolclub15 with [personal profile] vethica
Oikawa's Fan Mail 119: farmer18, sorry03, caretaker20, figurine19, baldy20, chibidragon10, homophobe04, pisky02
Directions 122!: record04, fakehero17, captive04, liberate04, beauty10, blaming19, tenpa-kun16, piglet20
Deck Lover 38: fathers19, arcana05, twintails15, namimori02, ousaka19, sanctuary16
Deck Lover 39: cids18, novbirthday11, rift18, mothers19, retro12, ships07
Deck Lover 40: dragon-type15, allstars13, rift14, femaleidols09, nightshade12, jinchuuriki09
Crazy Colors 166: myunit15, grownup08, sinner13, 199817, aquarimms05
Swap Station 75: froppy04, froppy06, hellgirl01, hellgirl14, hellgirl03, hellgirl05, hitwoman11, hitwoman18, kill05, kill14, spirutual02, spiritual13, tresbien03, tresbien05, tresbien20, tresbien04
Colors Stamp Card 5: antique03, lance05, himeya14, parasite16
Release 085 - May:
1. killing01
2. supreme03
3. 2ndlt02
4. thecalm03
5. cynophobia04
6. freezes06
7. catbus06
8. gizoid03
Bonus. dates19, highpeak19
Donated. lgbtmanga01, lgbtmanga17, lgbtgames03
Signature. sig_kiri2
[1856] Traded 2ndlt02 for killing03 with [personal profile] eclair
[1857] Traded supreme03 for killing02 with [personal profile] needles

May 20th 2017
[1858, 1859, 1860] Traded flawless02, tsunshun07, tsunshun09 for killing18, harumaki15, critical03 with [personal profile] yoonghwa
Received killing19 as a gift from [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866] Traded blackmage04, meyvn11, odyssey19, paladin13, results16, tantalus04 for 198820, birthday06, dashing15, killing17, harumaki06, critical15 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Received killing20, harumaki13, critical02 as gifts from [personal profile] canute
[1867] Traded thecalm03 for killing04 with [personal profile] toffeecat
[1868] Traded Cynophobia04 for killing05 with [personal profile] kelliedee
[1869] Traded flame15, thief20 for uravity13, slopes04 with [personal profile] eclair
Received jazzdance16, guiltycrown03, guiltycrown16, shiratorizawa09, shiratorizawa13 as gifts from [personal profile] eclair
[1870] Traded freezes06 for killing06 with [personal profile] sharksteeth
[1871] Traded catbus06 for killing07 with [personal profile] catfriend
[1872] Traded gizoid03 for killing08 with [personal profile] dustybunny
Received marinebio01 as a gift from [personal profile] chronikle
[1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877] Traded bond17, chatty01, harasho07, logic12, support01 for outlandish15, troublesome16, all-seeing20, everyday19, observe15 with [personal profile] chronikle
[1878, 1879] Gifted support02 and support11 to [personal profile] chronikle
[1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1886, 1887] Traded almavivo08, anastasis03, anastasis20, class17, foul16, fundoshi12, godstongue16 for 198802, amazing03, dashing09, dashing14, hopespeak10, lonepoet12, outlandish18 with [personal profile] instrumentality
Alfendi's Clues 300: ember12, chisha17, lateshift08, crossdrive15, letranger18, oujuu19
Reading Between the Lines 240!: youthful17, raven07, octbirthday02, beehive10, talent08, yang14, victim11, magiccancel18, stringer15, musuem11, meek02, chemist10, couturier12, soporific02, segway15, friedchicken17, mini11, stupiddog02, kismet19, tonic17, one gray crayon, one brown crayon
Shadow Watching 240: extar19, avatar18, kakinoki17, kill06, species18, fertility09, homophobe14, opera10
Puzzle Chains 49: secret02, pizzicato15, teapot02, leonhelp19, lip-ring04, ratsbane06, handshake15, beginner18, kokushin04, topspeed06, wilkis03, kickboxer06, one red crayon
Pick a Color 134: sockpuppet05, healing20, bunnydoll18, supermodel16, project19, hotheaded19, trains07, lyrics09, rice06, vendor12, milkyrose04, dormouse01, fairies13, amber15, sinker06, yondaime01, daisy05, deus14
Rei's Friend Report 190: kimurar13, intention05, outerspace17, pururun05, nomoney17, uptight01
Colorseum 25-4: stitching01, muaythai11, arbalest12, admire20, combat06, lemonade06, caregiver03, rascal19
Oikawa's Fan Mail 120: conqueror10, ndlcanon11, ducttape15, curemarch03, zephyr05, vikingtiger12, all-knowing18, warhero20
Beauty Pageant 111: suffering19, itadakimasu06, redoni12, daddy07, strongwill03, heropon02, insensitive04, thezombie19, blue crayon

May 22nd 2017
[1888, 1889, 1890] Traded aldan06, aldan20, armor02 for killing16, harumaki05, critical17 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
[1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904] Gifted contract10, contract15, couturier12, couturier20, driftbomb05, dtr01, dtr18, fiancee14, greekgod01, holyknight10, lust18, lyrics09, museum11, mushi19 to [personal profile] neverbepractical
Received deathmetal07, tablesalt01, talentscout18, theguild20, yohane04 as gifts from [personal profile] neverbepractical
[1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915] Gifted revocs05, saint05, silpelit16, silverknife13, sin03, third18, transfer01, trips16, waitress01, waitress05, woodpecker06 to [personal profile] neverbepractical
art studio: odasaku01, odasaku02, odasaku03, odasaku04, odasaku05, odasaku06, odasaku07, odasaku08
art shop: odasaku09, odasaku10, odasaku11, odasaku12, odasaku13, odasaku14, odasaku15, odasaku16, odasaku17, odasaku18, odasaku19, odasaku20, waltz01, waltz02, waltz03, waltz04, waltz05, waltz06, waltz07, waltz08, waltz09, waltz10, waltz11, waltz12, waltz13, waltz14, waltz15, waltz16, waltz17, waltz18, waltz19, waltz20, nailart01, nailart02, nailart03, nailart04, nailart05, nailart06, nailart07, nailart08, nailart09, nailart10, nailart11, nailart12, nailart13, nailart14, nailart15, nailart16, nailart17, nailart18, nailart19, nailart20, pious01, pious02, pious03, pious04, pious05, pious06, pious07, pious08, pious09, pious10, pious11, pious12, pious13, pious14, pious15, pious16, pious17, pious18, pious19, pious20
Masteries: eleventh13, maverick03, nolonger02, one yellow crayon, skill-out09, fugaku01, nolonger04, one gray crayon, tresbien18, submit10, nolonger05, one green crayon, loligothic16, tonfa05, nolonger09, one blue crayon

May 25th 2017
Pick a Color 134: chrysalis13, hounan17, azran14, judas10, feiris01, shesmay18, cr-s0115, sultry05, musicboxes03, scorched02, carryon20, governor16, two red crayons
Directions 123!: x-rayvision16, ateapot18, homunculi08, raziel06, innodove14, license16, ninja09, knave17
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 158: sushi01, family12, loud07, pandora06, irises20, seifuku03, lotus10, spiderwebs18
Alfendi's Clues 301: farming16, hamelin20, oceanside05, concealed19, tensho16, tagged04
Crazy Colors 167: veggies06, salon15, reckless05, seaslug15, black04
Coloring Book 147: curemiracle17, explosion07, skyland04, snowflower13
Coloring Book 147: race11, spiritenergy17, holocaster05, galux17
Puzzle Chains 50: liondance02, argent02, nyaa05, descendant14, spicyfood07, rosette03, beastmaster13, uryu12, dogtags12, puppet15, teases10, longing09, one blue crayon
Switch It Up 141: neoaikido06
Shadow Watching 242: badcop08, chalphy15, fortune09, 66902, demonstone16, accused18, bohemian01, raftfleet04
Reading Between the Lines 242!: lucavi02, megane13, snowwhite04, grafeisen02,inexpressive03, lenster11, companion01, exp19, fisticuffs08, doujinka04, inherit06, vexed08, knowing07, goldsaucer18, pegasus06, remakes12, darkknight08, defense13, 10join12, yoohoo20, one blue crayon, one gray crayon
Coloring Book 146: gizoid02, peachtree15
Host Club Giveaway 158: confectioner13, theinferno17, dcn-02807
[1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929] Gifted angelic18, fashionable18, gal16, gangleader11, gangster06, home01, likeabird09, pe03, player10, player19, singer19, sweat09, talentshow08, teller18 to [personal profile] whimsyfairy

June 1st 2017
[1930] Traded pester10 for killing09 with [personal profile] admiral
[1931] Traded Beehive16 for Royalties19 with [personal profile] kelliedee
[1932, 1933, 1934] Traded carabosse04, coquettish16, and dixneuf14 for killing15, harumaki07, critical10 with [personal profile] instrumentality
Switch It Up 141: role02
Rei's Friend Report 191: owner20, virus06, 10join15, mayor15, lobster16, manners19
Oikawa's Fan Mail 121: blueking11, natural01, mako16, morals18, galzzly14, sweets16, sparkling04, honoo17
Colorseum 25-5: third05, ensign18, anko05, choice14, consumption10, symmetry12, flowerclip16, bugkingdom11
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 159: theend07, braves04, harmony16, ikayaki16, sanjouin16, julia01, 66808, arcusprima07
Directions 124!: tari07, whitebreath13, tutored12, golems06, consumption20, professional07, cankutsuou05, liberate07
Seiyuu Guess 289: wakamoto04, royalty13, violin03, chawanmushi17, sketching10, speedroid11
Seiyuu Guess 290: taichou09, einstein01, priest12, selfies05, muhi07, itchy02, m004, bow12, sanguinem18, lycee13, sullen17, poisonsting17, one brown crayon
Seiyuu Guess 291: railgun16, code06, chawanmushi13, soft11, blademaster16, moral16
Swap Station 76: tresbien08, tresbien01, tresbien09, tresbien19
Crazy Colors 168: netidol13, loveshower10, supergirl16, centurio19, finanical20
Help Miss Kamila 111: primera19, glutton10, cowbell18, amulet10, newyears13, assassins06
donate a deck: skyland04, rabi20, tennyo12, galileo17, orphan02, leasing10, sunflowers05, uncouth01, bleep10, one brown crayon, one orange crayon, one gray crayon

June 2nd 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 02: luckyseven02, toilette05
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 01: luckyseven01, kiseki-ou05, fractale07, darkroom15

June 4th 2017
Rei's Friend Report 192: donuts09, allmen20, hanagumi19, avenge15, kyuudou11, flowerclip01
Oikawa's Fan Mail 122: rewind18, fishidol15, windor07, mirakurun18, suzumori06, virgo15, voltswitch07, sports06
★ Beauty Pageant 112: mindofgod02, fanservice06, bodyswap05, bon07, parfait16, dragoon17, bicycle11, inari18, orange crayon
Colors Chat #72: typhoon12, smell18, kamatari04, gatlingpin15, burdened20, drumisland15, apologetic14, meganes16
Colorseum 26-1: artistic13, paprika01, shoeless11, scale17, pureenergy13, dragunou20, funeral13, endings19
Directions 125!: drooling13, metatron11, icy11, wristband05, watchers18, corrosion09, giroexpress12, memory06
Hi-5 Radio 134: birthmark13, newbie03, playgirl17, keibu17, ladyship07, esper08, tricks17, rarechips18, changing18, anklets15
No Context Theater 24: cellist01, nohomo14, pompous11, trygle02, entomologist15
Hi-5 Radio 135: byakugan16, ugly11, devil12, dominance06, council12, umbrella04, karaoke13, assistant08, chawanmushi20, following15
No Context Theater 25: killing17, snowflower11, wasu06, petowl03, nomoney19
Hi-5 Radio 136: omyouji17, slopes10, fabulous17, revolt05, octal13, hatchin07, seeing08, tarundoru01, enforcer14, blitzball12
Scrapbook 186 - Canon LGBT+ Characters from Manga/Anime: holyark19, dln-00413, toxin16, peachtree16, bluesteel17, brawn05
Scrapbook 187 - Canon LGBT+ Characters from Video Games: shock06, guile19, paiselypark09, burdened03, silkyheart16, hades09
Hi-5 Radio 137: magnet15, kurohigi05, itegumo09, kaijou05, beatdown03, chivalry08, robin05, stupid20, excellion19, dice07
Deck Lover 41: hayashibara10, rpgmaker12, sakurait08, selphia20, newyears08, mascots06
[1935, 1936] Gifted smoker11, violin03 to [personal profile] eclair
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 160: trapnest09, lovedeluxe07, imperial17, forazsaiqa02, aroused08, muga08, kanebo04, blitzball18, ghouls16
[1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947] Traded deceitful11, goldsaucer18, hounan17, kiseki-ou05, knowing07, mahirunoyo09, raimeiki11, ratsbane06, sanguinem18, vexed08, uncouth01 for binge08, neoaikido13, outlandish14, parlortricks01, purewhite05, reinherz14, shiny10, all-seeing05, cdplayer12, ninjaclub04, ninjaclub19 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon
Received killing14, harumaki16, critical05 as gifts from [personal profile] jailynn
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 04: ryuseitai04, luckyseven04
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 03: luckyseven03, swap06
Recycled Art: amazing04, dexterous16, jazzdance03, kapow04, kapow06, ninjaclub02, rosenburg15, royalties04, tennis07, teru12
Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand: REWARDS CLAIMING: sweat12, shoutoku18, fancastle14, flare01, crest10, mochimazu20, bye-bye02, cataclysm02, ban-chan08, code0508, one brown crayon,charms08, secluded16, small09, anxiouswhite13, nicknames10, goals05, solarknee03, meatbuns18, aokiji12, memento13, mayor01, integrity03, trickyfox06, cellphone19, scarydriver03, ruinprincess12, riddles07, name20, sablier03, workaholic05, one purple crayon,eggshells03, knuckles01, deco05, mayotama19, promiscuous17, abuse07, extinction11, giganto05, judas06, saiyaman03, rufous05, poultry20, bronco04, mizuki15, dango02, sanction14, prodigal09, peacock03, iai09, klarerwind20, trueknight14, flankshot10, hexes15, seashells04, crowanima19, abandon19, conductor11, beer03, ember09, dempsey10, viola18, minami10,ueno01, repressed09, sohcahtoa11, accountant09, shikon10, compulsive10, spices13, kurikara02, triad09, storybook01, athena05, dota18, kill02, airiel14, practice13, active12, negate13, roleplay20, one gray crayon

June 6th 2017
Reading Between the Lines 243!: archangel06, al-thamen02, megaphone04, code0308, ladle12, rice18, piccolo20, japan11
Shadow Watching 243: medusa07, diariumejus12, spiderqueen06, trueblood06, alive17, vividkiss07, rootflare20, wearsamask19
Puzzle Chains 51: cornelia11, anima02, jr19, inherit08, mustache15, deluded08, tights20, nekomimi13, knives10, mysteria14, foxes07, ichor06, one green crayon
Alfendi's Clues 302: spalding08, passage12, xinye04, talent18, thorshammer07, mibugumi15, boyslove19, paranoia14, ramble20, health-care09, raijin14, percussion11
Received beginner11, harumaki10 as gifts from [personal profile] eclair
[1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955] Traded yoohoo20, worlds19, widow01, widow20, wakaba15, undernet06, undernet13, twirl04, twirl12, supporter02, stalker01, stalker04, popular02, roll11, request03, rorona14, rosegarden10, salamander10, salon15 for doggy03, fine15, nolonger14, foresight17, miraizura08, rooftop09, sidecut18, stable20, tsuki17, theguild17, theguild15, beneath12, eats07, erase20, pervy15, rumraisin01, rumraisin09, ritsu18, tooth18 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Received ryuseitai13 as a gift from [personal profile] chronikle

June 8th 2017
[1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962] Traded piccolo20, meganes16, badpun04, badpun08, corrine17, datatennis12, soccer10 for develop02, parlortricks18, theguild12, threestars01, professional09, purewhite16, sidecut07 with [personal profile] laciewings
[1963, 1964, 1965, 1966] Traded alive17, alseides02, amulet10, annihilate16 for necklaces18, prankdevil10, royalties01, royalties07 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[1967, 1968, 1969] Traded ayakashi13, ayakashi19, dog09 for killing13, harumaki02, critical12 with [personal profile] commandant
[1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994] Gifted kayo-chin01, kayo-chin03, kayo-chin04, kayo-chin05, kayo-chin07, kayo-chin08, kayo-chin12, kayo-chin15, kayo-chin16, kayo-chin18, kayo-chin20, lovewing01, lovewing03, lovewing04, lovewing05, lovewing07, lovewing20, musicstart03, musicstart06, musicstart10, musicstart13, musicstart14, musicstart16, musicstart17, musicstart19 to [personal profile] neverbepractical
Switch It Up 142: royalties15

June 10th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 03: coo16, paradise02, antoinette12, midorikaru19
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 1: northstar02, whiskers12, penguinx17
Help Kamila 112: pyromaniac20, doumei19, leopard18, dolls12
Pick a Color 135: two orange crayons, one yellow crayon, two red crayons
Pick a Color 136: killing19, reforest03, braids07, skyland05, creepysmile14
Coloring Book 148: caduceus12, mssweets18, cellist16, wakamoto07
Coloring Book 148: tights15, surfing12, distress02, critical13
Puzzle Chains 52: billionaire12, chemistry09, throwdown11, topidol12, entei02, orpheus03, herbs12, darkfire18, hardcandy10, lostwife03, tsunshun05, circles06, one blue crayon
Shadow Watching 244: scarves07, meyvn01, oldfriend06, ranger10, coordinator09, ishrasark01, stronger06, moodmaker03
Reading Between the Lines 244!: bakeneko16, babuu11, bluestar08, jimuguri19, dragonfoot02, younger19, punyaan04, amnesiac05, approval14, siva09, rosettaarrow02, mezzoforte01, sextype06, whiterabbit17, seawitch01, noona08, valet05, lunartear06, changban05, tsukuyo04, two gray crayons
Swap Station 78: tresbien02, tresbien14, tresbien06, tresbien19
Colors Stamp Card 7 - Special Round!: rakugo06, shopping03, meyvn05, rainmaker05, torule02, bloodsucking18, aquarimms06, luckycharm09
Host Club Giveaway 159: pikopiko17, hoteldusk11, chesspieces04, university07, sociopath08, jiangshi20
[1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999] Gifted chawanmushi13, chawanmushi17, lovewing08, lovewing16, lovewing18 to [personal profile] needles
Rei's Friend Report 193: eternia19, studying19, gaiseric02, over90007, challenges12, bail06
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 07: luckyseven07, bjd18, roulette15, tenmon10, poverty10, titrel04
Miku's Music Station 236: receptionist18, dummy14, testament16, haratetsu05, conflicted16
[2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007] Traded 1810, 300iq19, anxiouswhite13, ballet17, billiards12, better08, better17, byakugan16 for binge17, critical08, develop01, entomologist01, hitwoman17, mole12, strategist01, yousoro14 with [personal profile] beezebeora

June 11th 2017
[2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027] Gifted 199807, 199812, 199817, Avarice14, Cola04, Cola06, DDR16, DragonClaw17, Faust05, Feathers12, Feathers13, Gun14, Heart09, Heart11, Javelin12, Javelin14, Javelin15, Loyalty10, Tagged04, Yatagarasu07 to [personal profile] theblushofdawn
[2028, 2029] Traded Engetsu06, Engetsu17 for killing14 and harumaki18 with [personal profile] theblushofdawn
Oikawa's Fan Mail 123: arthur12, nora13, paranoia11, psicom14, townandcity15, leaves03, compact19, corn15
Colorseum 26-2: huladance14, redgem10, undefeated19, betray09, peterpan12, feather08, rockwall20, goldsaucer07
Directions 126!: reptile02, kingjj11, daemons10, firetruck16, perlite09, somnians01, coroner03, hotarumaru12
Valentine's Day Candy Wrappers!: killing10, killing11, killing12, dates01, dates03, dates05, dates07, toilette01, toilette02, toilette03, toilette04, toilette06, toilette07, toilette08, toilette09, toilette10, toilette11, toilette12, toilette13, toilette14, toilette15, toilette16, fine16, cyborg02, cybermedic09, gsleague03, rukh04, launch13, minuses12, hamusenryu03, tantalus03, dragunov06, half-elf08, youngest03, number211, xcution16, neko-neko16, redhood15, glabados17, aptx486906, durandal08, elemental17, romaantiqua04, volcano04, witchhunter10, elemio20, amita17, ailecrono17, satsuma16, fifth07, gewehr13, contests05, eyepatch19, mahou13, lady18, angerpunch20, fighter14, biology08, wakaba02, sprinting17, dreamdiary05, netbomb19, gunner09, kabukidance20, save17, punk10, fashion11, amazing19, tsukikage06
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 10: swap09, highpeak11, ryuseitai05, tablesalt03, nolonger18
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 08: luckyseven08, ryuseitai07, toilette20, tablesalt10
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 09: luckyseven09

June 14th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 13: ryuseitai08, idolclub02, luckyseven13

June 16th 2017
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 161 (ROUND RESET): roseprince06, softball02, goron18
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 2: formal05, monkey10, chuukaiya02
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 06: luckyseven06, maouryuu13, eligible17, anty20
Crazy Colors 170: lust19, claw01, owngoal16, lemonsoda03, chiefmaid08
Alfendi's Clues 303: scholarship14, einstein05, seawizard18, fugaku06, kansai08, umn15
Coloring Book 147: one red crayon, one blue crayon
Puzzle Chains 53: rollflash17, animes06, tamarin17, watcher01, village06, voulge12, sapphire11, wildrush19, D9908, stealth10, goatee01, searching15, one orange crayon
Coloring Book 148: jkd11, yewbow02, nailart08, develop06
Coloring Book 148: predilection15, faith09, entomologist05, jeanpaul13
Shadow Watching 245: shippudash17, decbirthday14, cockroaches14, minalinsky10, vandimion10, ensign05, birdcalls09, dranzer11
Reading Between the Lines 245!: bubble08, master10, entertainer15, bjd08, weather05, pact01, burmecia02, magitek03
Rei's Friend Report 194: theories18, eyeshadow17, yuki-onna11, lonewolf03, hebihime04, undying07
[2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034] Traded avatar18, myunit15, theinferno17, wasu06, wakamoto04 for harumaki04, respirator06, singlemom17 with [personal profile] vethica
[2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2044, 2045, 2046, 2047, 2048, 2049, 2050, 2051, 2052, 2053, 2054] Gifted border13, bullmask05, dewicious05, farmer18, fashionable01, fenrir01, health-care09, homeroom09, literary15, megaphone04, miko13, miko14, mystery04, namekian03, player11, unemotional02, voile18, gensokyo03, gensokyo07, gensokyo17 to [personal profile] arcadianmyrmidon
[2055, 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059, 2060, 2061, 2062, 2063, 2064, 2065, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2069, 2070, 2071, 2072, 2073, 2074, 2075, 2076, 2077, 2078, 2079, 2080, 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084, 2085, 2086, 2087, 2088, 2089] Traded aki-lucky06, attentive11, avenge15, conqueror10, coo16, earring06, eggshells03, fireorb12, glory05, headangel14, hellafire04, horny19, iceorb09, lightningorb06, mute07, mute12, myunit15, nanatsusaya17, romantia16, seagulls17, seagulls19, shunshin12, shunshin20, clow17, earthquake18, gray15, gray16, griefseed11, jinchuuriki18, nightshade12, otherworld06, psybeam13, region14, sabers04, sabers17 for aliens18, bigdipper13, birthday11, erase02, keeneye16, lacrosse09, lacrosse16, never14, never18, oasi16, ocarina09, outlandish07, returns16, stargaze01, threestars02 with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
[2090, 2091, 2092, 2093, 2094, 2095, 2096, 2097, 2098, 2099, 2100, 2101] Traded aroused08, calligrapher17, cellist01, cellist16, corratec07, komoicorps10, lying03, peachtree15, peachtree16, sleepyash15, whiskey09, whiskey12 for erase07, guile06, lacrosse15, momo17, neoaikido17, never11, never17, therapist11 with [personal profile] kureto
[2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111] Traded kagemusha17, naught16, overexert05, psicom14, starter10, submit10, tamarin19, twig05, twig18, twig19 for guiltycrown20, keeneye15, never08, petowl17, professional08, reading12, role08, stalks17, troublesome04, troublesome14 with [personal profile] toffeecat

June 18th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 15: luckyseven15, ryuseitai17
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary Day 17 - Director's Cut: luckyseven17
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 11: luckyseven11
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 5: luckyseven05, tsubasa01, marriage11, starfox20, resurrect16, earthquake10, delve07, jetstream01, motorbike05, distanced14, friedeggs18, wisewolf13, rosecohcon19, one brown crayon
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 14: luckyseven14, one orange crayon, one brown crayon, ryuseitai10 and idolclub10
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 3: azuresky11, reporter09, slopes10
Colorseum 26-3: hugs04, introvert11, gecko18, momokan01, chromatus02, taozi19, special13, betrayal06
Directions 127!: cloudwine08, vex05, thezombie07, fairytale19, nude16, osa-p02, landlady07, senace03
No Context Theater 27: protagonist04, sylphid02, prankdevil13, harumaki17, virus04
No Context Theater 28: grandpa20, pimpmyride17, nailart19, stalks19, magikazam20
No Context Theater 29: wrongbag08, guiltycrown18, meromero15, wasu19, mindset16
No Context Theater 30: oldgrowth10, clubfun07, protagonist20, wetsuit13, pester13
No Context Theater 31: housemaid15, sylphid09, rakugo17, hesitation03, corgi05
Delete Shiritori With Kumagawa 162: lunartear06, torchic09, filmmaker08
Deck Lover 42: ossan10, portalstone07, swimtrunks11, endings06, trailblazer08, circus05
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 16: luckyseven16, ryuseitai01
[2112, 2113, 2114, 2115, 2116] Traded cross13, fc3s12, ore-sama08, ore-sama14, takoyaki09 for fine20 with [personal profile] eclair
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 18: luckyseven18, ryuseitai03, one orange crayon

June 20th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 19: ryuseitai06 and yuri14 and luckyseven19
Received neoaikido11, harumaki11, critical16, develop07, supreme18, outerspace13, foresight15, role15, parlortricks17, patrol11 as gifts from [personal profile] madoka
[2117, 2118, 2119, 2120, 2121, 2122, 2123, 2124, 2125, 2126, 2127, 2128, 2129, 2130, 2131, 2132, 2133, 2134, 2135, 2136, 2137, 2138, 2139, 2140, 2141, 2142, 2143, 2144, 2145, 2146] Traded honeyflash06, catpuns08, reforest03, nailart08, nailart19, abilities05, aurite01, circle10, cids01, cids18, devon03, draculina04, electricity08, eternia13, feather08, flashcard07, freezing12, hypnotizing17, insensitive04, killyou05, magitek07, musket10, poisonsting17, prefect08, scan07, shiitake06, sociopath08, survive17, trichronika16, viewpoint10 for dokidoki02, esmerelda08, ganbaruby02, guiltycrown01, guiltycrown17, irontiger05, irontiger16, kacchan18, naps13, nee-san09, ocarina11, purewhite13, royalties20, samarkand15, shuei-gumi06, sidecut10, stable19, tablesalt15 with [personal profile] nidoking
[2147, 2148, 2149, 2150, 2151, 2152] Traded darkfire18, holyark19, mako16, pegasus06, sapphire11, venicillin20 for doggy18, entomologist17, bigdipper05, keeneye06, stargaze15 with [personal profile] chronikle
[2153, 2154, 2155, 2156, 2157, 2158, 2159, 2160, 2161, 2162, 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166, 2167, 2168, 2169] Traded allmen20, approval14, junkfood16, kayo-chin09, kayo-chin17, moral16, musicstart01, nico-nii03, nico-nii11, nico-nii12, nico-nii13, nico-nii15, nico-nii17, nico-nii19, office16, roulette15, yohane04 for confectioner19, fishidol12, keeneye07, keeneye08, momo16, moonside07, overexcited16, playful16, rosenburg10, stalks20, stargaze16, swap18, tablesalt11, tokimeki13 with [personal profile] needles

June 22nd 2017
Release 086 - June:
1. agoraphobic02
2. lyricist19
3. aesthetic03
4. tv04
5. greatspirit01
6. arsene03
7. caneblast02
8. lovestorm17
9. atlamillia15
Special. ghosts17
Donated. kakkii05
Bonuses. swap07, highpeak07, karateclub07
Signature. sig_kiri2
[2170, 2171, 2172, 2173, 2174, 2175, 2176, 2177, 2178, 2179, 2180, 2181, 2182] Traded blackthorn02, blaze06, bye-bye02, chespie10, contests05, earthquake10, ember03, evolution08, mace02, passage12, shock06, wetsuit13, caneblast02 for deku18, develop03, dexterous02, foresight04, guiltycrown12, neoaikido05, parlortricks20, role05, role09, stalks08, tokimeki12, uravity17, agoraphobic07 with [personal profile] junee
[2183] Traded tv04 for agoraphobic03 with [personal profile] eclair
[2184] Traded Greatspirit01 for agoraphobic05 with [personal profile] kelliedee
[2185] Traded ghosts17 for agoraphobic11 with [personal profile] anaraine
[2186] Traded arsene03 for agoraphobic06 with [personal profile] zekroms
[2187] Traded lovestorm17 for agoraphobic08 with [personal profile] pinkoctopus
[2188] Traded atlamillia15 for agoraphobic19 with [personal profile] anaraine
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary Bonus Day 21 - Day 7 results + mastery information!: luckyseven20
Received agoraphobic04 as a gift from [personal profile] madoka
[2189, 2190, 2191, 2192, 2193, 2194, 2195, 2196, 2197] Traded arthur12, corgi05, enforcer14, fashion11, gunbuster02, launch13, lucoa19, magical20, maids05 for beginner09, beginner17, committee16, everyday02, guiltycrown13, koikaze17, patrol10, supreme19, tokimeki17 with [personal profile] instrumentality
[2198, 2199] Traded baldy08, baldy20 for agoraphobic01, bottlecaps04 with [personal profile] bobanaicha
Switch It Up 143: bottlecaps12, bottlecaps02, tsuki19
art shop: spice11, spice12, spice13, spice14, spice15, spice16, spice17, spice18, spice19, spice20

June 24th 2017
[2200, 2201, 2202, 2203, 2204, 2205, 2206, 2207, 2208] Traded bicycle11, combat03, droopy06, eyepatch19, five12, inferior03, precision08, precision11, somnians01 for develop15, eats11, ganbaruby04, idolclub07, petowl09, ryuseitai12, sponsored05, swap10, troublesome19 with [personal profile] canute
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 12: luckyseven12, kokushin10, rockfort13, nakisawa02, patch17, clever10, 80pitches18, junes16, pyromaniac15, part-time13, chivalrous02, sneeze02, jester02, pity05, killertennis07, ai19, sunlight15, wealthy05, retto19
art studio: spice01, spice02, spice03, spice04, spice05, spice06, spice07, spice08
Masteries: talking16, ruthless07, spice09, one brown crayon, allsunday02, prodigy03, spice10, one purple crayon, risappe15, strategy10, harumaki20, one green crayon

Coloring Book 149: sororicide16, orbs06, trypio10, gottagofast10
Coloring Book 149: 66606, mokkun13, critical04, skyland14
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 4: hummingbird11, fleija13, busty07
Deck Lover 43: polearms04, pajamas18, cure06, bionis03, changshan17, silhouettes01
Deck Lover 85: mascots09, rins05, fantasia10, lapister02, psybeam04, adaptions09
Deck Lover 86: rpgmaker18, gnosis06, sakurait10, youngboys11, villains11, rhythmia01
Deck Lover 87: gigacity20, sanctuary04, rift20, griefseed05, trinsette17, healers19
Natsume's Book of Cards 16: chawanmushi14, chawanmushi15
[2209, 2210] Gifted chawanmushi14, chawanmushi15 to [personal profile] needles
Puzzle Chains 54: pc-09819, dandelion17, listener16, takoyaki05, rabbitears10, millenium06, bloody07, tryhorn19, restaurant15, forehead17, center15, firetornado18, one orange crayon
Shadow Watching 246: unison16, visitor19, romaantiqua19, flintlock18, ussocom13, chon'sin11, revenant07, drilling06
Reading Between the Lines 246!: leopard10, stench01, nephilim08, memoirs19, snail16, numbers19, palemoon10, deathgod01, mediator17, sullen18, firebuster19, polite18, neshitteru20, hime16, wasu03, testament16, autumn03, sanjouin16, chui19, skeleton06, one green crayon, one blue crayon
Scramble 81: saluki06, sorcerers10, nagi20, hylia08, beatjumper09, telepathy16, catbus20, cybeast04, brute10, haunt20, one orange crayon
Scramble 82: righteye05, postergirl17, josei16, taozi13, lucidlenses07, bakushin02, wotagei11, shikon05, whoosh14, suzuken13, one purple crayon
Scramble! 83: janam15, kokushin18, summons13, mtek-zero05, tamarin20, solarbeam19, founder09, isla01, marry12, heavenrend02, one red crayon
Scramble! 84: kouki18, carrot08, couturier13, selphia08, novel07, hairloss03, heartful18, analyst08, unborn07, noshadow08, one green crayon
Host Club Giveaway 160: kazeshini09, nvvema06, storm12, lander16, kamatari08, charmer09
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary Day 07 - Family Feud: two purple crayons, one yellow crayon

June 27th 2017
[2211, 2212, 2213, 2214, 2215, 2216, 2217, 2218, 2219, 2220, 2221, 2222, 2223, 2224, 2225, 2226, 2227] Traded bubble08, bubble19, hexes15, support01, froppy06, sanctioned14, stg01, bedridden14, drumisland15, ironmace16, orchard03, pirateflag08, ryusoken19, thejackal11, ushiushi10, carpenter14, heartache17 for sunflowers08, reinherz05, overexcited07, tsuki09, rufous02, outerspace02, oasi11, oasi12, sleepy01, lonepoet04, keeneye04, bigdipper12, ideals09, sponsored02, role13, develop04, foresight19 with [personal profile] netbug009
[2228, 2229, 2230, 2231, 2232, 2233] Traded amita17, astraphobia07, astraphobia13, barielle15, bluebird17, girl-like08 for 198808, akatsuki14, aqours05, dokidoki11, spiritual01, sponsored04 with [personal profile] kelliedee
Rei's Friend Report 195: indoors02, fran19, addict19, sayo09, successor11, memoirs14, one gray crayon, one orange crayon
Miku's Music Station 238: missletainn03, everyday18, seductress14, grumbly02, maguskiller14, loyalty17, cat04
Colorseum 26-4: carsick19, unselfish14, tank14, soda04, saiko04, holictrick08, uogokoro17, pandemonium09
Directions 128!: littlerookie10, conquest01, capture07, laundry08, drowsiness13, goatee15, aquatic18, lighter02
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 5: wearsamask17, immovable02, nazcaa02
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 163: eddiecall12, dwn-04510, nurturing13
Coloring Book 149: resemblance18, suzumushi03, agoraphobic03, rhapsody05
Coloring Book 148: waltz17, salamalyon18
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 02: two blue crayons, one purple crayon
Colors Chat #73: orbs19, left05, tea04, gawrsh05, artificial19, gensokyo19, disciplinary10, starhealer07
Alfendi's Clues 305: bride06, number219, policeman06, klarerwind17, dwn-01504, mischevious08

June 30th 2017
[2234, 2235, 2236, 2237, 2238, 2239, 2240, 2241, 2242] Traded nidaime08, novel07, numbers19, oshi-san14, prince10, sensor18, spiral03, strategy10, taijutsu16 for chronos05, lacrosse04, moonside04, rooftop11, rosenburg07, royalties13, royalties18, therapist05, agoraphobic20 with [personal profile] neverbepractical
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 6: origins05, fortune06, betray10
Colorseum 26-5: sheikah11, potassium05, watchers06, well-spoken12, luckycharm16, roof20, drummer14, kaneda10

July 4th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 18: one green crayon, ryuseitai15, ryuseitai11, one gray crayon, ryuseitai09, one green crayon
Coloring Book 149: recessive07, fundoshi01, yousei12, royalprince15
Rei's Friend Report 196: negate08, minicon08, manipulate17, thecrows15, passive12, asakawa01
Colors Chat #74: islander20, jindujin20, theyounger09, patience01, deathzone17, shovel01, inventor02, platitudes20
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 11: namimori03, 199805, silverstar02, winter17, ultima17, antoinette05, betrayal06, cream11, deliver18, pluses14

July 6th 2017
Colors TCG 7th Anniversary - Day 15: pining07, candidacy11, caneblast16, killed10, plasmastorm10, one green crayon
Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 164: whitemouse19, shinai16, ambrosia08
Directions 129!: forgotten12, cheerio13, besek20, tellme15, solarbeam02, websearch06, two-faced10, dwn-01802
Art Lessons with Amu 252: aeons08, straysheep10, shikigami20, sympathetic05, wolffang08, dearj20, shamisen06, empty04, yin04, lightning19, mesmerizing01, mesmerizing09, one red crayon, one gray crayon, one orange crayon, one brown crayon
Help Kamila 113: izuna-otoshi01, bluebird16, hibakari05, porcupine01
Colorseum - finalist spotlight 7: gods09, happylucky16, america17
Coloring Book 150 - Special Round!: agoraphobic16, agoraphobic13, memorywipe13, royalprince11, lyricist02, yousei20, memorywipe03, atlamillia18
Coloring Book 150 - Special Round!: atlamillia10, agoraphobic16, lyricist07, memorywipe09, royalprince04, memorywipe20, yousei10, royalprince10
[2243, 2244, 2245, 2246, 2247, 2248, 2249, 2250] Traded companion01, haunt20, pheasant08, pheasant15, pointy07, skyland05, skyland14, starfox14 for confectioner11, dokidoki14, housekeeper08, returns16, role10, sidecut01, sidecut11, supreme12 with [personal profile] catfriend
[2251, 2252, 2253, 2254, 2255, 2256, 2257, 2258, 2259, 2260, 2261] Traded 4-dpocket01, muscles20, moe05, mirakurun11, mint02, magiic07, linda06, ignite14, hustle17, huladance14, goldenrod10 for beginner07, moonside15, outerspace18, robber03, royalties16, supreme11, turtles15 with [personal profile] dustybunny
[2262, 2263, 2264, 2265, 2266, 2267, 2268] Gifted adrastea03, adrastea11, amazing19, amberamour18, coils01, isla01, islero18 to [personal profile] needles

July 7th 2017
[2269, 2270, 2271, 2272, 2273, 2274, 2275, 2276, 2277, 2278, 2279, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2283, 2284, 2285, 2286, 2287, 2288, 2289, 2290, 2291, 2292, 2293, 2294, 2295, 2296, 2297, 2298, 2299, 2300, 2301, 2302, 2303, 2304, 2305, 2306, 2307, 2308] Gifted orbs06, pandemonium09, number204, owngoal03, pay07, schwert04, sketchbook06, talent18, red12, orange20, zanpakuto04, green05, glasses08, purple01, brown14, ivalice13, nurse06, origins05, pisky02, rabi03, silpelit02, skyland04, tears07, theend07, narcoleptic05, ookwee06, pai-pai09, pai-pai13, paperthin10, peripheral07, pikopiko17, pipe04, train12, verycute08, wind-up20, X88518, riches12, righteous17, rodent02, saluki06 to [personal profile] catfriend
Seiyuu Guess 292: ruinprincess04, chupa01, dyaus03, brakeaoil04, selector08, wild08
Seiyuu Guess 295: schiff11, qubeley13, reader17, dearj10, real08, swearing15, buddha11, 315pro12, maids02, yuujinchou08, kaminokoe10, danger10, one red crayon
Seiyuu Guess 296: joajna01, horns10, heirs17, oceanic11, amarican16, hamburger07
Coloring Book 149: photos20, questioning12
Levels: toilette17, whoosh09, insect14, secrecy11, ayakashi09, toilette18, vers17, brag08, shakushi18, fishidol07, toilette19, dealer12, phobia01, kunst13, compulsive13, ryuseitai16, aquarimms15, girl-shy18, smelt06, purify20, naps04, akko02, bloodhound13, toilet11, planting13, naps09, cyclone10, neoarcadia17, collapses17, dubhe04, one green crayon, one red crayon, one brown crayon, two yellow crayons, one blue crayon
Masteries: exposition06, unruly20, naps10, one blue crayon, analyst03, cook18, naps19, one blue crayon, mariko05, favoring11, harumaki01, one orange crayon
art shop: glutton14, onlyfriend12, phoenic03, unsurpassed12, leocorp20, prideful08, watakushi18, flamejets18, yomihime10, gekkooin14, bailang07, fight15, libero08, cosmoses20, whitesnake05, noproblem03, finland20, drummer18, hitsuzen01, beauteous02, nfu08, drossel01, 75th09, tortured09, tuxedo17, narcoleptic12, unique17, forcefield05, resembool16, focusing06, rafale06, artskill16, lute08, benefits05, kids10, bionis02, grandking19, ladybug02, unlucky05, druid19, crybaby01, seafaring12, romipaku05, supportive05, usu16, lyrics20, paradox19, cry03, tornado03, sangriarosa18, alloflove11, gallant02, wordplay01, blossom14, moonlight11, cursed20, sunset14, igaclan07, information03, heal03, obliged15, dealer17, bluewater13, chakra13, satisfaction04, knife-throw13, blackhawks08, meat19, fengshui18, selamatpagi13, perlite01, crazyd18, redeyes07, choina13, medic12, hardworking12, blindfold02, wing12, selphia06, notlost02, opposite11, tinto05, littledevil07, kouki17, poodle13, aeses09, 6 gray crayons, 6 green crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 6 orange crayons, 3 brown crayons, 4 blue crayons, 11 red crayons, 4 purple crayons

July 11th 1017
Art Shop: critical01, critical06, critical07, critical09, critical11, critical14, critical18, critical19, critical20, prankdevil09, prankdevil12, prankdevil14, prankdevil16, prankdevil18, uravity12, uravity16, uravity18, uravity19, uravity20, momo10, momo14, momo18, chiwawa01, chiwawa03, chiwawa19, dokidoki01, dokidoki03, dokidoki04, dokidoki05, dokidoki07, dokidoki09, dokidoki10, dokidoki12, dokidoki13, dokidoki15, dokidoki16, dokidoki17, dokidoki18, dokidoki19, dokidoki20, tablesalt04, tablesalt05, tablesalt06, tablesalt07, tablesalt09, tablesalt12, tablesalt14, tablesalt16, tablesalt19, neoaikido01, neoaikido02, neoaikido03, neoaikido04, neoaikido07, neoaikido08, neoaikido09, neoaikido10, neoaikido12, neoaikido14, neoaikido15, neoaikido16, neoaikido18, neoaikido19, neoaikido20, dexterous01, dexterous04, dexterous06, dexterous07, dexterous09, dexterous10, dexterous11, dexterous12, dexterous13, dexterous15, dexterous17, dexterous19, dexterous20, shuei-gumi12, shuei-gumi16, swap01, swap03, swap05, swap13, swap14, swap15, swap16, swap19, chaperone02, chaperone03, chaperone08, chaperone09, chaperone11, chaperone15, chaperone19, chaperone20, outerspace01, outerspace03, outerspace04, outerspace05, outerspace06, outerspace07, outerspace08, outerspace09, outerspace10, outerspace11, outerspace12, outerspace14, outerspace15, outerspace16, outerspace19, outerspace20, nolonger10, nolonger12, nolonger13, nolonger16, nolonger17, fishidol04, fishidol05, fishidol08, fishidol16, lazying03, lazying05, lazying10, lazying11, lazying13, lazying15, hellgirl06, hellgirl16
Masteries: highpeak01, highpeak02, highpeak04, highpeak05, highpeak09, highpeak12, highpeak13, highpeak15, highpeak16, highpeak18, highpeak20, purewhite01, purewhite03, purewhite06, purewhite08, purewhite10, purewhite11, purewhite15, purewhite17, purewhite19, fine04, macarons13, keyboard11, fulfill03, g-6018, sunflower20, stew15, sulfur04, fodra10, marchhare16, distance14, author14, obsession13, carmilla18, leblanc14, uguu01, twelfth14, nadeshiko10, spare05, vodka06, girl09, mom20, orochi15, bubbles02, nukes19, porsche15, tearcut16, hikari13, towel18, croquettes17, chef15, picasso10, benevolent16, gotham19, idiom05, flight19, fifth15, hydrangea08, raider02, 20faces11, wwwa06, favoring03, mysticruins20, five yellow crayons, two brown crayons, one orange crayon, three red crayons, four blue crayons, three gray crayons, one purple crayon, two green crayons

July 17th 2017
Host Club Giveaway 161: millenia08, restraint07, babyfox20, embarrassed15, dummy01, valentine13
Puzzle Chains 56: pigeons19, armband01, sitar08, granddream20, rejection18, 3rdregiment07, tattoo13, cindy06, cleric11, grandcross09, enchantress16, meltdowner04, one yellow crayon
Shadow Watching 248: superior07, unsatisfied14, alter17, idiocy04, doujinka06, tristan07, unaffected13, iron-blood13
Colorseum 27-1: Season Three finale begins!: do-it-all09, bluestar18, irondragon06, seaborg16, feather18, orca09, tetrageniot06, tactical19, marknicht11, disapprove15
donate a deck: chairman01, pallum20, unknown08, one green crayon
donate a deck: savior07, customer18, cousin15, lapucelle02, observant18, digamma12, one yellow crayon, one green crayon
Delete Shiritori With Kumagawa 165: thinking13, watakushi17, foulmouthed16
Alfendi's Clues 306: longdau06, blast01, shulshagana01, shinobi11, prototype12, stardust14
Directions 130!: abused16, stealing07, imitating18, pawpad15, beatdown11, androphilia07, powerpuff03, retroclover19
Rei's Friend Report 198: overshadowed17, rozan19, mysteries10, ducati10, yips07, commoner07
Miku's Music Station 240: boor05, muramasa08, arcroyal10, changeform12, imperfect07, pasta03, fugaku06
Colorseum 27-2: rescue03, wingspear06, hardworking11, another10, twokinds08, s-hall20, multi-size08, unwavering01, hotarumaru15, powder11
Help Kamila 114 - Special Round: likeabird02, lionsguard17, ore-sama08, cannondale15, androphilia09, orthopedics16, barbarossa12, kaka08, skyworld09, cas01, black01, tresbien14
[2309, 2310] Traded books07, camembert06 for rooftop14, ryuseitai18 with [personal profile] lahariel
[2311, 2312, 2313, 2314, 2315, 2316, 2317, 2318, 2319, 2320, 2321, 2322, 2323, 2324, 2325, 2326, 2327, 2328] Gifted gynoid19, mercury14, saturn18, skilled03, & skilled20, negi14, nocturne13, razorfan13, stranger03, sinbad16, sinbad17, smile07, symmetry12, symbologist08, symbologist09, venus19, villagerb10, & villagerb14 to [personal profile] lahariel
Rei's Friend Report 197: volvagia01, iceflower17, mortal17, returns09, ball17, shaft18
Pick a Color 137: clerks07, lgbtmanga10, ghosts09, ghosts11
No Context Theater 35: thewary18, trackstar11, charmkiss15, spice20, erudite19
No Context Theater 33: plasmastorm15, caneblast11, gawds01, thevaike09, phan-site02
No Context Theater 32: rook10, pot12, gallant04, tours09, palicoes20
Pick a Color 138 - ☆彡 Special Round ☆彡: hanikami17, airgetlam18, dimensions03, frei08, two purple crayons

July 27th 2017
Received two crayon rainbows, aqours18, dashing05, english05, lyricist13 as gifts from [personal profile] pinkoctopus
Received chocolat03, develop16, everyday10, fatal04, lyricist15, tours18 as gifts from [personal profile] catfriend
Pick a Color 138 - ☆彡 Special Round ☆彡: role01, role03, role04
Hi-5 Radio 138: beginner13, upclose05, dojo10, bentenmaru14, mindbadge05, lapistier19, aldan11, meatbuns07, ribika16, maxwell03
Hi-5 Radio 139: urbanus14, kei19, beautiful11, wait10, earrings05, moderator04, masochism02, ban-chan05, cherry02, abandon14
Hi-5 Radio 140: onlyfriend05, nagumo16, detective08, mmm03, lightmusic12, nichirin08, polarbear07, chivalrous13, ouroboros07, heroking03
Hi-5 Radio 141: volleyball18, darkfire14, signora16, sight04, formula06, lucky06, air03, knuckles12, cuter09, ducttape14
Hi-5 Radio 142: ignition03, disciple16, steiner13, horatio06, puppy09, family11, trickyfox05, salon12, himecuts15, jojo11
Hi-5 Radio 143: manifested13, amara16, nearsighted18, scavenger02, rhythmia13, gamer04, devotee20, salieri18, somnians10, forlorn20
Hi-5 Radio 144: adonis02, lumen07, locodol17, yinyang19, godaime15, young15, badboy02, vaneltia01, charms14, popular09
Hi-5 Radio 145: hornet05, kunst01, burst07, untouchable05, clover13, border19, nelde07, curepine08, stardragon03, chrysalis02
Deck Lover 88: brushgods08, post-skip16, guns08, bikinis17, paranoia11, warlord15
Deck Lover 89: cardevolve17, occidental05, fullbloom09, asterisk06, twintails13, gainax15
Deck Lover 90: mmlove20, soldiers18, mascots20, paranoia09, maleantags02, kalos04
Deck Lover 91: healers17, brown15, suwabe02, gentletype02, lightside04, lucavi05
Host Club Giveaway 162: kizna09, dandy10, fighter08, feast16, badluck12, verycute18
Rei's Friend Report 199: lascivious19, tsukuyomi20, gears04, drawing07, t-veronica03, hive08
Help Kamila 115: hypermonk03, soujutsu08, zodiva18, yakisoba07
Coloring Book 150 - Special Round!: brows10, attacker06, nightfall14, modernmagic14
Colorseum 27-3: Final Four: lorikeet17, changing11, oriental06, dingjun12, scribe15, contracted12, sweden04, dogs20, mustasim19, billiards18

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